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2016 BMW i3 M Redesign

2016 BMW i3 M Redesign - BMW always makes some great cars and this is no exception. This car is one of the beautifully with other look and see. It is a modern and comfortable car that's become one of the leading for many people. This engine auto 2016 BMW M I3 will be very strong with a 5.5 liter V-12 that will have the ability to create 600-horsepower. You could claim this is a fantastic car that is very effective. Also estimated e com with variations of plug-in hybrid that is one of the latest features or modern technology was added to the car. Another feature that is expected to find is the double engine.

2016 BMW i3 M Redesign

This focuses on the machine no doubt visiting new experience vehicle with high power and level. The best vehicles for high speed but gentle handling. This is very popular and visited one of the Favorites for many people who have an interest in the comfort of luxury and speed at the same time.

2016 BMW M I3 goes for a great title that good taste to the beautiful well by booking M4 paper imitating ventilation lattice work following air in the lower guard. Additional square feet together with turbo intercooler in refrigeration also can be installed in this car. The automatic also comes with fog lights and ornaments of chrome that will build the next beyond deceivability are really incredible. Beyond 2016 BMW I3 M will increase a little beyond that with some additional components and even the structure of the car will not be the same as the configuration of any other BMW.

Exterior & Interior

2016 BMW i3 M visiting a very elegant and quite elegant with the most up-to-date M4 emulates rack pipes and air conditioning in the lower bumper sheet. Square feet of video that is not turbo intercooler air conditioning, there are several additional is also likely that the car will join. In addition suitable cars decorated with chrome and fog which will increase attendance and also the outside is very pleasant. The exterior of the 2016 BMW I3 M visit breath a little to the outside with some additional features and even the structure of the car will be different from every other BMW collection.

2016 BMW i3 M Redesign

Inside it also has an impression of luxury and elegant with comfortable seating for five people. It is a sedan with a feeling of luxury and luxury as well. 2016 BMW M I3 has headroom and legroom suitable also for individuals, as well as beautiful for a long journey. Also through rough terrain and can also be used efficiently with this car. Due to the new features, it would be very popular. It is modern and comfortable car will also be a major one for some and 2016 M BMW i3 will be very strong this easily contained in the machine no doubt will experience how a new drive with high power and speed. Beyond 2016 BMW I3 M will improve gradually to the outside with some added functionality and even the structure of this vehicle will be a variety of different collections of all kinds of other BMW.

Engine Specification

From the machine becomes in electric machine of the 184 HP and 170 lb-ft of torque. It will have rear-wheel drive, consolidation with direct transmission of 1 speed. Equipped with a lithium-22 kWh, particle is on the floor. The most extreme range is 81 miles. Use of fuel would be 137/111/124 MPG. Accelerates from 0 to 62 mph is achieved in 6.6 seconds. The establishment of 110 V home loads takes about 20 minutes, and 240 V chargers takes approximately 4 hours. Taking advantage of the fast DC load frame that it takes only 30 minutes to fully charge the battery. Equipped with a mild engine 0.65 liters two fuel (REX). This bike can do 34 HP and can also be used to charge the battery. Taking advantage of the use of motor fuel which is going to be around 39 mpg. Compose is a bit of a 1.5 liter fuel tank.

2016 BMW i3 M Redesign

Release Date & Price

So many have asked the question, is there any assurance of launch BMW i3 M market? Up to this time, could still be said that there has been no definite news on the launch of the BMW M i3. But then there was the news that says that this product will be launched early in the year 2016, more appropriate for him in March 2016. In this case we cannot set as a benchmark; it would be more worthwhile if we have patience to wait for the launch, because after the release, then that's to say a definite answer.

2016 BMW i3 M Redesign

For the issue price, every massing State it is definitely different, there is no benchmark specifically in this regard. Existing news certainly, for US market, BMW i3 will give price with a price range of $ 58.600, a price that can still be affordable for those of us who do indeed want to have it.

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