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BMW 420d Gran Coupe SE Review

BMW 420d Gran Coupe SE Review - Leave a stone unturned in search of sales, BMW had spun another series model 3/4 model with the creation of the 4 series Gran Coupe. After the basic template 6 series Gran Coupe, series version 4 brings a coupe more stylish exterior, but with the practicality of four doors. Series 4 at first glance looks more like the size of the 3-Series Sedan, but similar outcomes. Basic contour series 4 related, but actually the number of differences are many, most of the members of the Panel are different. 4 series features a variety of lights and bumpers, wide wheel arches,' '-small air jet in front of wings to help performance.

BMW 420d Gran Coupe SE Review

Mechanical 4 series bring than the 3-Series Sedan layout. Front-engine, rear-wheel drive layout, remains unchanged, although as low as well, it helps to have any BMW 4 series rigid suspensions in the scope of the claim is one of the models from the. Compared to the 3 Series 4 series is also equipped with a variety of machines, with diesel and petrol engines offer a wide choice of manual or automatic transmission. At less than 9 mm BMW 3 series-car seat claims increased sense of movement.


BMW 4 series Grand Coupe sharp contour immediately catch the eye when viewed from the side. Long, sloping roof, window graphics and linked with the expressive line, presence of motor sport. Strong future BMW 4 series Grand Coup e also made a direct impact. M sport model to improve the natural elegance and flowing lines, sharp details and add a dynamic touch to the front.  Great boot of one piece fits perfectly into the elegant silhouette of the series 4 of BMW Gran Coupe. And it not only looks good, but also very practical. The generous dimensions and a flat load floor are spacious luggage compartment is extremely useful. Comfort access allows you to load and unload luggage quickly and easily open and close the system without contact. If your hands are full, you can open and close the trunk by simply moving your foot under the rear bumper. Four doors frameless windows characterized the vision of BMW 4 series side smooth contour of Gran Coupe. The dimensions of the ideal front door make it easy to enter and exit vehicles, especially in tight parking spaces. From within, a sporty accent and lines the atmosphere of light and color contrast to make the doors look larger, adding elegance and clearance of the vehicle interior.

BMW 420d Gran Coupe SE Review

And abroad, the first series 4 of BMW Gran Coupe inside offers a perfect blend of function and elegance. This is demonstrated by exclusive materials and colors used. As well as the high position of the driver, operating elements are ergonomically placed to best advantage the controller and all surfaces and details radiate a feeling of luxury and vitality. Doors frameless Windows improve the impression of spaciousness in series 4 of BMW Gran Coupe and the 2 + 1 seat offers plenty of space and leg space. Besides all this, the design of rear seat cover leads to feeling comfortable and harmonious spaces. In the BMW Gran Coupe 4 series driver's seat are the center of attention, with a tidy instrument panel and a center console that focuses only on you. Everything is where you expect intuitively that controls screen free directly in his line of sight and optional BMW Head-up Display, which projects information leads directly in front of you. Flowing lines, the surface layer and everything is oriented towards the driver for more comfortable behind the wheel. In this harmonious interaction of characters exclusive vehicle shining through, the dynamics of the impressive and modern elegance and extraordinary functionality is evident as soon as you put inside. High quality craftsmanship, comfort and stimulating selection of colors and materials characterize the unique atmosphere of the interior. In combination with the model of luxury and sporty M, white ivory leather seats available exclusively to BMW Gran Coupe 4 series. Integrated with black interior color scheme, they develop premium feeling sporty character of mystery BMW Gran Coupe 4 series.


The BMW TwinPower Turbo technology has been a synonym for the perfect combination of efficiency and dynamism. Engine BMW 4 series Gran Coupe offers a surprising combination of impressive power and low fuel consumption. For example, BMW 435i: with 225 kW (306 HP) and acceleration from 0 to 62 mph in 5.5 seconds and six-cylinder BMW TwinPower Turbo gasoline engine is the best in the segment. BMW TwinPower Turbo gasoline engine 3.0 liter, six-cylinder in the BMW 435i offers performance numbers were impressive: 225 kW (306 HP), a maximum torque of 400 Nm, acceleration from 0 to 62 mph in just 5.5 seconds (Steptronic transmission: 5.2 s) and a top speed of 155 mph (limited). 21.1 mpg average fuel consumption remain simple 34.9 (Steptronic transmission: 23.1 to 20.8 mpg), accompanied with the CO2 emissions of just 193 189 g/km (Steptronic transmission: 178 174 g/km).

BMW 420d Gran Coupe SE Review

System camera-based assistance unit combines features of departure warning track and approaches as well as pedestrian warning with brake activation city. Of lane departure warning detects traffic signals and controllers alert involuntary lane changes at speed above 40 mph with vibration in the steering wheel and a visual alert on the instrument cluster. The warning is not activated when an accidental lane change, i.e. when the indicator is illuminated. While warning of the approach to the city of brakes activation of detection of vehicle, pedestrian warning with brake activation city reacts to pedestrians. When there is a risk of collision, trigger warning of dos-fase care approach - symbol on the instrument panel turns on, followed by the acoustic alarm. Pedestrian warning triggers a stage in terms of risk of collision. If the system warns of possible shocks, brakes at the same time precondicionados for a faster response. In an emergency, the system applies the brakes.
There is no doubt that a niche within a niche, the 4-series Gran Coupe is still attractive overall package. Sharp exteriors is a welcome change from the existing 3-Series Sedan, and the driving experience is usually very good. If it had a compact BMW must have four doors and more fashionable than cars, this is your car.

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