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2016 BMW 7 Series Sedan Long Wheelbase

2016 BMW 7 Series Sedan Long Wheelbase - BMW has a long tradition to create the future of motoring. We believe that the best way to predict the future is to create it. With the new BMW 7 series made the luxury of this morning. Thanks to a revolutionary innovation, benchmarking of comfort and modern design, as well as the impressive dynamics and very efficient. The new BMW is the establishment of modern luxury 7-series. We consider that the technical innovation and the high quality of all important details such as the stylistic and emotional well-being atmosphere of the Interior.

2016 BMW 7 Series Sedan Long Wheelbase

During the design process, we work with the idea of the ' technology '-feeling, perfect interplay between the poetry of progressive technologies and their translation into design. Search for groundbreaking innovation is the driving force for the BMW engineer. With features such as the control of BMW's movement, they set a standard modeled in the future on the BMW 7 series. In addition, tablets to control the main functions have been integrated with the command touch BMW in the BMW vehicles for the first time.

The driving pleasure characteristic of BMW of 7 series BMW expands the perception an encouraged. The passenger in the back seat is enjoying a large amount of disk space. Active offer optional tours convenient chassis technology limited to each situation and dynamic driving experience. To ensure environmental light and comfort functions and innovative entertainment at the highest level of travel.

Exterior Design

The dynamic proportions, the right line and space: BMW of the most elegant examples of typical design BMW 7 series. Front, to push forward extend the 7 series BMW back/strong part radiate a natural presence and energy from all angles. Always on the front, a vast network of large and upright-standing kidney ordered of course, the character of the BMW 7 series, dynamic to promote. The lower air intake visually divided in three stretches along the entire front bumper, making the vehicle the impression very authoritarian and unmistakable. Standard equipped with LED technology, optional LED Light Adaptive constraints in relation to the horizontal line of the kidney grille.

In page view, interesting particularly slim silhouette is soft to the palate. That perfectly combines the peripheral chrome window as Hofmeister kink. A double cover with integrated handle extends from the front of the rear light is on the right track. Make a narrow zone between, light as a continuous band appear stressed, because of the interaction between light and shadow in the flat, that the length and height of the part of the BMW 7 series. Balanced and low centre of gravity seems visually sedan is powered by chrome trim that covers the rest of the vehicle of the breath on the side. The horizontal alignment of rear, with the emphasis on breadth and authority in the BMW 7 series. Bold horizontal chrome bar running the width of the vehicle, allowing an optical connection the lights. For the first time is the light at the bar, the L in the geometry of crystals, which gives back continuous light, a more striking appearance. The cover of its distinctive frame is classified by the chrome from the exhaust gases. In combination with the line width and cover in the form of wheels lower the Centre of gravity give BMW 7 series a unique presence from behind as well as regarded the optics.

2016 BMW 7 Series Sedan Long Wheelbase

Unique design details of the different points of view about future of BMW’s 7 series kidney grille air flow are active. Ventilation with their bar looking for chrome and adjust the air flow. If you increase the demand after the motor has cooled down, open the grille. A condition near to improve aerodynamics and make sure you it shines by its vertical slats in chrome.

2016 BMW 7 Series Sedan Long Wheelbase

Interior Design

Each space-occupying the luxurious atmosphere of the BMW of 7 series shades of modern and future-oriented. Bassist forms, materials and innovative technology to help people looking for light, colors, forms, or from the driver's seat. In hindsight, everything is geared for travel in luxurious surroundings. Passengers enjoy the convenience of a wide and comprehensive range of exclusive entertainment. Removable touch screen tablet computer commands provide control functions for entertainment options. Lounge is the rear passengers "on the same page that passengers enjoy is riding in the location which is very relaxing." Integrated in the armrest table, covered with black nape leather, appearance and quality. In addition, Sky Lounge, panoramic glass roof creates a sense of light and full of open spaces, and activated on demand environment


Innovative lightweight construction, pioneer of the machine or a very intelligent energy management is the best example: BMW Efficient Dynamics engineering rules new innovations. In the BMW 7 series, joined in the perfection of the experts. The result is an optimum combination of driving dynamics, comfort and efficiency. Advanced innovations such as Valvetronic technology helps these 6-cylinder engine 3.0 online single engine liters which improve performance and efficiency. Test of strength is numbers: 320 hp, 0-60 time of 5.4 seconds, impressive against discrimination 6000 rpm and torque maximum of 330 lb. - ft shot at 1300 rpm and keep pushing you support in your seat up to 4500 rpm.

With the new dimensions active ride comfort provides a preview of road driving dynamics. Previous front camera the way forward to actively and intelligently adjust buffer settings while working with the technology of the active roll stabilization, minimizing body roll and make the perfect balance of comfort and dynamics.

2016 BMW 7 Series Sedan Long Wheelbase

The all new 7 series BMW reached new heights in technology; comfort and performance at the same time integrate them perfectly into a luxurious experience for drivers and passengers. With more news than other cars in its class and a lot of athletic, 7 series easily took the pole position for the future of luxury travel.

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