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2016 BMW M235i Redesign

2016 BMW M235i Redesign - The beginning of this vehicle where others quit smoking: 6 cylinder in-line engine Turbo with 240 kW (326 HP), dynamic braking lip spoiler, rear for increase of the surface pressure, M sport chassis and more-welcome to the world that revolves around competition and high performance offers exciting. Sport engine sounds and 6 cylinder in line with special engine M is the sportiest model 2 series. Even at first glance, the 18 "wheels light alloy with tyres specially developed xenon lights, mix and brake M in dark blue metallic with sports logo" M "indicative vehicle dedication to excellent sportsmanship. Specially aligned, 10 mm, M Sport suspension and sports Servotronic variable address, including the provision of more dynamic driving and agility of the vehicle. 

2016 BMW M235i Redesign

Safer, more driving dynamics: a drive optional all-wheel BMW xDrive system distributes the power between the two flexible shaft, ensuring optimum traction and agility even in difficult driving conditions. Special front apron of the package of the aerodynamics of mm with diffuser, along with a rear spoiler on the luggage compartment, make sure that the behavior of the downforce aerodynamic and best. Cover gray mirror outside Ferri, along with two exhaust pipes in chrome, black, perfectly complement the appearance of the vehicle. Remaining doubts about the performance of this unique model is immediately dispelled by model name "M235i" in dark chrome on the back.

2016 BMW M235i Redesign

Performance M indoor model exudes sportiness with door sill finishers with the logo "M235i", the front seat to sports with a classic style M sewing upholstery and leather M-button multi-function steering wheel. Been generated by M interior mood ornaments a hexagonal aluminum sports cluster and the instrument with marked specific design and smooth chronoscales, as well as all instruments with expanded functionality with logo "M235i". Performance model M is also equipped with conductor M. lighting of indoor footrests can be set in exclusive orange-red or white. The BMW anthracite individual roof complement the dynamic display. Professional radio adds the finishing touches to a melodic interior.

Exterior Design

Feisty characteristics: inconspicuous crease line comes behind the front axle, to rise to the top in the rear spoiler and emphasizes the sporty dynamic wedge-shaped. Combined with muscular wheel housing showed that BMW Coupé series 2 is always ready to take. Authority: taillights in form of L led light bars and horizontal alignment rinforces the impact zone. Lip spoiler on the back of the M235i reduce the increase in speeds. Push forward infinite: elongated contour hood lines track the flow of air, while the large air inlets symbolizes the strength of the BMW Coupé series 2 that makes the impression that even when it is stopped Flashy: flow of the lamps of the dimensions of three kidney Grill. With his bright face, slats kidney tilt forward to make realistic depth. Kidney Chrome frame this effect increases the imposing figure of the vehicle and pay. Your world of color: exterior mirrors, gray is one of external characteristics M235i. Colors of accent in the bar at the side entrance are on the sides and 18-inch wheels. Effects: stiriking sportsmanship.

Interior Design

Compliance General: when series 2 sits behind the wheel of the BMW Coupé walk into the center of attention. This is because the entire cockpit is oriented towards the driver.

2016 BMW M235i Redesign

Asymmetrical center console leaning towards her, of free standing display optimal control in your line of sight with all the important functions that are always under your control. Frameless window coupé- like does not interfere with the view. Attractive surface, overlapping lines and dynamics implemented the sport outside inside. And of course, all this will be achieved through the use of high quality materials and perfect workmanship.

Engine BMW TwinPower Turbo

Series is not only the outward appearance of the BMW Coupé 2 that distinguishes it. For example, thanks to the smart steps of BMW EfficientDynamics, BMW TwinPower Turbo received several 6 cylinder in-line motor gasoline is widely regarded as the standard for the development of dynamic force and efficiency.

2016 BMW M235i Redesign
Regardless of the type of machine to generate performance for classes through the rev all makes engine BMW Coupé series 2.

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