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2016 BMW X4 Redesign

2016 BMW X4 Redesign - BMW X 4 cuts a striking figure, at any time and in any place. By design this outgoing, combining the lifestyle and performance and combining two things than ever before that have been combined in this segment: typical X power and aesthetics of the classic coupé. Rules of equipment such as variable sport steering wheel and control of performance and equipment of high performance BMW Twin Power Turbo, BMW X4 displays an impulsive character completely. You drive a 4 X to make a statement, and it is not that calm. The line of the roof Coupé-like had exhibited Aspire sportiness, while the aggressive front bumper and low center of gravity show the skill of the muscles.

2016 BMW X4 Redesign

Once you take the wheel, the interior offers a sporty and luxurious style unlike anything else. A vehicle, a statement. Clear and real. BMW x4 dynamic lines merged to form the silhouette of coupé-typical - and, at the same time, emphasizing the broad shoulders and an attitude solid model x. line in two parts the folds to make this sport activity Coupe unmistakable. As part of the optional M sport line, inputs, strong air and 20 "M light alloy wheels allows the vehicle to Flex muscles." And in addition, the BMW exuded confidence that pure.

It cannot be more unique to that highlights the design of the X4. With a ceiling of coupe-like flavor of the curves athletic and optional adjustment Shadow line, this sports activity Coupé ensure every bit of the care order. Adaptive Headlights among lights crossing and road and rotation with LED indicator. LED indicators turn clearly placed on the characteristics of LED lights, light emission from a three-dimensional tube of light daytime running typical of BMW. LED indicators turn clearly placed on the characteristics of LED lights, light emission from a three-dimensional tube of light daytime running typical of BMW. LED lights also have Assistant adaptable road, LED fog lights, lamps and curves Adaptive Headlights with variable control an optimum illumination of the light and increase visibility in the night - make almost casually driving day.

Exterior & Interior

A wide range of color of the bodywork for the BMW X4 is the perfect accompaniment for the emergence of the Extrovert. Colors like deep sea blue metallic or metallic red Melbourne, referring to certain hands. The BMW X4, high-quality materials are combined with expressive colors. One of the highlights of the sports variant is ivory white Nevada skin with print and contrast stitching and brushed aluminum interior trim. The combination of luxury provided by, for example, leather Nevada Beige or brown saddle with contrast stitching in Mocha, which perfectly complements the walnut root wood trim. Fan of ultra modern look can opt for leather Nevada oysters or Mocha, with Fine line Trim anthracite.

The position of the seat in BMW X4 offers a perfect view of the exclusive interior, clearly designed. Standard sports function leather steering wheel and gear lever of the selector in the form of sports delivers a dynamic impression in an instant. How to sweep the instrument panel and controls large screen ensures that the driver in the center of the action. In General, the interior of the BMW X4 has the air of a vast and orderly. Although the rear seats give the impression of being two-seater − maintaining the character of coupé-in fact, there is space for three passengers with space to spare.

X4 brings driver and passengers close to the action. Sports coupe inspiration comes features as a seat under and electrical 10-position adjustable front sport seats are optional - section M-deports with the thighs of manual 2-way support and support for the head, over the driver's seat and mirror memory. Create the interior you want with depurative optional M or xLine. Exclusive selection of upholstery leather Nevada and contrasting seams down conductor of luxury, perfectly complementing the options setting of high quality, wood or aluminum.

2016 BMW X4 Redesign

Exclusive and unique interior, surround sound and an extraordinary sensation of space, the atmosphere at the BMW X4 satisfy the highest demands. Depending on your personal taste, you can add additional details with metallic appearance or quality wooden ornaments. Standard two areas section at the top and front automatic climate control Panel black screen. A variety of upholstery leather with expressive contrast stitching rounding of each environment. Two colors of the ambient light, allowing you to customize the Interior; lighting is part of a lighting optional package, which contains also the lamps for front and rear, the lamp light above the vanity mirror, feet for the driver and front passenger seats. This package also includes the lights and lighting on the exterior door handles.

Powerful Engines

Next generation BMW TwinPower Turbo gasoline engine has delivery agile of incredible power and very sensitive, even at low revs. At the same time they are more efficient, with fewer emissions and better performance than its predecessors. This innovative machine incorporates the latest technology in injection and fully variable valve control including double cam shaft camshaft with turbocharger of the technology and represents a milestone in the development strategy of BMW Efficient Dynamics. The result is highly efficient drive trains, which stresses the famous feat of BMW engine. BMW Twin Power Turbo inline 6-cylinder petrol  has been honored many times with the engine of the year, strengthening the reputation of the world shipping energy features dynamic, very subtle and impressive efficiency. The range of BMW Efficient Dynamics engine has a technology concept that has proven to be very successful and is implemented in almost all gasoline engines.

2016 BMW X4 Redesign

M TwinPower Turbo inline 6-cylinder petrol engine performance has increased delivery of power, excellent smoothness and outstanding performance. Not only that, but the muscular engine 3.0 liter sound very sporty since it goes about its work, thanks to the voice-optimized exhaust system with an innovative concept of the flap. This machine combines the fully variable valve control Valvetronic including double VANOS camshaft tree, high precision injection and turbocharger Twin Scroll to optimally fill the cylinder. Results: performance more than 355 hp and maximum torque 343 lb-ft. This means that gasoline Turbo engine car accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h in 4.9 incredible s. impressively efficient, full force and provide a direct response even at low RPM - is to conquer all trains unit destined to please the driver of the vehicle M performance each.

2016 BMW X4 Redesign

The eight-speed Steptronic transmission sets a new benchmark in efficiency and dynamic efficiency, is a key element of BMW Efficient Dynamics. The gradient is mainly finely tuned teeth of optimum power delivery allows, at low and high speeds. This reduces fuel consumption significantly, allowing the driver to enjoy sportsmanship and improved dynamic performance. At high speeds in particular, additional equipment reduces the speed of the engine, in turn reduces fuel consumption and engine noise. Converter clutch also helps - even if the car changes to manual mode. In combination with the transition quickly the right engine and speed transmission tuning, with change of comfort level is very high and reduces noise considerably. Improve the stability of vehicles with dosage of the strength of braking while turning. When you turn, brake pressure comes from the rear wheel, which makes the vehicle change inside (overseer). CBC against this with asymmetrical adjusting brake pressure, creating torque stabilization timer independently of the anti-lock braking system.

The design philosophy of the entire vehicle is a testament to BMW Efficient Dynamics. BMW each offer so much thank you figure of AC resistance to the various elements of aerodynamics optimization, which in turn has a positive effect on the fuel consumption and efficiency. For example, the side covers down flat with the engine compartment and the rear axle shields increase the aerodynamics of the car. New cover elements are not only extremely benefits in terms of aerodynamics: they also improve the soundproofing and give greater protection against rust. Other innovations include the aerodynamic rear spoiler lip which defines and had optimized aerodynamic exterior mirrors. The latter improves the acoustics as well as aerodynamic as well as preventing the window next to the get as dirty.

Confidence can be improved even more when you know that you can count on friends. And most certainly help system relies on drivers in the BMW X4, which guarantees a level of comfort and safety. The best example is full-color BMW Head-Up Display and projecting all the relevant information to the driver directly in the line of sight, allowing you to concentrate on what really carefree Affairs driving pleasure.

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