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2016 BMW 2 Series Coupe M235i Review

2016 BMW 2 Series Coupe M235i Review. All the power. All management. A style. There are no amenities. He is a driver in the BMW, the BMW M235i obtaining Consumer Reports of 98/100, IIHS Top Pick school records security and ready 10Best car driving. 4 so that if you choose a model of BMW M performance or 228i Coupe, the road is yours to do with as you wish. A look says it all. This car is a continuation of the long tradition of the BMW Coupé. This is a tribute to the icon of the BMW history: the legendary BMW 2002. However, it has its own personality that emanates passion and freshness.

2016 BMW 2 Series Coupe M235i Review

Each line of BMW Coupe underscores characters series 2. Constant and the interior are designed to help you experience the concentrated driving pleasure. Both the Coupé on its way to the creation of new milestones.

From the legendary BMW 2002, discover agility comes in second in series 2. Double-Pivot front suspension strut spring five-link rear suspension is adjustable with precise needs of each model, and a wide stance makes both aggressive fielding. With the BMW applications, part of the technology package, you can configure,control the GoPro camera with Wi-Fi from the seat of the driver with the BMW iDrive Vanguard system and a high resolution screen. Manual adjustable front seats of standard 8-way power-adjustable side sport 2-way manual scroll braces for head and 1-way provides the perfect support for more agile driving. In fact, while grip to grip angle. BMW sport 8-speed paddle Shift brings a change of gear inspired Sports Coupe series 2. But the Puritan heritage, M235i available 6-speed manual transmission provides precise and sensitive displacement. BMW dynamic stability Control provides maximum traction when accelerating; block the coupe with the way like a train on the track. Traction control can be adjusted to add a bit of game along the road, allowing a bit of wheel slippage to the stylish and sporty driving feel.

Exterior & Interior

Taillights LED lighting and horizontal alignment rods L shaped reinforce the impact zone. Lip spoiler on the back of the M235i reduces the increase in speeds. Contour lines had elongated track of the flow of air campaign, while the large air inlets symbolizes the strength of the BMW Coupé series 2 that makes the impression that even when it is stopped. The flow of the dimensions of three kidney grille lamps. With his bright face, slats kidney tilt forward to make realistic depth. Kidney Chrome frames this effect increases the imposing figure of the vehicle and pay. Outside mirrors, gray is one of external characteristics M235i. Colors of accent in the bar at the side entrance are on the sides and 18-inch wheels. Effects: remarkable sportsmanship.

Everything in this vehicle is oriented in one direction: forward. This is especially true. Inclined toward the front of the grill of the kidney with a contour four line, follows the flow of air. The form of pointing the lights give the typical characters of the face BMW are completely autonomous. Adjusted, striking in the background stands out the width of the horizontal trace BMW Coupé series 2. Optical interaction between rear exhaust and rear bottom near the area to make the vehicle appear as if is closer to the ground. The sporty character of mainly M235i played with the lip on the tailgate spoiler. In addition to the optical effect, this affects the dynamics to increase aerodynamics at high speeds and improve the surface pressure.

Xenon headlights are standard with the typical BMW design double round placed on the outside of the vehicle and concentrate on what's important: the road. Horizontal shape make the front seems broader. His performances to concentrate and focus. Different surfaces reflected light gives the vehicle of fresh, vibrant appearance reinforced by elements of standard xenon headlights three-dimensional en. Confidant in any way that you look at: taillight was impressed with the wide LED light bar, in the shape of L, red. Design of monoblock that make very conspicuous and lend them a unique effect day or night.

2016 BMW 2 Series Coupe M235i Review

Compliance General: when series 2 sits behind the wheel of the BMW Coupé walk into the center of attention. This is because the entire driver oriented cockpit. Asymmetrical center console leaning towards her, of free standing display optimal control in your line of sight with all the important functions that are always under your control. Frameless window coupé- like does not interfere with the view. Attractive surface, overlapping lines and dynamics implemented the sport outside inside. And of course, all this will be achieved through the use of high quality materials and perfect workmanship.


320 HP M performance online 3.0 liter six cylinder TwinPower Turbo, M235i engine offers a maximum torque of 330 lb - ft between 1,400-4,500 rpm. The launch of 0 to 60 mph in 4.4 seconds for the xDrive Coupe, M235i * these vehicles remained agile even at high speeds. A Twin Scroll Turbo, direct injection of high precision, Valvetronic, technology of Windows double camshaft and all work together to ensure the delivery of instant power. Hard power 2 series should a small debt to 50/50 weight distribution is nearly perfect. Not only does inspire confidence on the road with balance and sturdiness, give an excellent driving performance.

2016 BMW 2 Series Coupe M235i Review

2016 BMW 2 Series Coupe M235i Review

BMW M235i not only picks up with tremendous power, also offers an impressive agility and suitability for daily use. Online 6-cylinder gasoline M TwinPower Turbo engine performance 3.0 liter double cam shaft had included Valvetronic combines BAYS and an injection of high precision with Twin Scroll turbocharger. Extraordinary capacity for response, high torque even at low revs and a wide variety of rev is the mark of this powerful machine. The result is maximum torque 332 lb - ft with an average consumption of 6.3 l / 100 km. 6-cylinder in-line engines M TwinPower Turbo performance accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h in 4.6 seconds (xDrive and automatic transmission).

Performance, very powerful. Curve, almost unbelievable. Heritage, rich in sports. The nuances of the trip, BMW may be denied. And the opportunity to drive? Pure happiness. Comply with 2 BMW series. Despite the consistency, there is aggression 2 series lean, medium shape and posture and all under. A sense of resistance even when sitting still. In addition, as the descendants of Kings, low waist that offer attractive views of the streets go very quickly.

One reason there are 2 series so dear. Incredibly fast, 320 HP rear-wheels drive Coupe M235i Sprint from 0 to 60 mph in just 4.4 seconds, or 4.6 seconds with xDrive and handles with agility and a very precise steering control. It is not only designed to push the limits, but it is designed to go beyond, 2 series clear for the road.

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