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2016 BMW 425d Convertible Review

2016 BMW 425d Convertible - The new two-door convertibles is longer and wider than the vehicle replaced and come with better performance and interior space. 4 series Convertible is available in modern luxury, four sports ornaments and sport M and three engine options. The base model gets a Turbo 428 of 2.0 liter four-potter, 435i sports known six-cylinder 3.0 engine liter, while diesel will receive the motivation of the 2.0 turbocharged version liters, which provide better substantial compared to the petrol version.

2016 BMW 425d Convertible Review

The Exterior Design

Many of the variety design Convertible BMW 4 series makes stunning even when stationary. Cover of double kidney that is striking and optional Adaptive lights forming the distinctive combination. Outgoing glow creates a passionate dynamism on the right side of the line recorded along parallel to the back. The interplay of light and shadow fascinating emphasizes Convertible shoulder muscles. The long distance between axes and the hat stretches exudes sportiness - as with any BMW 4 series Convertible wedge-shaped silhouette. Together with the breath of the air behind the front wheel arches, aerodynamic elegance defines that it drives this vehicle. Totally agree with the philosophy of BMW Efficient Dynamics. Maximum experience Convertible along with minimum fuel consumption and emissions.

2016 BMW 425d Convertible Review

Retractable hardtop allows you to have the feeling of a convertible open along the hallmarks of a resistant cover for winter. The hotel offers coupe style under the line, extended from the outside. You can open and close quickly, even when driving slowly, up to 18 mph. retractable hardtop also offers abundant space in front and rear. A LED light there is inclusive located in the center of the ceiling to illuminate the rear seats. Insulated ceiling very effectively absorbs vibrations, creating acoustic fun even in fast car.

Interior Design

Wind, wave, infinito-infinito horizon crashing feeling and that resonate in every detail of the series 4 Convertible BMW. With the roof open, the door of the continuum of two colors and side panels and top hidden car stored away hardtop take something of the character of the deck of the ship. Each individual design elements seem to grow from each other. Wrapped in the sense of the unity of aesthetics, 4 BMW series convertible awoke to enjoy freedom and the joy of life in each wire. And with the roof closed, individual lighting mood service a feast for the senses, regardless of the time you're doing.

2016 BMW 425d Convertible Review

A wide selection of high quality materials and finishes, such as a nice Dakota leather, attractive highlight points and interior ornaments choice, also offers a variety of options to give you the individualization of the unique characters Convertible BMW 4 series.


The BMW Twin Power Turbo technology combines innovative technology with the latest direct injection common rail and a variable geometry turbine turbo. All with one goal in mind: maximum driving pleasure conversion. Engine diesel 4-cylinder, BMW Twin Power Turbo BMW 420 launches powerful 140 kW (190 HP). With up to 400 Nm of torque, the vehicle will accelerate to 100 km/h from the beginning of the foot in 8.1 seconds (Steptronic transmission: 8.0 s) and reach top speed of 235 km/h Steptronic transmissions 228 km/h. At the same time, the average efficiency of fuel consumption 5,1 to 4,8 l < Steptronic transmissins4,7 to 4,4 l > more than 100 km with CO2 emissions of 134 127 g/km (Steptronic transmission: 124 116 g/km).

2016 BMW 425d Convertible Review

BMW 425 d also offers outstanding dynamics and impressive efficiency. Manage the sprint from 0 to 100 km/h in only 7.3 s (Steptronic transmission: 7.5 s). BMW Twin Power Turbo engine has fuel average-5 2, 5.4 l / 100 km (Steptronic transmission: emissions 5.2 5.0 l. CO2 average only 143 - 138 g/km (Steptronic transmission: 137 - 132 g/km).)

Series 4 Convertible BMW trunk makes light freight work. With plenty of space available, highly functional and comfortable. Because the 4 BMW series Convertible boots has an area for this type of car, as well as the help of payload unit raises the entire roof with the push of a button for easy loading. With the lid closed, the boot offers 370 liters of storage space; it would be enough for two golf bags, for example. With the lid open, it has 230 liters of luggage space and above the sky is your limit.

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