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2017 Alpina B7 Spy Shots

2017 Alpina B7 Spy Shots - A special division of BMW Alpina is currently working on the next generation of model B7, which only has caught on the image while some road test, before the reported 2016 Geneva Motor Show to debut official website. New BMW Alpina B7 will be launched as a 2011 model and will come with a series of changes in comparison with the model right now, on the outside, as well as the major leagues. Firstly, even if the new B7 use heavy came on the body, one can describe the style of cue with the logo of media Alpine, which fits the body extends to a new component, such as a bumper with a new front spoiler lip.

2017 Alpina B7 Spy Shots

In addition, same Alpina logo will also present in the interior, where the cabin is also believed to receive higher level as Gadget updated materials.

While the BMW M division has no plans to develop its own version of the latest generation of the 7 series, men and women working in nearby Alpina that was already difficult in the development of a new version of high-performance sedan BMW logo. Are sample below is a prototype for the new B7 Alpina BMW, we expect in the market over the next year, models from 2017. As B7 today, expect that this one based on the new sedan 7 series 750i trim, which means twin-turbocharged V-8 4.4 liter under the hood. In the form of shares of this engine offers 445 horsepower and 480 pound feet of torque, but in the Alpina we would expect output to be called at least 540 hp current B7 and 538 lb-ft-or perhaps even more. As a comparison, the Audi S8 to 520 hp and Mercedes-AMG S63 slap him in the face with 577 CV.

2017 Alpina B7 Spy Shots

In the United States, we can see that the Alpina B7 is offered exclusively with the xDrive all-wheel-drive technology this time around. This will help you to distinguish version car performance M May 7-new series is rumored that it comes down the line. Remember that 6 series Gran Coupe base offered xDrive Alpina B6 only in the United States so that do not compete directly with M6 BMW Gran Coupe. Other markets should also available rear-wheel drive and possibly a diesel option. 7 series eight-speed automatic transmission as standard throughout the range B7, although we can see some adjustments is made to feel a change in increase and acceleration must be installed. With an additional output and lighter of the new 7 series body structure, the new B7 must accelerate to 60 mph in 2.5 seconds. They currently reach around 4.3 seconds feat.

2017 Alpina B7 Spy Shots

Abroad, can already see examples of style signature Alpina. The list includes multiple radios wheels; trunk spoiler bumper with a new lip spoiler front is extended. Alpina logo and exclusive options available in the. Looking for a new BMW Alpina B7 debut early next year, probably at the Geneva Motor Show in March. Starting price may be a good fit with the current model of $130 k photos and production capacity will probably remain limited.

2017 Alpina B7 Spy Shots

In the United States, we hope that the new B7 come with AWD configuration xDrive, which distinguishes the performance of 7 M series, which can also appear on the market next year, than in other countries!

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