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2017 BMW 2 Series Rendering UK

2017 BMW 2 Series Rendering UK - A look says it all. This car is a continuation of the long tradition of the BMW Coupé. This is a tribute to the icon of the BMW history: the legendary BMW 2002. However, it has its own personality that emanates passion and freshness. Each line of BMW Coupe underscore characters series 2. Constant and the interior is designed to help you experience the concentrated driving pleasure. Both the Coupé on its way to the creation of new milestones. Line of eye-catching folds came up behind the front axle, it runs upward on the rear spoiler and emphasizes the sporty dynamic wedge-shaped. Combined with muscular wheel housing showed that BMW Coupé series 2 is always ready to take.

Exterior Design

2017 BMW 2 Series Rendering UK

Everything in this vehicle are oriented in one direction: forward. This is especially true. Inclined toward the front of the grill of the kidney with a contour four line, follows the flow of air. The form of pointing the lights give the typical characters of the face BMW are completely autonomous. Adjusted, striking in the background stands out the width of the horizontal trace BMW Coupé BMW series 2. Optical interaction between rear exhaust and rear bottom near the area to make the vehicle appear as if is closer to the ground. The sporty character of mainly M235i played with the lip on the tailgate spoiler. In addition to the optical effect, this affects the dynamics to increase aerodynamics at high speeds and improve the surface pressure.

Interior Design

2017 BMW 2 Series Rendering UK

Compliance General: when series 2 sits behind the wheel of the BMW Coupé walk into the center of attention. This is because all the driver oriented cockpit. Asymmetrical center console leaning towards her, of free standing display optimal control in your line of sight with all the important functions that are always under your control. Frameless window coupé- like does not interfere with the view. Attractive surface, overlapping lines and dynamics implemented the sport outside inside. And of course, all this will be achieved through the use of high quality materials and perfect workmanship.

Rear view cameras allow you to see the area behind the car in the parking lot while the controls screen and it requires speed maneuvers. Rear view camera for increased visibility to the reversing speed below 20 km/h, for example, when parking. Interactive track line indicates if a large enough parking option for a car and a driver support for parking by areas of the mark in color on the screen controls. Along with the rear view hitch camera crane, approaches when it engages a trailer easier with the zoom function is practical.

Transmission Options

8-speed Steptronic transmission sets a new standard in comfort and dynamic performance and is a key element of BMW Efficient Dynamics. Wonderful soft gradual between the teeth to facilitate the delivery of optimum power at all speeds. This reduces fuel consumption significantly, allowing the driver to enjoy sportsmanship and improved dynamic performance. At high speeds in particular, additional equipment reduces the speed of the engine, in turn reduces fuel consumption and engine noise. Converter clutch also helps - even if the car changes to manual mode. In combination with the transition quickly the right engine and speed transmission tuning, with change of comfort level is very high and reduces noise considerably.

2017 BMW 2 Series Rendering UK

Thanks to BMW EfficientDynamics Steptronic 8-speed transmission, it is now possible to actively improve the performance in the vehicle with a new car trains predictive through control of the driving experience. In the "sport", the management mode of transmission using data from the navigation system to provide a level of response that is more dynamic and spontaneous based on the characteristics of the route. As the name suggests, the "Comfort" mode offers exchange programme aimed at comfort with very few changes.

2017 BMW 2 Series Rendering UK

The new Coupé series 2 can't get enough: more performance, more sporty, more fascinating. But also the rule of superlatives when it comes of at least: less consumption and less emissions. If mode ECO, PRO brake or automatic Start/Stop function power regeneration, coupé it knows how to make use of experts from BMW Efficient Dynamics measures. And thanks to its aerodynamic design, the BMW Coupé series 2 figure in a very subtle way is cut at the same time.

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