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2016 BMW M235i xDrive Convertible Review

2016 BMW M235i xDrive Convertible Review - Looking relaxed, the compact proportions - the first series BMW Cabrio 2. Its extroverted design with a cantilever short, strong and muscular rear contour reflects the nature of confidence. Luxury line, a sports package M lines and sports as well as a wide range of authentic spice more BMW accessories add to this character. BMW cabriolet series 2 follows the who; Press out on its own. M235i BMW and more impulsive. With a performance M TwinPower Turbo 6-cylinder petrol online, launched the good-looking side BMW cabriolet series 2 and not only accelerates the airflow, but also brings pleasure driving to a whole new level.

2016 BMW M235i xDrive Convertible Review

Stylish, elegant escort athletes or exclusive trends: you decide what kind of character would you like to give 2 BMW series convertible. Athletes without concessions can choose M Sport package. Additional packages as well as additional BMW original accessories to enhance your individual style.

Communication management. Soft top-wicked-fast. A growing line of classics. New to the lineup, but the Convertible BMW 2 series is not designed to track anything; It is designed to push the limits. Prepare to feel the way as there's nothing separates you from it. 50/50 weight distribution is nearly perfect and polished management gives the series 2 Convertible analog feel. Matched with up to 320 HP, seeking in the riding that road can barely handle. 2-series Convertible made for people who don't want to stop. Even at speeds of up to 30 mph, which reduces the sound of the soft-top-available in black, Black Moon, and Brown, opens or closes in 20 seconds. And with convenience access you can also remotely open or close the roof with your keychain

This conversion is the expression of the precursor design of classic boat clean and updated is praised above. Level with the magazine Kingdom shoulderline layer raises a little to make elegant lines, liquid uplifting cruise. The softtop is open, the front 2 series BMW Cabriolet looks more confident, athletic shoulders seem to rear more muscular appearance. And even when it is closed, series of BMW Cabrio 2 impresses with sporty proportions and dynamic contours - and, thanks to the contrast of the color of his talent and which allows a key softtop which came to the fore: throw caution to the wind and appeals to all the senses. And to ensure maximum driving pleasure.

Exterior Design

Forging the future: with a contoured dynamic hood, leaning forward and tapered headlights directly against kidney, front BMW Cabrio 2 series Grill has concentrated 'expression'. The focus of your attention? The road, of course. In profile, the shoulder line of the plane parallel to the ground, giving the vehicle the presence of compounds. Along with the long wheelbase, wide track and short overhang distance, it emphasizes the nature of agile, outgoing vehicles. Scroll bar is still visible. They appear only if an emergency in a fraction of a second. In the part back, typical of the BMW L-shaped lamp made a clear statement even when viewed from a distance, perform 2 Cabriolet BMW series seems even bigger and more muscular. When studied closely, low center of gravity and dual Chrome exhaust pipes immediately draw attention. And when the softtop is open, you can enjoy views of the entire back up to the windshield. In short: Open driving pleasure - in any way that you look at.

2016 BMW M235i xDrive Convertible Review

Put it all in a good light: double round headlamps stand out as beacons - not only for its bright white LED technology, but also for the details of superior quality, such as chrome clamp slightly on curves. One of the characteristics of the new form, which narrows towards the kidney grille, giving BMW cabriolet series 2' expression ' interest. With a choice of Xenon, three-dimensional elements in the tube lamps intensifies this effect. When you view the BMW Cabrio 2 series behind, was the lights immediately draw attention, with a unique design that reflects the elegant character of the vehicle. Even in the dark, the light beam is divided clearly ensures that the design maintains the presence of bright - and, thanks to the l-shape of the typical straight known as BMW, even a distance.

Interior Design

The Interior of the new BMW Cabrio 2 series impresses by the harmonic sense of space. All operating elements are oriented towards the driver, and features exclusive, including a variety of settings exude top quality appearance. The surface and the edges melt one with another, increase the light, that feeling inside. When viewed with the softtop is open, cover the door and side cover as well as stored softtop ornaments to makes an impression of the deck of the ship. The claim of a particular design of materials is multi-layered and striking colour combinations. The result is a sense of modern cabriolet, which combined with the sport seats standard to ensure a feeling of pure driving. This experience is complemented by the back of the speakers, which are perfectly integrated in the side panels. First-class sound. Maximum driving pleasure. And all the freedom of the wind.

2016 BMW M235i xDrive Convertible Review


6 cylinder 3.0 engine liter 320 HP online performance M TwinPower Turbo, M235i offers a maximum torque of 330 lb - ft between 1,400-4,500 rpm. The launch from 0 to 60 mph in 4.8 seconds, the vehicle remained agile even at high speeds. A TwinScroll Turbo, direct injection of high precision, Valvetronic, technology of Windows double camshaft camshaft and all work together to ensure the delivery of instant power. The BMW rear-wheel drive gives the power of elevation. The weight moves to the rear wheels when accelerating, increasing traction, while the front wheels that are independent of the power unit offers smooth handling.

2016 BMW M235i xDrive Convertible Review

2016 BMW M235i xDrive Convertible Review

Innovative technology that helps you in many different ways and guarantees the highest level of comfort and safety. So you can focus on what life is important in driving worry-free pleasure. Functions based on system cameras driving Assistant combines the exit lane and alert collision alert. Detect traffic signals and controllers alert involuntary lane changes at speed of over 70 km/h with a vibration in the steering wheel and a visual warning in the instrument cluster. The warning is not enabled if the lane change is deliberate; in other words the giro indicator is activated. The camera also detects pedestrians. Here again the drivers are warned if there is a risk of collision and if it is necessary, that the brake is applied. The system also warns you of possible collision with the vehicle ahead of the speed of approx. 15 km/h and brake conditions for a faster response at the same time.

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