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2016 BMW M6 Convertible Highlight Configuration

2016 BMW M6 Convertible Highlight Configuration. The BMW M6 is staggering. His name is looking at a return for the roadster rage Street epic, with a career online and six engines added up in its structure, but is a great loss of this machine and that happens to be incredibly fast. In the car and in the conversion of the structure of the BMW M6 Convertible 2016, review tips the scales at about two tons, is to overcome the distance that used the 560 hp twin-turbocharged 4.4-liter V-8. Against this massive dialogue, present the BMW M6 Convertible car 2016-it's still great and porky, but he received an enthusiastic light this year, pretty as a four-door Gran Coupe and walker went 6-configuration of input from two of the relatives.

In fact, the light still does not begin to describe the progress of BMW has been made to the specifications of the BMW M6 Convertiblein 2016. The organization changed nothing about the auto-configuration. To get a set of 6 constant recently, reception under air is distressingly reminiscent of Mercedes-AMG, the BMW M6 Convertible 2016 design makes "jetfighter" who was last seen at the site, with front focus of flight style deserve the air inlet and its striking origin efficient components.

2016 BMW M6 Convertible Highlight Configuration

The Exterior Design

Remember that good looks, is almost a shame BMW M6 Convertible generally disappeared from view again so quickly. After all, if open or closed: with strong lines and especially in the optional BMW individual paint frozen Blue Metallic BMW M6 Convertible is an original striking.

Design and performance of form a perfect symbiosis. Just perfect how can be seen in the aerodynamically optimised front apron, coves that generously offer V8 engine with lots of air to breathe at any time. Special attention has been paid to even the smallest details. For example, at the command of border strips of dual-way high-gloss black kidney grille m. or how gills turn indicators with integrated M pulse add a touch of style just behind the front wheel arches. It is also evident in the elegant rear apron interaction of form and function. This wrapper is typical M − as well as twin exhaust diffuser to create downforce necessary − in such a way that the harmonious lines of the BMW M6 Convertible. With either a closed softtop or open sky.

Interior Design. 

2016 BMW M6 Convertible Highlight Configuration

2016 BMW M6 Convertible Highlight Configuration

The Interior of the BMW M6 Convertible is made to measure and its carefully compiled architecture speaks for itself. The envelope of the cab driver as a single entity, with optional materials differs from a collection of BMW individual. Each control is positioned exactly where needed. It has never been so easy to feel at home in a sports car. Central point is a functional steering wheel leather M and one finger's width of an easy-to-grip of thumbs cavity, change palettes M dual clutch Drivelogic transmission button and the M Drive. Trusty special instruments M displays all relevant information in a light, make sure that the driver has a constant eye above all. The perfect blend of performance and pure pleasure open best − you can enjoy in an ergonomic chair M with fine-grained white opal and surrounded by exclusive ornaments exclusive optional leather interior is white ash grain.

Engine Concept

Surprised the shift in power: the engine 8 cylinder gasoline M TwinPower Turbo is a unit of power of glory crowning M. A large force of 560 HP (412 kW) and 680 Nm is available at all times thanks to the TwinScroll turbocharging concept is innovative and can be increased to 600 HP with an optional competition package.

2016 BMW M6 Convertible Highlight Configuration

This is possible due to the combination of high speeds of the engine and technology turbocharging stands out as high precision injection and Valvetronic. And torque followed current of about 1500 rpm, an impressive power output curve plotting almost linear delivery - and put a smile on the face the driver. 8 M TwinPower Turbo engine cylinder gasoline shows that power and efficiency are not mutually exclusive with technologies BMW EfficientDynamics as intelligent brake energy regeneration. This makes the consumption of fuel by an average of just 6.4 liters of gasoline per 100 kilometers.

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