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2016 BMW 2 Series Active Tourer PHEV Review

2016 BMW 2 Series Active Tourer PHEV Review - Transform a daily chore into a fun experience is not, but to compete with the BMW 2 series active Tourer pull easily, offering the perfect combination of flexibility, functionality and typical BMW pleasure driving: a wheelbase long, short overhang and high ceiling not only ensures a compact, sporting proportions, but also help to create a very spacious interior. The latest BMW was conquered by the niche occupied by two active series and Grand Tourers. This front-wheel drive hatchback marks several firsts for BMW, that cross the engine mount and front wheel drive. These two cars will not be very good with the fans, but a great sales in Europe. As well, BMW has decided that new Tourer 2 racing series actively doing it sufficiently well wanted to give him a new model.

2016 BMW 2 Series Active Tourer PHEV Review

ELA plug-in hybrid model. ELA series racing 2 active Tourer will be powered BMW TwinPower 1.5 litre, three-cylinder, transversely mounted front wheels via a six-speed automatic and 88hp/136 transmission Nm/100 lb-ft of torque electric motor, rotate the rear wheels through a two speed transmission. This basically makes the ELA series Tourer racing active i8 back 2, as i8 using the same setup, but with the engine behind and in front of the engine. Compared to this model, the xDrive 225i adds about 150 kg or 330 pounds. Motor gasoline production of 100 kW/136 HP and 220 Nm/162 pounds feet of torque/power.

Exterior Design

The undeniable proof that functionality and aesthetics can be combined to perfection: outside of Tourer BMW racing series 2 active adds dynamic unprecedented for this vehicle segment. Seen from the front, highly contoured Capo bumpers, low and high of glass that immediately attract attention. In profile, the line creates a striking impression of a speeding vehicle dynamic even when it is stopped. In addition, high and large roof-line door shows the ease of access to all seats. The back design is soft, with wheel arches lamp large and spacious L-shaped, giving 2 BMW series active sporty Tourer racing. At the same time, a great start with a low and wide load threshold of opening provides easy access to the luggage compartment.

2016 BMW 2 Series Active Tourer PHEV Review

Standard features LED lights in daytime and lights in the lamp tube light striking appearance making large and obvious. LED lights optional (as shown above) with optimal cornering lights illuminate the road, doing more relaxed night driving and improve safety. LED lights have light and efficient bi-led lights and Junction Road. Turns lights also work with LED technology. By turning on headlights of the brightness curves, better side lighting is achieved in urban areas, so the driver can recognize pedestrians and cyclists always.

Interior Design

No matter how roomy interior 2 BMW active series heavy load racing Tourer was dominated by a feeling of lightness. High quality materials and Interior settings in subtle colors combined with large windows and glass roof optional panorama creates an atmosphere full of light. This feeling extends to the panel of instruments, which seems to float independently and adds a modern touch to the overall interior. High seating position ensures the optimum view. There are a lot of function space in Tourer BMW racing series 2 active. The center console, striking the inside of the door and the center armrest offers a range of possibilities, such as a storage compartment for your smartphone or vessel and storage space for bottles, glasses and large. The optional folding passenger seat factor of improvement of flexibility. Almost completely flat floor in the boot ensures ease of loading and rear seats that can accommodate three people, adjust the horizontal and can fold item 40:20:40, provides the variability that is ideal for passengers and luggage.

2016 BMW 2 Series Active Tourer PHEV Review

The concept of material for the BMW active Tourer racing series 2 focuses on the nature of the sport, modern vehicles. Finish innovative wood combined with a selected fabric and leather upholstery to create an interior of quality with a very broad sense. Horizontal separation is pronounced Board light and airy environment created that emphasize the actual amount of space on offer. And the lighting provided by the optional extended lighting, which in combination with the direct style and light, a sophisticated lounge atmosphere. 

Panoramic glass sunroof opens up new perspectives. The atmosphere is bright and airy, with a focus on the atmosphere of the interior of the vehicle. If the rays are too bright, SunBreaks roller can be fairly and properly locked. With the function of the slide and lift, panoramic glass sunroof offers a wide selection of great ventilation. If the sunroof is incorporated in the ventilation position, Sunblind are automatically cancelled to allow for air flow you want. And the wind deflector integrated automatically into action to reduce turbulence when driving with the roof open. High-quality display, free to add modern light curtains on the BMW active Tourer racing 2 racing series. Perfect position due to the high, which can be combined with,  for example, (optional) the navigation system professional to provide you with important information in brilliant quality even in unfavourable light conditions.


As a plug-in hybrid, to compete with the BMW 225xe active Tourer has a variety of drive mode different which allows the driver to significantly affect actual consumption. This depends on the selected driving modes and the personal behaviour of the driver. When the battery is fully charged, can drive up to 25 miles / without using a single drop of fuel. In automatic mode the ELA, a combination of optimal from an electric motor and an internal combustion engine allows the focus on efficiency. All full traction wheels - only available on BMW xDrive 225xe, electricity of dynamic Control stability (DSC) distributes the power to the power of the engine to both axes to optimize traction. This helps to counter oversteer and understeer and guarantees an optimal configuration of the car.

2016 BMW 2 Series Active Tourer PHEV Review

3-cylinder BMW TwinPower Turbo gasoline engine features new agile power delivery, excellent response even at speeds low engine, efficiency and extraordinary sound incredible. Used in conjunction with a motor electric plug-in hybrid, is revealed as a surprisingly strong unit. Vehicle drive consists in mainly of an internal combustion engine that drives the front wheels, with the electric motor on the rear axle. Both can power vehicles together or individually.


If in a conventional household electrical outlet or use my BMW Wallbox of a wide range of electrical products of 360 ° and the battery of high voltage services could not be easier. You can recharge while you're away from home in one of the many ChargeNow of public charging stations.

The vehicle can be filled easily at home by connecting it to the mains by the standard connector supplied cable load and is again ready to roll with a full battery after approximately two to four hours. Loading is faster and more comfortable when made with BMW by separated I box recessed: this wall for use in the home charging stations increases the capacity and reduces the charging charging time, so the design of the ideal accessories for BMW vehicles. Installation services to react flexibly to individual needs. As well as improving the ability to charge more, BMW I box recessed Pro also supports intelligent integration to home networking and smart features of the House, along with the energy management system.

2016 BMW 2 Series Active Tourer PHEV Review

Freight car port is located behind a cover on the left side of the front panel. A ring of light LED into the charging port of the visual state of charge clear. In addition to loading the vehicle at home, it is now possible, thanks to the development of the mobility of ChargeNow Service by electric car BMW-filling and plug-in hybrid BMW in a place in common. Many providers of public charging stations have joined, forming a large network.

All ChargeNow charging stations can be placed easily in the navigation system with the help of BMW ConnectedDrive, the new remote BMW of the application or the website ChargeNow. Car charging port is locations behind a flap on the left side of the front panel, where the ring of light LED at the charging port provides information on the status of the vehicle's load, even from outside. ChargeNow and application intercharge allows drivers of access and use of the charger without the need for money in cash.

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