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2016 BMW X1 Redesign

2016 BMW X1 Redesign - The new BMW X 1 brings a passion for the freedom riders every day. On this car provide space and flexibility to be an essential part more adventurous lifestyle and presence to turn heads where ever it is. With a wide stance, safe and surprising features of the sport, without a doubt is a member of the "X" family, a family that lead in efficiency and always the benchmark for premium flexibility. The new BMW X1 has been fully refurbished, cars with the presence of a very dynamic, young and powerful offering to its passengers with a unique and luxurious feeling.

2016 BMW X1 Redesign

On the inside and the outside, has a design element par excellence the various "X" type of car made specifically for people who have a sense of adventure and the desire of the right quality.


The short wheelbase and long distance overhang is a characteristic of a car that is built for adventure, whether in the city or off-road. Bumper wheels, large sculpted arches and recognizable sporty lines directly all the characteristics of families ' X '. This gives the car gravitas soon, especially when combined with a compact exterior proportions of their compatriot. Four LED lights during the day, including lifting the fog lamps, offered as standard on the model M Sport, add to the credentials of the typical car if ' X ' days and nights or xLine. 18-inch alloy wheels in exclusive left ' design and dual side exhaust X ' there is no doubt that this is a car with athletics at its core. They are equipped with an optional fully satin aluminium exterior surrounding which can give you an edge in accordance of the purified.

2016 BMW X1 Redesign

The sport model and the M sports looks both unique features elements that accentuate their agile; The sport has a high-gloss black finish exterior and typical sports M is given exclusive benefits with high-gloss exterior body colors are touching the Shadowline. The Interior of the BMW X1, the characteristics of premium materials at every step – from the leather sports steering wheel (as standard) in the dashboard, doors and center console. Space is another famous feature instantly; higher ceilings, offers more space, visibility and comfort, While at the passenger in the rear could also benefit more in legroom and sliding rear seats are optional. BMW navigation now come standard with a signature iDrive Controller, which is much easier to find your way, or off-piste. Of course, these adventures require storage, reasons that the new BMW X 1 has a storage seat, 505 litres of boot space, and many other magazines to make sure that never felt a mess, no matter how much you pack.

Model & Specification

If you want a subtle elegance or sporty pure aesthetics and performance, there are X 1 model that suits you. We've slimmed down the number of models is available, so that the decision-making process is simpler and more intuitive. Each one offers a different, with expert car clearly has 'X' features and experience for all the senses premium, both inside and outside. Which model you choose will come with the company's BMW as standard navigation.


Off-road, the character 'X' of the new BMW x 1 is brought to the fore in xLine, outside of Matt Silver with a touch to the front, sides and rear of the car emphasizes the wide presence, along with 18 "alloy wheels of exclusive design 'x'. Adaptive LED headlights come as standard, with a variable control from lights and lamps to ensure maximum visibility of each in the curves. The Interior felt really soft, with high-gloss black trim with Pearl chrome running everything. Leather sports steering wheel features standard, such as perforated leather Dakota seats with contrast stitching, add edge of luxury for every adventure.

Sport Models

Sport models give the new BMW X 1 which is targeted, dynamic. Slats in Grill of kidney with high gloss and high gloss black frame chrome defines the character of the vehicle from the front. The side of the car is given a touch of good athletic body with mirror color, side skirts and 18 caps (wheel glowing on alloy style ' sport '). Inside, high gloss black details continued in trim, with reflexes in Pearl red coral or Matt Chrome. The atmosphere that can be customized with your mood with an orange or white variable ambient light, while the door adjust LED has exclusive optical fiber. Comfort is the key, with sports seats anthracite front 'Race' (or 'Dakota' optional perforated leather) with red or grey contrast stitching, you will have your perfect body back sport leather steering wheel driving position.

M Sport Models

I'm ' represents the legacy of sports icons, and new models of BMW X 3 M sport continue with this legacy in style. A strong design has been enhanced with features such as 18 alloy wheels bicolor (19 '' optional) and M-aerodynamic package that provides irresistible athletics for its representation. Details really finished with high-gloss Shadowline and for greater versatility high gloss black roof rails. Adaptive LED headlights come as standard, with a variable control from lights and lamps to ensure maximum visibility of each in the curves. In exclusivity, M sport models continued, with sports seats upholstered in a multifunction steering wheel combination, M Alacantra and headlining the BMW individual colour anthracite. The feeling of more sporty cabin expected before, with a short lever that displays the logo of M m's instructions, that unforgettable driving experience.

2016 BMW X1 Redesign

Dynamics & Efficiency

Every new BMW X 1 models features gasoline or diesel four-cylinder BMW TwinPower Turbo configuration, the type of performance and power that can be expected from each machine and a much larger machine that guarantees has been well tuned in order to minimize friction and reduces thermal loss. This means to increase the efficiency and reduction of emissions, so you get more satisfaction from each litre of fuel used. More driving experience in features such as dynamic damper Control, which offers handling in all circumstances. Eight-speed Steptronic transmission is optional, very smooth change of teeth, ensuring greater driving comfort and reduce fuel consumption significantly. Profitability is aided by innovations like ECO PRO mode, which, when selected, can maximize efficiency in everything from driving style for climate control, allows you to save up to 20% on fuel usage. 5% can be saved using the route ahead of the attendees and ECO PRO routes technology which gives tips on driving effective style of braking and acceleration. Innovation and efficiency of the BMW X 1 from its competitors, what is the most modern and dynamic vehicle in the segment.

Release Date & Price

BMW X 1 xDrive28i 2016 will begin stretching to $35,800 in the 1940s low with options. In the market of United Kingdom and Australia, where X 1 will feature a series of engine slightly different (and extended), hope that starting from £26,780 or AU $49,500, respectively.

A model BMW X family experiencing an expansion of special are the BMW X 1 models. Still not have cooled the fervor of a new model for 2015, and the company has announced a next generation. Representatives will be models of BMW X 1 in 2016, which will appear in the Middle until the end of 2015. A new edition, with a complete, redesign 2016 X 1 will write a new page in the development of this model.

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