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2017 BMW 7 Series Laser Lights Reviews

2017 BMW 7 Series Laser Lights Reviews - BMW Group has a long tradition of creating the future of motoring. We believe that the best way to predict the future is to create it. With the BMW 7 series was created the luxury of tomorrow today. Thanks to the innovative innovation, benchmarking of comfort and contemporary design as well as the impressive and very efficient dynamics. "The new BMW 7 series represents our contemporary luxury outlet. We consider that the technical innovation and the high quality of all the details so essential as the language of form and emotional well-being atmosphere of the interior. During the design process, we work with the idea of ' technology '-feeling of the poem of the perfect interaction between the progressive technology and their translation into design. "

Search for pioneering innovation is the driving force for the BMW engineer. With the function as a gesture of control BMW, BMW Laserlight or parking with remote control, sets a more future-oriented standard in the BMW 7 series.

2017 BMW 7 Series Laser Lights Reviews

In addition, with the command Touch BMW, tablets to control main functions have been integrated into BMW vehicles for the first time. Highbeam laser mode, BMW Laserlight illuminates the wide range of up to 600 meters, twice in terms of conventional bulbs. Using this new light technology, BMW Laserlight improve security better nighttime visibility.

Equipment with lights junction LED and LED modules highbeams laser. Laserlight BMW has very bright light intensity is substantially higher than conventional light sources. Lighting design with blue accent BMW Laserlight features, such as letter "Laserlight BMW", that stands out visually. BMW also includes parking. LED lights, turns and adaptive selective BMW lights beams (Assistant of dazzling dazzle-free).

Exterior Design

The dynamic proportions, the right lines and sculptural surface: the BMW 7 series sample the typical BMW design at its most elegant. Facing pressing forward, extends the part back / strong BMW 7 series radiates a natural presence and authority from any angle.

At the front, order the broad network of large and erect that stand out the kidneys clearly, giving BMW 7 series character to advance dynamic, growing. Air intake bottom, which is optically divided in three, stretching along the entire front apron, giving the vehicle a very authoritarian and distinctive appearance. Equipped with LED-technology standard, prohibition of Adaptive Headlights optional LED connected with kidney grilles by horizontal strips. One of the lighting technology, literally, sheds light on the road to follow was BMW Laserlight, recognized by the blue horizontal bar in the center of the tube.

2017 BMW 7 Series Laser Lights Reviews

2017 BMW 7 Series Laser Lights Reviews

In side view, gently descending ceiling trace the especially sleek silhouette. The peripheral chrome window as the Hofmeister kink to combine perfectly. Double flap with integrated handles extends from the front to rear lights on the right two lanes. They created a narrow area between that appear as a continuous band of light due to the interaction between light and shadow on the superficial side, stressing the length and height of the sides for the BMW 7 series. The look balanced and optically low center of gravity of the sedan is powered by chrome trim that extends from the breathing air along the sides of the entire vehicle.

The horizontal alignment of the rear, with an emphasis on breadth and authority of the BMW 7 series. Horizontal chrome bar dare stretches the width of the vehicle and thus creating an optical connection between the lights. For the first time, the light in the way L bar continued also in the geometry of the Crystal, which gives the tail light is a more striking appearance. Classified exhaust cover by a striking chrome frame. In combination with line width and cover in the form of wheel, lower the center of gravity, giving BMW 7 series a unique presence when viewed from the rear as well as optics. Active air flow kidney grille. Air vents with their slats in chrome search enabled and adjust the air flow. If you increase the demand for engine cooling, open vents. In a State are closed to increase the aerodynamic and ensure a striking presence because the vertical slats in chrome.

Interior Design

Any Chair that occupies in the BMW 7 series, feels the atmosphere of wellbeing contemporary and future-oriented. Composition virtuosic of materials, light, shape, color and innovative technologies to help people who would like to spend you either from to the back or from the driver's seat. In hindsight, everything is geared to travel in a luxury environment. Passengers enjoy the convenience of a wide and extensive range of exclusive entertainment. A detachable tablet touch command provides control options for comfort and entertainment features.

2017 BMW 7 Series Laser Lights Reviews

With special equipment "Salon Executive" rear passengers on the same side as the front passenger can enjoy the ride in a particularly relaxing position. Integrated into armrest table covered with black Nappa leather central part and has an appearance and high quality. In addition, the long version Sky Lounge ceiling panoramic glass create a sense of open and full of light and space can light up if necessary in ambient light. This is an ideal place to enjoy the quality of audio for the study of Diamond of Bowers Wilkins and surround sound system with 1,400 Watts of output. Instrument panel indicates that the driver of the BMW 7 series offers the setting for technological innovation. BMW is the first manufacturer to offer a gesture control for major commands can be given by a hand movement. Same Advanced Intelligent voice control mode, controls of iDrive and, Alternatively, the touch screen, which deals with the professional navigation system can operate directly from the 10, 25V color screen LCD.

Depending the selected driving modes, which appears in the instrument cluster behind the steering wheel of the skin associated with different graphics symbols. Multifunction button consisting of three dimensions to give the feeling of a particularly fun and embedded on the surface of polished chrome. Elegant architecture with horizontal surfaces attract the gaze of the viewers with visual accent and catches by ambient light.

Engine Options

Efficiency and innovative performance - each power unit for the BMW 7 series is an expression of the specific development of BMW Efficient Dynamics engineers work. It works as a team is equally impressive. BMW 740e / represents Le an example of innovative, sustainable and efficient machine technology.New BMW TwinPower Turbo engine 8 cylinder gasoline combine two turbochargers with control fully variable Valvetronic valve and injection of high-precision direct fuel injection. This reached a peak output of 330 kW (450 HP) and maximum torque of 650 Nm. both turbochargers are positioned perfectly between the edge of the cylinder. BMW 750i and 750Li BMW is expected in the 4th quarter of the year 2017. The figures given are technical specifications as possible.

Release Date & Price

For now, nothing about engines and other technologies, have probably the where the date of release of this production model will be closer, perhaps in 2016. We all have to wait for this beautiful car that will undoubtedly be one of the best cars on the market in 2017. Prices range from $75,000 to $ 140,000. The release date is expected that at the beginning of 2017.

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