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2016 BMW M4 Convertible Redesign

2016 BMW M4 Convertible Redesign - It's a new convertible that will be the best choice for enthusiasts of the car that you want to manage with the elegant convertible model. Conversion models popular in the market because it is a good vehicle that will give confidence to the owner. I am sure that nobody will lead with convertible, it will become the center of attention on the streets of the city. People who are difficult to elegance series resist BMW Convertible has a real charm and gives you better walk glamour. Available in 2-door convertible body, high-performance BMW M4 received a small update for 2016.

2016 BMW M4 Convertible Redesign

Separate yourself from the 3 series and M3 variant car in 2014, M4 assumed personality for himself, with the back door to emphasize its sporty character and distinctive style added a bit too much, especially at the tip of the tail. M4 Coupe has a curved roof line and a trunk lid only, which are mixed into the Airways, reduce bottlenecks and optimize aerodynamics. In addition, it has a unique integrated rear spoiler of plastic reinforced with carbon that helps distinguish it from the M3.

Exterior Design

This high performance convertible only missed air flow. Stunning inlets in the front shows a large volume of air that cools the drive train of M M4 convertible BMW even in situations that limit. Another attention grabber was power dome, outlining the contours of the turbocharger and the engine with impressive displays of force concentrated BMW M4 Convertible. Curtain of water and air breathing, outside mirrors and contour sport M, BMW M4 Convertible radiates the aura of a trained athlete going through the back of the deep-lying where the four exhaust finalists two transmit a message clear: when the part superior hard down his unmistakable voice and reach your ears directly, I know that BMW M4 Convertible ready to redefine the open driving.

2016 BMW M4 Convertible Redesign

An M optimized aerodynamic exterior mirror has become a symbol of sporty and dynamic design of the M line for decades. Joined to the body by a bridge of double design base, which emphasize the aesthetics of the beautiful cars and convey a sense of precision, lending extra character engineering, dynamics and aerodynamic details on the sides. Translucent additional indicator in the long narrows Groove. When the roof opens automatically in 20 minutes at the speed of the vehicle up to 18 km/h, there is a clear improvement in the level of adrenaline. This is followed by typical driving maximum M of high performance combined with the intensity that only conversions can offer. When closed, the line is integrated in the ceiling as the BMW M4 convertible hardtop coupé. Ingenious design not only highlights the optics, but also offer security and guarantees a fun sound, even at high speeds.

Interior Design

In the interior of the vehicle, the form of restored seat with M and M shell illuminated logo are waiting for the driver and front passenger. They offer the perfect stability of the side and intelligent use of ergonomics allows a direct connection between the driver and the vehicle. All the elements of the controls in the cockpit are oriented around the conductors and ensure perfect operation in a matter of seconds. The look in motorsport round instrument display, steering wheel leather and shift lever mm complete package and not leave doubt. BMW M4 Convertible was created to redefine the barriers.

2016 BMW M4 Convertible Redesign
Chair convertible M offers several levels of lateral and various functions that can be electronically adjusted. The sporty style of the tensions of the vehicle through the "M" logo is illuminated in an integrated headrest. The width of the backrest of the sports seats, which is a tela-grano of good quality Merino leather and can be electronically adjusted to ensure the optimum position of the seat. Chairs high, along with the trend of the backrest and seat surface and the length of the seat all can be arranged whereas the e-thigh support can be adjusted manually.


Engine 6 cylinder 3.0 l M Twin Power Turbo online combines the best of both worlds: high rev with characteristics up to 7300 rpm and higher power with a maximum of 550 Nm of torque. 317 kW (431 HP) M machine accelerates from 0 to 100 km / h in just 4.6 scdn (Steptronic: 4.4 seconds) (with M DCT Drive logic with). I bi-turbo direct fuel injection and typical setting of M ensures that machines respond directly to urge a little more throttle to increase enthusiasm and excellent torque. The concept of the refrigeration of the motor sport-fit, as well as additional oil and oil pump cover drain sump, engine M prepared for any challenge. Several innovations, like the construction of weapons or lighter, forged crankshaft followed the concept of intelligent light; better dynamics and Acceleration, low power consumption and optimal weight distribution enable almost 50: 50. Award: an impressive driving agile stressed unprecedented by the sound of the unmistakable machine M. BMW Efficient Lightweight has the highest priority with a vehicle d. little weight because it is the basis for exemplary efficiency and outstanding driving dynamics. BMW M has consistently applied the ideas of these construction vehicles and has been constantly refined it. Our engineers are constantly wondering: where it makes sense to reduce weight and which not? Results: BMW Efficient Lightweight.

2016 BMW M4 Convertible Redesign

This involves the use of ultra light as CFRP (carbon fiber reinforced plastic), magnesium or aluminum in the zones of the white car. For example, a CFRP shaft, a single piece of total rotation and minimizes the CFRP buffer clamp provides significantly greater stiffness than aluminum, but with less weight. On the front of the campaign of lightweight materials at the front of the wall, wheel frames, and sills also reduces weight. All of these reduce vehicle mass and lower the center of gravity of the car while maintaining the highest standards of security, achieve greater agility and dynamics in curves and improve acceleration and braking.

2016 BMW M4 Convertible Redesign

Double clutch transmission Drive logic transmission is M double clutch 7 innovative speeds designed especially for BMW M motor of high revolution. The system offers a choice of optimized automatic equipment, traction control, implementation assistance running at low speed, as well as the automatic Start/Stop function. You can change very fast running without losing energy. Two sub transmissions, each with its own clutch, relay constantly seek power to the rear wheels. System can be controlled automatically or manually using the shifter on the steering wheel or lever. As with launch control and which allows maximum acceleration from start up, very dynamic driving experience is the result of high speed gear shift: the face without using the clutch and no interruption to the power supply. Drive logic can automatically (mode D) or manually (mode S) is controlled and in each mode is possible three options: very sporty, comfortable and efficient.

Hearing the good news, it turns out that bmw M4 Convertible will be marketed by March 2016.

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