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2016 BMW X6 Release Date Qatar

2016 BMW X6 Release Date Qatar. 2016 BMW X 6 promises to be classy, elegant and luxury SUV, and is the most recent arrival of manufacturers ready for spring in full swing. It includes some minor of his predecessor 2015. This has been awaited by fans around the world to deliver optimal performance for what is suitable for the needs of the current generation. Below the depth of the examination of what is expected is that in 2016 BMW X 6 models. Spy photos we have of the new BMW x 6, 2016 shows its own definition of cars with class that fans will appreciate it more. Sales of the previous version of the model that it is not as many people in the industry of the prediction engine but they were sufficient types to provide the justification for the launch of the BMW x 6 has received much praise and glory before even still to exhibition halls. So it will hit the market and very prospective fans around the world. It is expected to offer maximum performance well suited to the needs of the current generation. Close examination of this luxurious SUV vehicles given below.

2016 BMW X6 Release Date Qatar

2016 BMW X6 Release Date Qatar Exterior

2016 BMW X6 will feature a striking appearance with a sporty look that gives a good overview. Some famous including redesigns big air, two stems of mirrors takes style and four tail exhaust system. The wheel base has become much wider screen 20 inch alloy wheel light system.
There is also an optional model that features a 21-inch light alloy wheels. The whole body was painted completely so it is easily notable. However, part of this model of car has taken on more characteristics of the model of the year 2015. View that this version is more elegant and stylish vehicles suitable for generations.


2016 BMW X6 Release Date Qatar

The Interior of the BMW X 6, 2016 has been very innovation and renovated to offer luxury and comfort. It has taken a lot of M technology and some of the features of the main clear display of steering wheel drive Chair M, M-cuero - M and M-cat finished among others system.

There is also an illuminated scroll, reverse band and equipment control systems indicator is easy. We can say that almost everything has been redefined for convenience. New X 6 crossover gets interior enhancements. The cabin is more spacious and comfortable. Black monochromatic color scheme remains the best option that is chosen by the producer to reinforce the sporty X 6 crossover concept. In fact, cross 4 wheels to accommodate 4-5 people at a time. With more details, crossover also has those high technology components, such as the viewfinder mounted on the Board, GPS, CD/Mp3 players, speakers, keyless, intelligent cruise control and more.


2016 BMW X6 Release Date Qatar

2016 BMW X 6 will be available in a wide selection. 1 will be supported 3 L V-8 turbo charged engine that will be capable of producing 258 HP. Engine 6-cylinder 2 is expected to beat 450 horsepower and torque of 480 pounds. Because other adjustments were made to the car is expected to be a formidable performance. In terms of fuel efficiency, data for this model of car paints the picture of economical in terms of fuel consumption 35.6 MPG while the maximum speed will be 250 km/h which is in performance really sporty sense. Four wheel drive system, as well as the capacity of the front wheel drive has been made available to all levels of adjustment options.

For more information, will be used the new sporty crossover BMW X 6 theere different engine options and supported by automatic 8-speed transmission. Firstly, this sporty crossover run the 3.0 liter twin turbo diesel 6 cylinder engine that could develop a power of 380 to 600 nm. next machines are expected to be running in this car is a 4.4 liter V8 gasoline engine. These machines can develop a 445hp and 680Nm. options of another machine that works in the new BMW X 6 is a hybrid engine plug-ins. This hybrid machine consists of a combination of balanced with powerful electric motor 6 cylinders engine 3.0 litres of petrol. Instead of having a choice of three different engines, this sporty crossover can also develop great acceleration. You can reach 100 km in just 6.5 seconds.

Release date & Price

 Luxury BMW SUV is expected to be launched in Qatar wine market at the beginning of 2016 despite the exact date still isn't out. The price will vary depending on the type of adjustment. The average cost for the BMW X 6, 2016 was $47.435 equivalent to 61,000 euros.

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