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2016 BMW 5 Series Gran Turismo Redesign

2016 BMW 5 Series Gran Turismo Redesign - BMW 5 series Gran Turismo combines the existence of sporty elegance with style coupé, maintaining the character of the one of the class. The generous interior captivates with high levels of comfort, luxury and unique chair lift. Perfect for open-road exploration, 5 series Gran Turismo offers a generous space comparable to the 7 series. BMW 5 series Gran Turismo is equipped with innovative Bang & Loosen high-end surround sound system. Supreme listening pleasure and the thrill of driving a magnificent joined in a unique experience. Sixteen active speakers with a total of 1200 watt of generating music in brilliant quality.

2016 BMW 5 Series Gran Turismo Redesign

You can choose sound options: mode 'in the Studio', votes obviously appear in the mode 'Extended', an acoustic space is expanded, thus creating an experience of surround sound that is unmatched. BMW 5 series Gran Turismo offers auto leveling air in the rear suspension to be sure that the vehicle offers the comfort of a maximum unit high and consistent. Provide unmatched comfort unprecedented driving dynamics, patented integral V rear axle ensures the dynamics and work style of wheel suspensions developed driving wheel assemblies, frame back, tilting shaft and arms control three songs.

Different needs require different solutions. For this reason the BMW 5 series Gran Turismo comes with a tailgate parties: jackets, coats, bags and laptops can be stored easily in the trunk through a small part of the back door. Luggage compartment separating the cabin interior partition walls protect passengers from cold air, sound, and smell. When transporting baggage as a bigger bike and drinks box elements, entire by clicking on the button door can be opened. This is a standard feature. Instrument multifunction screen technology panels black and with a 10.2 inch display offers an impressive visual presentation of the driving experience. The three different modes and its particular characteristic can be displayed in the instrument cluster, with color customized private and graphics in any case: comfort, ECO and PRO sports.


The line BMW series Gran Turismo 5 to create objects that are very clear and elegant harmoniously combined with the elegance of a sedan Sports Coupe. This gives you a new series of BMW 5 Gran Turismo of individual character. Most beautiful unique BMW car. A slight overhang and elongated, Hofmeister kink in C characteristics immediately identify the BMW 5 series Gran Turismo as BMW-pillar. As the Coupé roof reinterprets the classic Gran Turismo with a modern and elegant design and flows along the back of the dynamically formed. Here, the low profile of the back door and the striking rear lights safety sports full. In addition, optional LED lights underline the presence of BMW 5 Gran Turismo series. Bend the light distribution and selectively block BMW (anti dazzling high beam Assistant) that shows the function of the adaptation to the beam headlamp low beams and high beams urban Adaptive LED headlights with variable road. Thus, the system provides optimal lighting in all conditions.

2016 BMW 5 Series Gran Turismo Redesign

Motion detection lights allow you to search in the dark corners, as soon as you start to change the wheel. To increase the visibility of lights, the short-run curve activate automatically activated immediately or turn the indicator changes direction, even when the vehicle is stationary. Adaptive lights ensure optimum lighting in any situation on the road, significantly improving security is enabled.


Stunning exterior and even more so in the interior. Frameless door elegance in the first indicator of what waiting in the interior of the new BMW 5 series Gran Turismo treats all passengers in style the materials selected, lovingly created with much attention to detail. The harmonious relationship between the cockpit and the rear give the interior with shades of incomparably generous. In the configuration of maximum comfort, rear seat even contributes to this by allowing a staggering amount of legroom in the rear. This creates a subtle atmosphere of the series BMW 5 Gran Turismo that invite relaxation, even when they have reached their goal. In addition, the interior of BMW 5 Gran Turismo series is so adaptable that it is the ideal choice in any situation. Panoramic glass roof opens up new perspectives. Additional light for rent in roof also highlights the exceptional environment of the interior of your car. If the Sun is too strong, especially the double floating can be closed electrically.

2016 BMW 5 Series Gran Turismo Redesign

With the function of the slide and lift and panoramic glass roof offers a wide selection of ventilation. Integrated, automatically extend the wind deflector is not only protects passengers from the turbulence it is not fun but it also contributes to the acoustic level of comfort when driving with the roof open. Exceptional ability to BMW 5 series Gran Turismo makes it even more versatile. The position of the rear seat is elevated that allows passengers to enjoy the 40 "of space for legs and dual mode hatch allows easy access to the attention of an enormous burden.

Engine Options

BMW TwinPower Turbo Gasoline Engine

Innovation of BMW TwinPower Turbo 8 - 6 Pack - and 4-cylinder gasoline engine is one of the key elements of the strategy of the BMW EfficentDynamics: TwinScroll turbocharger with a Valvetronic, camshaft VANOS double camshaft and high precision injection means lower fuel consumption and higher dynamics. 6-cylinder in-line petrol engines result of BMW 535i is 225 kW (306 HP), a powerful 400 Nm across the wide range of speed and soft commendable smoothness. This dynamic is starting to make more impressive combined fuel consumption rating: 8.5 to 8.2 l / 100 km (xDrive: 8.6 l-8, 5) is all that is needed to comply with the BMW 5 series Gran Turismo. Even moderate CO2 emissions: 194 - 197 g/km (xDrive: 205 199 g/km). In addition, all BMW petrol engines 5 series Gran Turismo meet the EU6 standard emissions standard.

BMW TwinPower Turbo Diesel Engine

Diesel engines of BMW TwinPower Turbo for the BMW 5 series Gran Turismo: stronger, faster brand and even more efficient. Pleasure driving for BMW engine warranty sustainable 520 d: the BMW TwinPower Turbo is a powerful engine 4 cylinder diesel offers torque of 380 Nm at 1750 rpm. Fuel consumption is impressive low 5.7 5.5 l / 100 km and CO2 emissions of 149 144 g km. both efficiency as a result surprise km. 1275 of reach thanks to BMW Blue Performance technology standard, engine BMW TwinPower Turbo diesel also meets the EU6 emissions standards.

2016 BMW 5 Series Gran Turismo Redesign

2016 BMW 5 Series Gran Turismo Redesign

BMW xDrive, intelligent All-Wheel drive system: working together with the dynamic stability Control, traction wheel BMW xDrive system, monitors the condition of the road. Once it detected the excess slip, it is clean to send power to the wheels with your foot more secure, better traction, handling and delivery of sensitive, neutral.

Integral Active Steering: Integral active steering increases the dynamics of driving, depending on the speed and the angle of the steering wheel. At low speeds, power steering increases maneuverability and agility for ease of parking and curves. At higher speeds, the Steering becomes less direct, which helps to improve the ride comfort.

Adaptive Drive: This improves the agility and comfort of passenger vehicles by reducing body roll during sport driving maneuvers. It includes a dynamic Damper Control and stabilization of active Roll control system of active suspension that is designed to reduce the cornering body roll, improve the vehicle's suspension geometry.

It makes the transmission Steptronic 8 speed change gears and driving significantly easier, thanks to the fast transition speed of the motor and lower shift times. Unite excellent convenience with palpable dynamics and a substantial increase. The gears can also be changed manually using the selector lever.

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