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2016 BMW X6 M Redesign

2016 BMW X6 M Redesign - BMW X6 M  TwinPower Turbo model combines the typical performance with the flexibility of the gasoline motor spirit. V8 and eight M-speed Steptronic transmission take the pleasure of driving at the end. 20-inch standard or optional 21-inch light alloy wheels and a sturdy design of the front and rear apron ensures the presence of the ruler. The generous indoor sports activity CoupĂ© offers a wide variety of materials of first quality, M sport seats and several details in the design of M clear.

2016 BMW X6 M Redesign

High-performance vehicles offer excellent comfort and unlimited fun driving and handling, acceleration is spectacular. The power of whimsical clothes. This activity of Sport Coupe was built for performance, with a magnificent talent. Equipped to master the route of any number of different challenges and always look out for the bends and the new remote control. A unique combination: convenient arriving and very strong when you touch the accelerator pedal. With BMW as standard navigation companies.

BMW X6 M offers concentrated strength effective transfer of the xDrive specific M to the road. Exceptional traction guaranteed. Quick change gear, manually or automatically, which is made possible thanks to the transmission Steptronic of eight standard features speed of M. brake composite M reach degrees of slopes, as a slowdown in the motorsport. And BMW Efficient Dynamics technologies that impressive performance combined with exceptional efficiency. M brake composite technology makes use of motorsport, which allows them to maintain the effectiveness of the brakes fade constant and stabilization, even under use. The use of a variety of materials that is very difficult to produce excellent thermal stability, long-term durability and precise braking. It also reduces the weight of the brake, which has a positive effect on the dynamics, agility, acceleration and fuel consumption. Hollow ring, ventilated disc brakes with six-piston front brake calipers ensures an optimal response in wet conditions and improves heat dissipation. Metallic blue brake calipers with logo typical M strongly emphasized appearance sports of brake disks and different, authentic design of M.

With the irrepressible dynamism, agility and precise handling, the BMW X6 M set new standards in the sector. Start hot control in the perfect start and with Dynamic Drive control, dynamic behavior and dynamic Damper Control, you can customize your vehicle to adapt to driving conditions. M Drive enables the configuration of individual personal profile of comfortable cruise to the sports facility for use on the track. Turn on one of the two stored profiles (and all settings are saved with them) as simple as touching one of the buttons M two Drive integrated into the m leather steering wheel Dynamic M button, to adjust all individual configured drive train and suspension functions, composed in the central console on the gear selector. Independent one from the other, the driver can choose DSC mode, the characteristics of the engine performance, the Adaptive suspension parameters, characteristics of the wheel M Servotronic, selection change M eight-speed Steptronic and appearance of the Head-up display.

Exterior & Interior Design

The front of the car is dominated by the Commander of air and double wide Grill kidney M bridge inputs, which glimpsed the potential of large vehicles. Complete with clear lights, this dynamic nature is further emphasized by silhouette of coupé - like and the side skirts and the two parts of the folds. Optional 21-inch wheels M light alloy in a strong Conference looks like going. The line of the shoulder in the striking rear wing muscles. Just below are the M rear apron and the diffuser, which is surrounded by a pair of bright dual exhaust finishers to bring a sporting purpose. You will overwhelmed by the desire to enter. It's a sports car that lives up to the vibrant tradition of M, where every detail has been developed to better performance.

BMW X6 M with 20 M light alloy wheels inch double spoke style, 611 M, comes as standard. Optimized to ensure dynamic position, 285/40 R20 and front and 325/35 R20 tires and rear tires offers first-class grip, Steering response is immediate and the perfect handling. In addition, light M 21-inch forged alloy wheels double spoke style 612 M emanates the power and the presence of any way they look. The second wheel 20-inch and 21-inch variants gloss turning with elaborate design and striking two-tone look.

2016 BMW X6 M Redesign

From the moment in which you see the interior of the BMW X6 M, something is clear: this is not just one expected driving seat, but the cabin was developed for better sports performance. Optional seat multifunction M with high scroll makes you want to seek immediately a corner tight then. M leather steering wheel 3-spoke with integrated pallet gearbox provides ideal grip even when change direction abruptly. Lever M changes and dynamic button (located in the center console) oriented towards the driver, where are flanked by knee pads for better comfort, even when they take things to the limit. This is a aspect of motorsport BMW x 6 m. additional features is the use of exclusive materials, like leather full Aragon high gloss Brown and the trim finished in carbon, or simply wood fine some of the touches that reflects the quality of the luxury BMW X6 M.

2016 BMW X6 M Redesign

Superior ergonomics and the landscape: in the cockpit of the BMW X6 M, drivers and front seat passengers turned into pilots. The Chair offers excellent stability even in a tight curve, provides a path clear ahead, rising and allows direct access to the most important functions. Leather steering wheel M ensures absolute control, with the paddle gearshift that inspires the career change - like teeth. Via buttons M Drive, M driving modes can be enabled for maximum driving pleasure. Head-up display features such as change indicator M of teeth in his line of sight, as in motorsport, but with the added advantage of convenience. AIR conditioning, navigation and radio is placed to the right of the driver, which means that front seat passengers also offers easy access to many different functions.

Engine & Performance

Extreme driving pleasure requires first-class components. The key is to only offer a great amount of energy at the right dose. Then there is the flexibility and durability. The first sprint, then compensate. Slow down a little, and then run it again. Over and over again, right up to the limit. A powerful engine in the BMW X 6 M is built to achieve this, the M TwinPower Turbo technology of BMW Efficient Dynamics, which consists in Valvetronic, high precision injection & turbo charging is innovative.

Two high-rev Twin Scroll turbocharger. Proven in the field of horse racing, with a cooling system consisting of four circuits and ten radiators to maintain thermal stress under control. The collector of gas Cruz-Bunco for a flow of exhaust gas perfect, optimal development of the strength and responsiveness. With a huge pair of up to 750 Nm, 4.4 liter, 575 hp M TwinPower Turbo V8 petrol engine powers the BMW X 6 M with minimal effort, accelerating the vehicle  0 to 62 mph in just 4.2 seconds. Although on this performance, fuel consumption and CO2 emissions continue to the moderate, thanks to the wide range of BMW Efficient Dynamics technology, combined value 11.1 l / 100 km 258 g/km respectively.

2016 BMW X6 M Redesign

The Steptronic eight speed transmission with Drive logic sets a new standard in the dynamics of change and the teeth. Wonderful smooth gradual change between the teeth and very fast delivery facilitates the optimum power at all speeds, ensuring the ultimate in power and efficiency. Especially at high speeds, the eighth teeth reduce the speed of the motor, which in turn reduces fuel consumption and engine noise. The driver can change gears manually in mode (D) as well as (S) type, by means of the lever M or M steering wheel gearshift. In manual mode’s and than not automatic Steptronic transmission M moves up and the machine reaches the maximum speed when necessary.

High performance, outstanding technology and sense of true motor sports can be expressed in a single letter: m. electric world offers exclusive information on vehicles m performance and is a place for all who are United by a common passion: the thrill of the world's strongest card.

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