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2017 BMW X6 M50d Review

2017 BMW X6 M50d Review - BMW X 6 M50d benefits from the experience of BMW M engineers, with a special of had polished powertrain, suspension and unique design. The end result is a car that offers a stimulating mix of great dynamism and comfort. By setting operation, M M Adaptive suspension make sure that typical agility of more sports-oriented BMW X models. Dynamic Damper Control and air bearings in the rear axle is set to give very sporty driving characteristics and ensure proper handling, smooth controlled property. 'Dynamic' adaptive suspension package gives the BMW X 6 maximum M50d agility, precision and lateral dynamics. Control of dynamic performance M specific performance and Dynamic Drive guarantees even more neutral steering wheel to increase grip the road.

2017 BMW X6 M50d Review

2017 BMW X6 M50d Review

Exterior Design

2017 BMW x 6 M attributes M50d make air superiority dynamic at first sight. Sporty design stand out thanks to a series of distinctive details. It is provided in part by the characteristics of the sports package M, as a special guest and the rear bumper as well as a line of shade of high individual brightness of BMW, which comes as standard. Even when viewed from a distance, the BMW X 6 M50d stands out from the rest. Style developed especially optional lightweight 20-inch alloy wheels make it easy to select among the crowd. A grey environment Ferri in apron of special large air opposite the impressive attention increases the width of the vehicle. Outside mirror sports caps also come in iron grey makes it even more striking. Notable feature on the back of the Fort including the prominent 'X 6 M50d' letters in dark and special exhaust chrome surround high-gloss black, which highlights the presence of dynamics.

Interior Design

M Sport package contents creates a unique environment in the BMW X 6 M50d: symbiosis of sportiness, elegance.

2017 BMW X6 M50d Review

As soon as you open the driver's door and the letters 'M50d' in the Classifieds of threshold called attention. With high quality materials and a clear atmosphere, the interior reflects the pure driving pleasure that is experienced in the bmw x6 m50d 2015 review. steering wheel leather M provides a feeling of excitement in more ways than one, the BMW X 6 M50d is under control right at any time. Sporting eight-speed transmission Steptronic with integrated bearing change to change gear is comfortable or sporty style changes (according to your preference) and ensures a greater driving pleasure. For cornering the rich of adrenaline, ergonomics to measure sports seats in anthracite Alcantara leather offers optimal stability.


2017 BMW X6 M50d Review

M TwinPower BMW inline six-cylinder diesel Turbo engine performance with triple turbocharger combines breathtaking performance with words of encouragement that remains until the maximum speed of the motor. This system of transmission of the characteristics of the family machine EfficientDynamics CommonRail direct injection and a turbocharger turbine geometry with variable stage three, resulting in lightning-quick response and very high torque even at low revolutions. At a speed between 2000 and 3000 rpm, maximum torque of 740 Nm are also available. engine 3.0 liter produces a maximum output of 280 kW (381 HP) between 4400 and 4000 rpm. BMW X 6 M50d accelerates from 0 to 62 mph in 5.2 seconds. This impressive performance combined with the consumption of 42.8 mpg and CO ₂ emissions 174 g/km show a remarkable relationship between dynamism and efficiency and stressing once again that BMW has the legendary skills to the engine.

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