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2016 BMW M2 Release Date Sweden

2016 BMW M2 Release Date Sweden BMW launches the new coupe car, BMW last 2016 M2. There are several models in the range BMW which can apply a sports package that one offers stock options, but exactly M logo is reserved for a few only. However, when a promise that the new model will be offered with the traditional features of the above mentioned, it makes sense to open causes as much hype at the scene of the car especially for the Conservative.

News new m2 has met with acclaim among fans. There are a lot of rumors about what M2. So we're also here in 'all about cars' adding fuel to the fire with fresh reports we have excavated 2016 M2 BMW. M-ampliaciones are back, where the coupe won striking bumper with horizontal lines with prominent grip of the company along the way. Unlike M235i and M4, vertical reflector features bumper M2 out extremes, reflecting the design of the trapezoidal front apron. Rear bumper ends with a diffuser brand quad-exhaust combines sporty BMW M setting.

2016 BMW M2 Release Date Sweden

M2 auto seems M right from the side. Front and rear bumpers, creating more robust inch coupe 1.3 and broader 3.1, respectively, while lowering the suspension brings the two doors is getting closer to the ground. The package is completed with a set of forged aluminium wheels of 19 inches in the familiar BMW M double-spoke design. Customers can choose between four exterior colors: metallic blue Beach, alpine white, Black Sapphire Mineral grey metallic and. In fact, most of these colors is not really inspiring, but it's one minor issue given M2 offers all things design. In terms of the dimensions of the left, 176,2 inches long is M2 and 73 inches. This makes seven inches shorter than the M4, but less than an inch of more close to his older brother, explaining his more muscular. In addition, the M2 is the same size as the original E30 M3, which should please the fans who have complained of M4, 2016 bmw m4 release date to grow too large in recent years.

2016 BMW M2 Interior

Like all BMW M model, driver oriented BMW M2 Interior and full of specific characteristics of the M. The standard seats have been replaced with the unit's drive from m-sport with adjustable lateral displacement for optimal support on the track. HomeFront come in leather Dakota black with blue contrast stitching, as well as the steering wheel. Of course, the design of the dashboard is identical with poster 2 series remaining, but improved with inserts of carbon fiber on top of the glove box and around vista driver side vents. The center console also has a large piece of carbon fiber, as well as blue stitches in a knee and speed M-spec points.

2016 BMW M2 Release Date Sweden

Tech-Wise, the M2 is equipped with a cool and GoPro application app M Laptimer. Application of GoPro, which works with a touch of the iDrive Controller, allows the driver of his turns in the track of the film. The footage will be shown on the display of the Control car. M Laptimer said car speed, acceleration, lateral and longitudinal, the speed of the machine, the teeth involved at any time, the steering angle of the wheel, position the throttle and fuel consumption, providing the driver with all the necessary information to improve your returns.

Engine Overview

The heart of BMW M,  cars are performance and handling, and it would certainly give M2. Power comes from a double six in line of 3.0 litre turbo technology of displacement to BMW, high-precision direct injection and Valvetronic, piston and connecting rods bearings of the M4. The unit cranks 403 horsepower at 6,500 rpm and 330 pound-feet of torque available at low rpm 1400, 13-libra-pies of improvements over the M235i and 45 HP.

2016 BMW M2 Release Date Sweden

Parts of the machine a standard six-speed manual or the optional dual-clutch automatic. Both versions will be equipped with BMW M active a differential to optimise traction and increases stability. Electronically controlled multi-disc units will keep wheel spin in check, preventing M2 would be out of line of a slippery road. Walks of Coupe Michelin pilot sport tire, suspension sporty and light, m. stopping power comes the composite brake M with 15-inch and four-piston front calipers and 14.5 inch rotors rotors and two units in the rear Pistons. In addition push extra, M2 also benefits from a lighter curb weight, despite the efforts of BMW in this Department was far spectacular. 3,450 pounds worrying m2 manual transmission and 3.505 pounds with the DCT, which contributed to the reduction of top M235i of 85 pounds and at 106 pounds on the M4. 

2016 BMW M2 Release Date & Price

It would be more with the unveiling of their automotive magazines, Germany went on to claim that they also know the Price table that new vehicles with although we find that to be a fallacy.

Autobild magazine showed that M2 would come with a price of approximately $71.700 that seems too good to be true. This is because vehicles will be $10.783 is more expensive than M235i Convertibles and more expensive than the M3 M4 duo for $20.100.

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