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2017 BMW 3 Series Saloon PHEV Release Date Canada

2017 BMW 3 Series Saloon PHEV Release Date Canada. New BMW 330e offers exceptional performance, combined with the sporty elegance of the BMW 3 series sedan. Welcome to the best of both worlds. Experience very low consumption of high performance cars. Technology EDrive thanks to BMW, electric motor and a high-powered BMW engine 330e worked in perfect harmony. In addition, the offer of hybrids of optimal traction and agility, thanks to improved sporting chassis settings, exceptional dynamic is guaranteed in all modes of driving.

Efficiency and Performance

New BMW sedan 330e has three modes of different unit which allows the driver to affect significantly the real car power consumption. In ELA AUTO, BMW Efficient Dynamics mode intelligent system to determine the most efficient combination.

2017 BMW 3 Series Saloon PHEV Release Date Canada

Electric motor and internal combustion engine-depending on the speed of the driving situation and charging the battery.This mode is divided into two phases: If State charge the battery between 12% and 100%, you can drivepure electric mode. At higher speeds or more demanding requirements, gasoline engine changesautomatically. If the State of battery charge drops below 12%, BMW sedan new retractable pure 330eelectric mode at low speeds.MAX mode eDRIVE, can drive a pure electric, zero emissions at high speeds or whenthe potential acceleration has been exhausted, the internal combustion engine is turned on automatically. When the State of charge of the battery is low, the battery saving mode allows taken by the machine or allow.

State of the load must be maintained. In this way, the driver can keep the battery capacity for pure electric driving.Once the destination has been incorporated into the navigation system, predictive path analysis of energy management is expected using constant data as speed limits and real-time information on the status of the current traffic. In this way, the system uses pure electric driving mode efficiently and in the most beneficial path.

Drive System

2017 BMW 3 Series Saloon PHEV Release Date Canada

BMW TwinPower Turbo high output engine four-cylinder petrol and electric motor is a high-efficiency impeller eDrive BMW 330e Saloon. The hotel offers the kind of performance that does not expect a hybrid, goes from 0-62 mph in just 6.1 seconds, with a top speed of 140 mph. the operation of the electric motor is the 57kW (78hp), while internal combustion engine gives the 135kW (183hp) - provides an impressive combined the output from 192Kw (261hp).


As expected, the innovative vehicles like the new BMW sedan 330e provides maximum comfort. High voltage battery is stored in a Pact in such a way that the 360-litre boot provides enough space for daily necessities. The suspension features standard ensures the full dynamic and stability at any time and a great experience of driving, even on a long journey or when vehicles carrying heavy loads.


The vehicle can be filled easily at home through a current conventional domestic using the charging cable included standard connector and will have a full battery after 3.5 hours. Load is faster and more convenient with BMW by separated I box for recessed mounting: wall load point increase capacity and reduce charging time over 2 hours of charge.

2017 BMW 3 Series Saloon PHEV Release Date Canada

My BMW wallbox Pro is also available, which supports intelligent integration on your home network, intelligent functions of the home and energy management systems. In addition to loading the vehicle at home, is now possible (thanks to the development of ChargeNow of BMW mobility services) BMW 3 Series 330e to fill quickly and easily while on-the-go. ChargeNow partners Charging points can be found using the navigation system integrated car ConnectedDrive, BMW remote ConnectedDrive my smartphone App or BMW homepage ChargeNow. Payments without cash with ChargeNow card and billing are held once a month.

Price & Release Date

No one can guarantee the price range for this type of car from Canada market. With increasingly sophisticated and modern, easy to expect the sale price still can be classified as the Middle down. For the production of this car was apparently be held in the year 2016 and will launch in Canada in 2017.

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