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BMW Z4 GTLM Review

BMW Z4 GTLM Review - BMW Z4 GTLM is about to begin the second season of a sports car championship in the United Kingdom, and third in North America. Under the name BMW Z4 auto GTE will align in the European Le Mans Series for the first time in the year 2015. BMW Z4 GTE held two wins in the American Le Mans Series (alms) from the beginning of 2013 and ensures that the team BMW Motorsport and RLL BMW finished second in the drivers, the team and manufacturer Championships gt BMW Z4 GTLM finished on the podium six times total in 2014.

BMW Z4 GTLM Review

In July 2012, the engineers of BMW Motorsport in Munich has begun to develop a version of the GTE, in accordance with the regulations of the ACO, based on the BMW Z4 GT3. The resulting vehicle is much more compact than its predecessor who was successful in the alms; BMW M3 GT. BMW Z4 GTE took to the track for the first race in mid-January, 2013. BMW RLL team involved in the process through the entire period of development. U.S. engineers have even lived in Germany for some time to play its part in the Assembly of the BMW Z4 GTE.

Since the beginning of 2013 for the first test, they work closely with their counterparts in BMW Motorsport in Munich. This makes it possible for a great experience in the alms since 2009 and to include this in the BMW Z4 GTE. As a result of changing the name of the class of the USCC, car was taken to the track as BMW Z4 GTLM beginning in 2014. After an update of the chassis in 2014, the aerodynamic package slightly modified in the frontal area of the vehicle will be used by 2015.


New pattern of spots on the Sebring will be easy as cake, as a new paint job is more surprising. No. 25 car will be decorated by the same blue stripes of purple and Red Division M was set on a white background, but the design is very different now, the car stands out. BMW and classic racing fans will recognize instantly the livery as identical to the BMW of North America when winning the 12 hours of Le Mans for the first time.

BMW Z4 GTLM Review

The network has been transferred from the icons 3.0 CSL racing car front back, adorn almost everybody panel, including the roof, front bumper and side skirts. The pattern of this tribute is not only attractive to look at, but the fact of mimic the CFA which is most spectacular. This Bimmer will be one of the main attractions at this year's Sebring 12 hours.


Inside the car, not. 25 is a remnant of 2014. The cabin includes a list of specifications of race equipment required by GTLM, as racing seat FIA approved with harness, fire extinguisher, radio system and full roll cage. Although it retains some features found in the production of the car as required by most of the organizations sanctioning, the GTLM was stripped of amenities is available in standard Z4.

BMW Z4 GTLM Review


Both the interior and exterior, the transmission remains unchanged during 2015. Z4 GTLM employs the same Turbo, 4.4-liter V-8 engine and a sequential six-speed sports transmission, lapping the race track across the United States with approximately 490 horsepower and 354 pound-feet of torque at the disposal. Tilt the scales at only 2,711 pounds; the GTLM Z4 probably has less than four seconds to hit 60 mph from home.

BMW Z4 GTLM Review

BMW Z4 GTLM Review

In fact, this sports car Sebring there is nothing new except the livery of the CSL-inspired, but the new agreement is what makes it special. Very few manufacturers can boast having won the endurance race famous four decades ago, when it was still going strong in the 21st century and saw the GTLM Z4 bring this iconic livery returned to the center of attention should put a smile on faces in the year 2015 12 hours of Sebring. I know that you I will watch the race to take a look at the No. 25 car.

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