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2016 BMW i9 Redesign

2016 BMW i9 Redesign - 2016 BMW I9 will come soon. In the previous week, there were many reports about new BMW i9 from 2016. There is a lot of talk about the development of BMW I and the last lineup that has something to do with the i9 that should rest up, no less. This is basically the visit plug-in hybrid super sports, that certainly will compete with the concordance of the Audi R8 GT and a Mercedes and AMG certainly will be ready for production by 2016.

That is already defined, the i9 will appear the i8, however will also get updates all curves more and will also have their own statements of fashion design. CAPO will surely will be reviewed and new 20-inch wheels will be introducted to the authentic feel. Just air, tickets are also subject to change and also back, i9 should get a different and new tailgate spoiler. However, Gates opening upwards and also the front end of the fascia will of course be maintained. I9 would be essentially striking variation through a more aggressive design and powerful propeller i8 as well. Engine 3 cylinder insufficient i8 here and i9 will acquire a V6 turbocharged 3.0 L and an electric motor is also much more effective to consolidate the results of more than 500 hp and also a 550 lb - ft of torque. Although it was one great visit thanks to a higher power, i9 still going much faster and also achieve a 0-60 time is much less than with 4 secs.

2016 BMW i9 Redesign

Desain Concept

Because visit i9 in a BMW's high-end, no doubt that the Interior also falls under the exact description of the same. In general, this also will see something in the i8, but in a variety of colors and with some modifications. The modern twist of the weight will remain, as well as a unique corner of the race should have a touch screen on the same float in i8. Measuring instruments will also be modern times, as well as tailor-made for hybrid cars. The material is created with will definitely the best, as well as all members of the cab should definitely cover in soft-touch components.

2016 BMW i9 Redesign

So far there is no penetration into existence automatically. I accept that the following would be like supercar BMW i8 concept 9 series or GT, which showed in the photos above and below. I know without a doubt is to be delivered one ton of aluminum and lightweight carbon fiber materials that will be used for the i9 and the added weight in a ratio of 50: 50. The following expression is that BMW i9 of 2016 will be more powerful than the sister i8.


2016 BMW i9 Redesign

Information about new and future 2016 BMW i9 evening obliquity because automotive Giants have yet to share information with the public. However, Motor and sport stated that the new vehicle will come with a machine that produces more than357 horsepower and 420 pounds of torque to its previous model. 2016 bmw i9 supercar will have the capacity to conduct entirely thanks to the electric motor. Perhaps between 15 and 20 miles. Estimated power economic situation will be about 100 mpg, while the figures projected integrated must be here 70 mpg.

Exterior & Interior

The skin will be highlighted in the interior design of a new i9. Buyers should expect a comfortable interior compared to the i8 and therefore will give you the comfort of its predecessor. The Interior will have the following features which include Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity and a load that the rock market cables and make customers fall in love with them. Plug-in hybrid will definitely be the dream of many and will have new accessories for second with Interior and exterior settings. Fascia front grilles, metal and slim body curves will be redesigned with the redesign of the sexy eye. The vehicle will be equipped with many amenities, in cars, safety and control that cemented the attitude of the vehicle in the segment sport and luxury. Design beautiful BMW i9 and extensive use of carbon fiber and aluminum will lead to lighter vehicles.

2016 BMW i9 Redesign

Light will produce better maneuverability especially at maximum speed and will greatly improve fuel economy ratings. Be a sports car, the vehicle will also come in the body better characterized by aerodynamic side fender and fine lines that enhance the performance specifications. Moles do mission deep in the Bavarian companies and will provide the information as soon as they are available. So keep coming back to this web page more up to date information on BMW's new i9 from 2016.

Release Date & Price

This cost is difficult to recognize by now, but since it costs $135.700 i8 i9 and plans, it was clear that the figures could undermine i9 $ 150,000. The opponent is fundamental: Mercedes AMG GT, Audi R8 and BMW i8 beyond of the models. A year from now on, BMW is praising 100 years of existence, and therefore the new i9 BMW will be 2016.

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