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2016 BMW M5 Sedan Redesign

2016 BMW M5 Sedan Redesign - Redesigned M Black double kidney grille underlines the look athletic, strong BMW M5 Sedan. Now in the fifth generationt BMW M5 Sedan still embody the pure athletics. Place of uncompromising performance was convincing above as always master every challenge. When BMW M TwinPower Turbo V8 petrol engine and high performance suspension showed its true nature, it soon became clear that this gene has motorsport sedan. BMW M5 Sedan has been designed for maximum performance right down the line. Of the front air intake with a grill of surprisingly broad and double kidney M with the new coat of arms of the typical diffuser M on the back and side skirts: every detail makes sure that the enormous potential this vehicle comes into its own.

2016 BMW M5 Sedan Redesign

One has a particular sport is the optional competition package, offers a vibrant look and enhanced performance. Aesthetics is not only the problem of surface, color, paints or material-it is also expressed through the aerodynamic design of the exterior and interior of the functionality. BMW m designers and engineers know that form and function go hand in hand, and work to create solutions that combine these two aspects in a single, spectacular works of art.

A sports car doesn't have any details. This is true especially for aerodynamics: even BMW M exterior mirrors should be also in wind tunnel. But the air doesn't have to be all about the different characteristics of the input resistance: M apron in front of the breath and let machine that cools a large disc m brakes light alloy wheels, while air flows along the rear diffuser lends added load aerodynamics. A coherent approach in the performance that is continued in the Interior. The most important functions, including the conductor are easily accessible. Ergonomic cockpit and workmanship of materials subject to strict criteria oriented performance. Every detail adds to the general impression of the BMW M5 sedan: an athlete, prepared for maximum performance on the road.

It became a racetrack for daily use. As the independent development of BMW M GmbH, BMW M5 saloon adheres to the philosophy of M and perfectly combines high performance with suitability for daily use. Power ahead-M TwinPower Turbo V8 engine of the BMW M5 sedan gasoline seems to affirm this need with each revelation of precision and efficiency is the key to a strong thrust like that. Innovative technology and keep consumption to a minimum.

The Exterior Design

BMW M5 Sedan. Elegant and impressive skills of an athlete are regarded at first sight. The design of the vehicle using only the highest standards as a point of reference. For the future, with the grid of double kidney redesigned M and optional lights adaptive, revealing the striking character of athletes in the exclusive body frozen blue metallic color. Wide width high-performance chassis track revealed to excellent effect to combination with wheels exclusive light alloy 20 "competition package. Muscle on the horizontal side of the contour and the typical crease lines reveal the dynamics that this vehicle is brought into the street. Rear spoiler, diffuser, rear lights and black dual aileron joint dynamic of competition highlights package to make the BMW M5 Sedan quite clear even when viewed from the rear side of the chrome.

2016 BMW M5 Sedan Redesign

A typical athletic appearance matching BMW M5 Sedan and ideal to transfer the power of this amazing sport car safely to the street: a selection of exclusive high-quality light alloy wheels in M 20  inch with mixed tires ready and waiting in the pits. As a standard feature, the BMW M5 Sedan stood in the sports 20  inch double-spoke light alloy wheels of 343 M bi-color screen with mixed tires, consists of 20 x 9 J with tires 265/35 R20 and 295/30 tires 20 x 10 J R20 in the tracer-el perfect balance between comfort and agile appearance. BMW M5 with the competition package is equipped with an exclusive 20 "double-spoke light alloy M wheels 601 M two-tone appearance, developed specifically for the competition.

Interior Design

The atmosphere of Motorsports with the feel good factor: inspiration conjured by the BMW M5 sedan continues perfectly from the outside when the doors opened. Inside ideally is oriented towards the perfect control of the excellent performance of this sports car, at the same time, enjoy every mile. Ergonomically designed cockpit of the BMW M5 sedan means perfect cooperation between the driver and the vehicle. Some M controls can work intuitively in any driving situation that a unit of drivers, cars and careers-la impressive intense driving experience in or out of the race track. M new ergonomically designed multi-function steering wheel of leather with thumb rests sit perfectly in the hand. Leather seats high quality M, available in a variety of exclusive Black upholstery palette, through Silverstone Sather Orange, features which form the side supports to maintain ideal body in a position in any driving situation, without restricting the driver in any way. In the BMW M5 sedan and every detail of the interior blends perfectly in the general composition, for sports driving without compromise to the driver experience.

2016 BMW M5 Sedan Redesign

Top sports achievement only possible to focus on the essential. The cabin on the BMW M5 Sedan shows the information as important and specific in a vistas-M on meaning driving performance as inevitable. With new leather M steering wheel ergonomic thumb rests and pallets of gearshift, the driver has an incredible power BMW M5 Sedan perfectly under control in any driving situation. Thanks to the characteristics of multi-function, key elements of control as the M Drive Cruise Control, phone and audio system can be operated intuitively and without interruption. M design with the coat of arms of M and Red needles, panel instruments supplies drivers with constant feedback, providing information on specific vehicles of M-systems as point screen, M double-clutch transmission, the oil temperature unit M is a program that is selected.


High pressure injectors inject fuel to 0.27 milliseconds; it is possible to introduce some fuel injection in a single combustion process. An electronic control system to adjust the time and the amount of fuel injected as the power motor, temperature and pressure, the cylinder of operation so that the combustion is precisely controlled, very clean and efficient in every driving situation. The figures speak for themselves: 500 lb-ft, 560 hp, and 0 to 100 km/h in 4.3 seconds (with a competition package: 575 HP, 0 to 100 km/h in 4.2 seconds). High-rev M TwinPower Turbo V8 engine BMW M5 Sedan makes a statement with performance and acceleration.

2016 BMW M5 Sedan Redesign

Patented sump BMW Cruz-Bunco mounted in the Valley (V), make this machine Short tube length means more efficient flow of air to the turbo, while the sequence the combustion chamber combustion that reflects the level of guarantee of the action of constant pressure in the two turbochargers, without any kind of counterblow, quick response to constant cost pressure and turbine. Two Turbo TwinPower placed between the cylinder banks to give life to this machine. Grouping of cylinder using alternate fire to allow an escape from constant flow, which translates directly into technology turbo, continues. Pure Motorsport sensation by specially developed competition package. Dynamics of enhanced with an additional 15 horsepower, more direct steering ratio, sporting Black Chrome dual exhausts, suspension designed and had modified M dynamic mode.

2016 BMW M5 Sedan Redesign

M carbon ceramic disc brakes improve performance by providing the ability to high temperatures better than conventional pads and rotors. And this while shaving 42 pounds of rotation of vehicles unstrung masses. Bang & Olufsen high-end Surround Sound System the Bang & Olufsen high-end Surround sound system features 16 fully integrated speakers and votes the same rich each passenger - regardless of where you sit--thanks to the patented acoustic lens technology.

To provide the best possible protection for the occupants of a BMW M5 Sedan and other road users. Can put into practice? An effective combination of intelligent technology and consists of new generation steel. BMW M5 Sedan offers a high level of safety: phase and warm, intelligent restructured steel combined to provide better protection for passengers. Also absorb and redirect the energy of an impact by a selective deformation – are likewise protects the other party in the accident. If there is a collision with a pedestrian, the system automatically lifted the lid to cushion the impact.

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