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2016 BMW 3 Series Sedan Review

2016 BMW 3 Series Sedan Review - The BMW 3 series is the embodiment of a sports sedan. In the sixth generation, the irresistible combination of dynamic design, unmatched agility and as impressive as always excellent everyday practicality. Available in the classic rear-wheel drive or intelligent xDrive all-wheel-drive, 3 series features a powerful and high performance of gasoline and diesel engines powered by BMW EfficientDynamics, which guarantees excellent dynamic and low fuel consumption. And with a choice of sporty line or M sport, you can customize your BMW 3 Series Sedan comply with their own personal needs and desires.

2016 BMW 3 Series Sedan Review

Design elements clear that BMW 3 series more sporty vehicle in its class. With a contemporary interpretation depends on the classic proportions of sedan, a vehicle for defense of the tradition of the BMW brand design: short overhang, long bonnet and long wheelbase and a passenger compartment retracted. Be sure, better BMW series of all time continues to lead the way in the segment.

Make base here is only a matter of giving them something to believe in a fan. After 40 years of innovation in performance, adjust and increase the reference point since its introduction, the new BMW 3 series sedan has been doing just that. With a redesigned suspension, including optimized front strut towers, new rear shock absorber technology and more suspension mounting points, the new 3 series has a more precise than ever before Steering response. The road opened at last fulfilled. The new BMW 3 series sedan has been redesigned to meet your individual style of driving sports. With many elements of previous sports package is now standard, as well as intuitive placement, control and customization options as sporty M package and luxury, you'll see 3 - and - in the way that you want. All about the new BMW 3 Series Sedan adds to agility sports. 50/50 weight distribution is nearly perfect that gives you extra grip on each occasion, and the new and redesigned suspension guarantees the infamous hug the road management. The result is the curves that will make you believe perfection is achieved.

Exterior & Interior

Harmonious exterior sporty elegance coordinated, had given the dynamic aesthetic and as soon as you put it. Its horizontal slats, with air inlets is designed through many challenges front bumper is combined with the headlights to emphasize the attitude of width on the road. As an option, the dual round headlights with rings of Crown integrated available in LED technology. But do not only the front part of the attraction. The striking bar bumper form has two horizontal lines and taillights with LED technology are assigned a variety of independent, ensures that the BMW 3 Series Sedan preserves the appearance clearly at night as well. Available in-suite wheel with colors and combinations of adjustment, the owner can complement your 3 series in a combination that reflects his personal style, which underlines the sporty character of the unique vehicle. In addition to the standard function of LED tail lights lamps technology, lights and fog BMW 3 Series Sedan is also available with LED lighting units. Lighting of LED rear lights with LED lighting elements technology consists of the elements of individual performance and has a characteristic form of "L" of BMW. Strengthens the rear ends of identity as a BMW and given out as a BMW vehicle even in the dark. Main indicators and LED brake lights act quickly also plays a role in the production the BMW theree series is more secured.

2016 BMW 3 Series Sedan Review

As soon as you get in the BMW 3 Series Sedan, we will immediately notice the driver orientation and quality of the ingredients is exceptional. The Interior is spacious, with a possibility of practical and functional storage tidy instrument panel. At the same time, it is dominated by the elegance and dynamics. Many prominent in chrome, black high gloss surface in underlining the exceptional quality. In the typical style of the cabin the BMW driver-oriented so that controls are very easy to operate.

The ergonomic challenges dominated with the utmost care, attention. The best example is 8.8 "screen Control navigation system professional: floating above the center console emits a visible quality and premium feeling." The center console has a place for two drinks and the roller cover and when closed, can be used as a storage surface. Just two of the many details in the overall concept of the perfect combine’s sportiness with modernity. Sophisticated design and interior quality is obvious at first sight. The optional sports seats available in, for example, of leather Dakota Oyster. Interior moldings of aluminum, finely brushed lengthwise with highlight trim finished in high-gloss black, who extends to the part on all four doors, can be equipped with finalists. The cabin is enriched by a lot of chrome, including the cluster from the classical instrument. The trim around the radio and AC control unit is a high-gloss black. As part of a package of light, ambient light illuminates the elegant interior and discreet with a combination of a light source directly and indirectly.


Features advanced technology, injection, fully variable control of the valve and the latest generation of turbochargers, all petrol and diesel 3 series offers resistance impressive. In accordance with the philosophy of BMW Efficient Dynamics, 3 series offers outstanding economy and low emissions without sacrificing performance.

320i: engine 4 cylinders in line of very efficient but still powerful 180 HP Turbo produces TwinPower 200 lb - ft of torque at just 1250 rpm and continues all the way up to 4500 rpm. Precision high technology that combines direct injection and Valvetronic winner of the BMW award, smooth performance on par with fuel efficiency, take more per gallon of gasoline.

328i: in-line 4-cylinder TwinPower Turbo. Displacing 2.0 liter, 240 horsepower this miracle producing 255 lb - ft of torque at just 1250 rpm, for a powerful thrust into action from the beginning and continues all the way up to 4800 rpm. Light and soft March, combines the technology of the BMW award high-precision direct injection and Valvetronic double VANOS camshaft camshaft.

2016 BMW 3 Series Sedan Review

340i: produces 320 horsepower and 330 lb. - ft of torque, the new model is 340i first in line BMW driven by a 6-cylinder in-line engine is lightweight, aluminum EfficientDynamics family. With TwinPower technology and innovative features such as injection of high precisions, double cam shaft camshaft VANOS, 340i can reach 0-60 mph in as fast as 4.6 seconds in the xDrive models.

328d : features BMW TwinPower Turbo Diesel 4 cylinders engine liter that produces 180 horsepower and 280 lb-ft of torque, 1750 rpm. Automatic transmission makes that 8 speed will be 0-60 mph in 7 seconds more than routine. And with fuel economy of road of 45 mpg, the strong performance of fuel efficiency.

2016 BMW 3 Series Sedan Review

BMW xDrive, intelligent system of wheel: tandem with dynamic stability Control, traction wheel BMW xDrive system, monitors the condition of the road. Once it detected the excess slip, is neat to send power to the wheels with the most secure basis, improve traction and provide agility, neutral, stability and sensitive handling. Adaptive suspension damping technology new m: bolt part rear and front Struts with a new anchor of five points above, not the previous three - adapt your driving style and road conditions change, creating an ideal chassis and provide better handling and more dynamic your feedback to the driver. Adaptive suspension of M and even more sporty, available in the M Sport package with the handling of the slopes, allowing you to adjust the style of suspension where more interesting for you, from the most suitable for the more dynamic.

The new 3 series including update to sport steering wheel, to the more dynamic and responsive driving experience. And sport steering wheel, available with package management track, setting the angle direction is based on continuously offering more comfort during a maneuver tight (like a parking lot). Both are paired with dynamic stability Control, improved chassis base, to provide greater agility on winding roads and hard surfaces and more stability at high speeds.

At the wheel is excited about the conductor, sporty style and useful innovation-oriented design. Features like the Head-Up Display Help You keep your eyes on the road, while the intuitive iDrive allows you to control the functions of care more. Most beloved vehicle in the lineup, fans and the same owner has found a unique way to express the through their theree type. Many elements of the m model sport package is now standard, and can even choose luxurious or sporty M package, adjust the wheel, trims, steering wheel and other enhancements to make your typical new 3 series.

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