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2016 BMW M3 Redesign

2016 BMW M3 Redesign - 2016 the differences of the BMW M3, the vehicle is long-term, be very ready to return. The BMW M3 is a large vehicle, with some news in the structure, in the inclusion to improve performance, will not have anything in the course of the vehicle. Exterior will be rejuvenated, with included in the. You have the M3, the force is now equipped with contemporary elements, like graphite, on the structure of the housing program. BMW M3 will definitely be available, in the U. S. States. In fact, the formal notice of the company when it would have automatically been present. This is a good car, then. M3 iterations marked the return to the original concept.

2016 BMW M3 Redesign

With weight loss is real, widespread use of carbon fiber, the incredible grip and new exclusive color, mm is so flexible that you will find every boundaries. The promise of the first M3 is a total concept of balance. The appearance of this return to the line 6-updated with two turbochargers TwinPower, shaving weight while offering 406 lb - ft of torque, a full 111 lb - ft from the previous version. Gasoline engine fully refurbished hp 425 M TwinPower Turbo straight 6-cylinder offers a spontaneous performance at the range all Rev. innovation of active sports such as differential engine M, Adaptive suspension, M M Servotronic or 7-speed dual clutch Drive logic M defines the boundaries of possibility. The cabin is the ultimate in perfect ergonomics. New forms of Chair M as shells which offer lateral stability and connections are ideal for vehicles. 

Everything is geared toward one thing: drivers. The nature of high performance BMW M3 sedan is more clearly on the outside. Design of transmitting elements such as grids of black kidney with double blade and symbol M carbon dynamic Black roof and rear LED lights pulse sportiness without commitment L shaped. Your eyes at the peak of the turn and the vehicle are perfectly under control. BMW M3 sedan built to challenge the limits of pure dynamics. Together with the 6-speed manual transmission or, if you prefer, hassle free 7-speed dual-clutch transmission M, hp gasoline engine M TwinPower Turbo straight 6 cylinder 425 ensures a powerful trip, right. New Active differential M provides optimal grip anytime and Servotronic M ensure liso-direccion adjusted wheel. The powerful dynamics of the new BMW M3 sedan unmistakable. Large front air inlet ensures optimum cooling the journey by train M in all situations. Power dome muscle delineates the form of engine turbocharger. It is clear at a glance: every detail is justified by the function and adds to the appearance of the iconic vehicle.

Exterior & Interior Design

Exterior this M3 comes performance of inspiration. Exhaust system Quad-Bank with pairs of tips chrome with rear wheel arch flares to accommodate everything and chassis, translates into the aesthetic that hinted at the high stability and improvement of the curves. Large front air intake made it clear at a glance: the BMW M3 sedan developed by engineer M for maximum performance. Printing is only reinforced by the light of the focused vision. Absolute attention: double bar grids of black kidney, with coat of arms of M. Side view brings together form and function in typical fashion m. curved roof line combines the silhouette of four-door sedan with a high-performance sports car. Ceiling black carbon gives the vehicle a lower height, reduces the overall weight and lowers the center of gravity for even sportier driving. Water air curtain and breath with gills M aerodynamic vehicles add the finishing touches. On the back, it seems dynamic combines rear LED lights with four two L shaped exhaust pipes with their voices clearly to send a clear message: this vehicle stands out for unmatched performance in technology, design and, above all, on the road. M aerodynamically optimized mirrors are an important part of the sporty and dynamic design of M. It is separated from the body by two brackets gracefully formed; they have become a symbol of design, and while at the same time communicate technical standard high precision components.

Additional translucent LED indicator comes perfectly in long, narrow Groove. Restored wheel and weight-optimized BMW M3 sedan is a collector's eye and statements. Even the standard 18 labors M light alloy wheels rays V with grey Ferry makes this clear. 19 m work light alloy rims double spoke style optional available in black or grey iron and allow you to glimpse of powerful or mm carbon ceramic brake system brake composite with the logo of the M. Any variant you choose, you are guaranteed to have maximum stability monitoring: mix the tires on the new BMW M3 Sedan not only improve the appearance of the back muscles; they also optimize the grip and storability.

2016 BMW M3 Redesign

As a result the nature of Motorsports BMW M3 sedan made in the Interior. The Chair with the new M and M illuminated logos offer perfect ergonomics and lateral stability. Even in highly dynamic driving situations, make a direct connection between the driver and the vehicle, the more intense design typical of M by the orientation of the driver. Flowing transitions between the instrument panel and center console make drivers a focal point of the cockpit. Combined with high-quality aluminum surface, this creates an environment characterized by the sportsmanship and the advances in technology that receives the pulse of racing driver as soon as you get behind the wheel. It is clear in an instant: If you sit here, ready for the exceptional driving experience. M seat characterized by support ergonomic and body are perfect for dynamic driving. His characters are different, functional accentuated by illuminated M shoulder logo. Some of the features that contribute to the character of the motorsport seats m: side contour, integrated headrest and pronounced elevation elements in backrest and seat width seat and lumbar support adjustment. General lightweight M seats also reduced the weight of the vehicle. Similarly, mechanical, manual seat adjustment helps to minimize vehicle mass. Brace in the center console provides improved support for the side of driving dynamics. Seat pan reduces the center of gravity of the vehicle and improve responsiveness during the driving dynamics. Inside the cabin, M3 is a gently sloped console that leaves no room for error these cars are made for the driver. Placement of intuitive control, a pinch of skin and wrapped instrument specific M cluster with green, yellow and red warning lights brings the functionality of luxury sports design.

Powerful Engines

A high pressure of supercharging, without delays M3 system uses two turbo to give broad plateau TwinPower, while BMW VANOS of double camshaft technology varies camshaft timing, allowing higher pressure construction from inside the cylinder to the entire rev range for optimum power output. Lightweight components engine restart completely tries M3 weight reduction commitment. Magnesium false piece crankshaft, able to race track oil and lighter than all Pistons shed pounds where it matters most.

2016 BMW M3 Redesign

M TwinPower Turbo 3.0 l engine straight 6-cylinder combines the best of both worlds: high rev with characteristics up to 7600 rpm and higher power with a maximum torque of 406 lb-ft. 425 HP engine M accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h in just 4.1 seconds. Optional transmission of dual-clutch 7-speed paddle shifters provide instantly inspired the songs change, but for purists who want the analog connection to the road, it comes as standard 6-speed manual transmission.

BMW M3 sedan is the best player when it comes to efficiency, also. Intelligent Efficient Dynamics measures such as automatic Start or Stop function or energy regeneration brake ensures optimal use of resources and therefore plays important role to the maintenance of the force and the strength of the BMW M3 sedan. Innovative technology that helps you in many different ways and guarantees the highest level of comfort and safety. So you can focus on what life is important in driving worry-free pleasure.

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