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1923 BMW R32 Review

1923 BMW R32 Review - The BMW R32 was the first BMW Motorcycle name. Manufacturer of aircraft during the first world war, BMW engines was forced to diversify after the Treaty of Versailles forbade Germany air force aircraft and produces in Germany. BMW changed initially to machine design and manufacturing industry. In 1919, BMW designed and produced twin M2B15 flat-Victoria Were AG of Nuremberg. The engine was initially intended as a portable machine sector, but they are its main use in Victoria motorcycles. This engine is also used in the Helios motorcycle built by the Bayerische Flugzeugwerke, which later merged into BMW AG. Bayerische Flugzeugwerke also produced a small two-stroke motorcycle engines, called the Flink, which didn't work.

1923 BMW R32 Review

After the merger, General Director of BMW Franz Josef Popp asked Design Director Max Friz to assess the Helios motorcycle. After finishing the assessment, Friz suggested Popp that the best thing you can do with the Helios and throw it into the nearest Lake. More specifically, Friz condemned the design style of transverse crankshaft of Douglas, which severely restricted the rear cylinder cooling.

1923 BMW R32 Review - Design

The design of the Boxer, a longitudinal crankshaft with two opposed cylinders, developed by engineer Max Friz, BMW and BMW R32 1923 gave rise to, the first BMW motorcycle (Yes, Virginia, BMW Motorcycle five years until it was produced car). The boxer engine layout has always struck me as logical truth. Cylinder inclined to the wind energy project and has the principal balance is good and the final shaft transmission is relatively straight forward (or backward), eliminating any need to disrupt a network or a belt. In addition, because the cylinder is projected in flowing air, the machine against double runs much cooler than the most common V-twin.

1923 BMW R32 Review - Engine

R32 created designs of twin-shaft drive Boxer, platforms that BMW will be used now. BMW uses shaft on the motorcycle drives until the introduction of the F650 based networks in 1993 and continues to use this setting on a Boxer-twin Jet. Popp and Friz agreed a solution to short-term for redesigning the Helios to make it a more marketable solution and long term all new design of motorcycle. This new design was designated the BMW R32 and began production in 1923, became the first motorcycle to a car like a BMW. M2B33 machine in the R32 has a displacement of 494 cc sidevalve iron and features a cylinder head unit. The engine produced 8.9 hp (6.6 kW), which encourage the R32 speed 95 km/h (59 mph). Equipment and the machine form a single unit. The new engine has a sump wet oil circulation system at a time when most motorcycle manufacturers used a total of lubrication system loss. BMW uses this type of circulation lubrication system until 1969.

 1923 BMW R32 Review

To counteract the cooling problems with Helios, Friz oriented R32 M2B33 boxer with the cylinder heads projection of output to each side for cooling, as previously used in the ABC produced by the British. However, unlike ABC, the final drive shaft of the R32 used of the LCF of mesh on the pinion gear box shaft output ring gear drive on the axle of the rear wheel.

R32 has a steel double tube frame down tubes continues under the engine of search to the rear wheels. Front fork has a trailing link design suspended spring-loaded fork, similar to the one used by India at that time. Rigid had mounted in the rear wheels. The first original series of braking is achieved only with the pads (dummy edge) in rear wheels with two padded assigned to them. One will be operated by the right hand, the already traditional, lever and another by the use of the heel lever moves right. The following years are right front lever of transfer and front brake cable drum.

 1923 BMW R32 Review

Established R32 twin-Boxer, design of Power train of shaft drive that BMW is going to be used up to now. BMW used shaft drives in all motorcycles until the introduction of the F650 in 1994 and continues to use a bike boxer-Twin them.

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