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2016 BMW 7 Series 730d Review

2016 BMW 7 Series 730d Review - As the most innovative vehicle in its class, the new series 7 BMW all delivers an experience for drivers and passengers through technology, comfort and engineering. In its class leading luxury sedan sets the standard for the future of elite travel while charging in a new world of performance. BMW has played things safe with the overall design of the exterior of the new 7 series, but is surprising as the target market consists of the type of business that makes sense. Thus, there is little talk abroad, except for thousands of number 7s light optional packages of the lamp's reflector laser engraved etched, the heavy aluminum details and sporty look double exhaust pipes in the rear.

2016 BMW 7 Series 730d Review

There are significant changes in the surface. The new 7 series uses a carbon core, included you will find a good amount of carbon which is strong, light fiber fed aluminum and steel in other parts of the vehicle. In all, new materials help reduce weight as much as 130kg in comparison with the previous vehicles.

New 7 series seems simple but elegant interior. There are no individual elements are especially prominent, but the coherent general, has also been prepared perfectly, and there are many thriving small but impressive. This includes an optional satin finish on the control, giving them the very raw feeling, system of adjustable interior lighting that bathes in a cabin in the color of your choice and effect of star-LED optional panoramic glass roof light. The new 7 series is a big car, so there is plenty of space to play, especially used intelligently. Four large cup holders (front and rear), there are door bins in the central compartment, which is a good size with smart keys for Wireless charging and your cell phone, plenty of leg and head room for all passengers and the luggage compartment is big enough. There's even an optional refrigerator between the two rear seats, which can be used to keep some bottles of wine and a glass, although it seized approximately a backpack of the space of home value.
2016 BMW 7 Series 730d ReviewOpening of hug with roof panoramic Sky Lounge LED. This unique feature includes more than 15000 engraving a glass illuminates the atmosphere of LED lighting through six different configurations, relaxation in all his travels. At the height of the functionality and the comfort of the living room is a new Executive package. Relieve the pressure on functional based on comfort seat, footrest and mats. Wife hotspot standard also allows you to easily transmit content from your mobile device directly to a 10 "screen entertainment. New removable touch commands 7 "tablet serves as a controller for a number of characteristics of luxury and comfort in the 7 series. You will have full control over several climates, seats, navigation and entertainment features with a simple touch of your finger.

2016 BMW 7 Series 730d Review

BMW screen button is a new command of the vanguard. He has touch screen LCD that provides the State of fuel, estimated range and even the terms of service. It can also be easily filled via the wireless standard cargo pocket in front center console, which is also able to charge wirelessly your smart phone. Bowers Wilkins & diamond Surround sound system produces acoustic experience of estudio-clase never seen or heard in the car. 1400W 16 - these speakers with illuminated speakers using diamond and the design of the Nautilus dome tweeter technology to reduce the resonance, to maximize clarity and deliver impressive audio. Adaptive mode adds new functionality that is very smart to handle family comfort, sport and ECO PRO mode. Automatically adjust the dynamic Control of cushion, electric power steering, and automatic transmission and in response to his style of driving, road conditions and data navigation systems.

Engine Specification

BMW  730d is powered by 6-cylinder 3.0 liter turbo-diesel engine codenamed B57. This machine replaces the N57 has the same architecture but with less power in the press. B57 recently has 261 bhp taps and 620Nm fat (457 ft lb) effort torque, until 61Nm (45 ft lb) of the old machine. BMW 7 series 730 d 2016 15 BMW 7 series 730 d 10That machine connects with 8-speed Steptronic automatic made by ZF, also turned out to be a gearbox that can be found in a lot of cars, ranging from Rolls-Royce Phantom for a VW van. Gearbox which then routes power to the rear wheels in this test car, but it can be design option xDrive traction if you live in a place that suffered miserable weather that requires extra traction of tires.

2016 BMW 7 Series 730d Review

The combination of a strong diesel engine and 8-cog transmission car hauling 1755 pounds (3869) 100 km/h this for more than 6 seconds on the 3.8 seconds while an impressive performance for the majority of metals, BMW promised car sips just 4.5 L / 100 km (mpg U.S. 52.6 62.8 mpg UK) which is a leader in its class. Note the pavement heavy 1755 pounds (3869), a relatively mild in this day and age of cars of high-tech are cramped with miles of cables and air bags. BMW achieved this by using a technology called carbon core that combines the lightweight aluminum with even lighter carbon fiber chassis construction. A lighter and stronger chassis contributed 85 kg in comparison with the old car, so the car is light in the segment.

Features never before seen in the 7 series gives you the opportunity to organize in a way that is completely new. Navigating iDrive system 5.0 with first movement control or switching systems entertainment function with a simple touch of your finger on a touch Tablet exclusive command whenever I step foot in the 7 series you will find yourself in a command center in the center of your own universe. Executive Lounge seating package is back presents the most exciting case which happened in the seat of a BMW driver. A spacious room for the legs and seat massage function is just the beginning of a list without a revolutionary entertainment and functions based on the comfort so you can enjoy. It doesn't matter if you feel behind the wheel or behind the driver, forget his experience in series 7.

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