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2016 BMW 3 Series Touring Redesign

2016 BMW  3 Series Touring Redesign - With an irresistible combination of sporty design, dynamics and functions, the BMW 3 Series touring has impressed from the word go. Optimum weight distribution and high efficiency gasoline and diesel engines with BMW Efficient Dynamics technology ensures excellent performance and low fuel consumption. The all-wheel drive system intelligent BMW xDrive ensures the best possible traction at all times. And with a line of luxury package or sports M option, you can choose the best game of the Series Touring 3 your own personal needs and desires.

2016 BMW  3 Series Touring Redesign

Clearly the combination of dynamics, elegance and versatility make the BMW 3 Series Touring more members of its vehicle class. With the typical BMW 3 series family features, maintains the tradition of the BMW brand design: short overhang, long bonnet, long wheelbase and a passenger compartment retracted. In this way, the BMW 3 Series Touring remains leader in its class blend of aesthetics and utility.

The Exterior Design

Harmonious exterior sporty elegance had coordinated, had given the dynamic aesthetic and as soon as you put it. Its horizontal slats, with air inlets are designed through many challenges front bumper is combined with the headlights to emphasize the attitude of width on the road. As an option, the dual round headlights with rings of Crown integrated available in LED technology. But not only the front part of the attraction. The striking bar bumper form has two horizontal lines and taillights with LED technology are assigned a separate variety, it ensures that the BMW 3 Series touring keep look clearly at night as well. In addition to the standard function of LED tail lights lamps technology, lights and fog BMW 3 Series Touring is also available with LED lighting units.

2016 BMW  3 Series Touring Redesign

Panoramic glass roof offers incredible views and allows plenty of light in the interior, giving it a very spacious and open. If the rays are too intense, adjustable sunshade can electrically be fairly and properly closed. With the function of the slide and lift, panoramic glass roof offers a variety of great ventilation options. If you entered in the position of glass roof ventilation, sunshade is automatically cancelled to allow for air flow you want. And integrated wind deflector ensures that turbulence is kept to a minimum when it is driving with the roof open.

Interior Design

As soon as you get in the BMW 3 Series Touring, you can immediately see driver orientation and quality of the ingredients is exceptional. The Interior is spacious, with the possibility of practical and functional storage tidy instrument panel. At the same time, it is dominated by the elegance and dynamics. Many prominent in chrome and black high gloss surface in underlining the exceptional quality. In the typical style of the oriented BMW, systematically against the driver cockpit, so it is very easy to operate.

2016 BMW  3 Series Touring Redesign

The ergonomic challenges dominated with the utmost care and attention. The best example is 8,8 screen Control navigations system professional free above the center console, emits a visible quality and premium feeling. The center console has place for two drinks and a roller cover, when closed, can be used as a storage surface. Just two of the many details in the overall concept of the perfect combine’s sportiness with modernity.

High-Quality Materials

Sophisticated design and interior quality is obvious at first sight. Sports to provide seats support exceptional and comfortable. It can be equipped with interior trim in aluminum, finely brushed lengthwise with highlight trim finished in high-gloss black, which extends to the part on all four doors. The cabin is enriched by a lot of chrome, including the cluster from the classical instrument and vents. The trim around the radio and AC control unit is a high-gloss black. As part of a package of light, ambient light illuminates the elegant interior and discreet with a combination of a light source directly and indirectly.


8-speed Steptronic transmission sets a new standard in comfort, dynamic performance and is a key element of BMW Efficient Dynamics. Wonderful soft gradual between the teeth to facilitate the delivery of optimum power at all speeds. This reduces fuel consumption significantly, allowing the driver to enjoy sportsmanship and improved dynamic performance. The motor speed is reduced, especially at high speeds, which in turn reduces fuel consumption and engine noise. Converter clutch also helps - even if the car changes to manual mode. Fast transition speed the right engine and transmission tuning ensures a very delicate gear changes.

Integrated, such as transmission predictive functions, constant monitoring of the movement of vehicles and traffic both the situation affect the way that the transmission shifts gears. Regardless of current driving mode, the system always selects the most suitable equipment. Control unit connected to the navigation system, so depending on the route, change predictive transmission between the athletic and sensitive atmosphere (SPORT mode) and a cozy atmosphere with fewer scroll gear (comfort mode).

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