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2016 BMW 118i M Sport Review

2016 BMW 118i M Sport Review - The new BMW series 5-door 1 is not only the most recent version of its predecessor, is a car with a completely new look and a new attitude that's refreshing. Sporty character has been brought to the fore, with elements key to the exterior was recreated, redesigned and replaced. Inside, high specification as standard, comes with a detail of high-gloss black and chrome that will put a smile on your face before even starting the engine. Any variation of the new BMW series 5-door 1 is well adapted to the different needs, budget and preference, with many opportunities for personal adjustments along the way.

 2016 BMW 118i M Sport Review

For vehicles produced from September 2015 which model chooses it will come with the company's BMW as standard navigation. With the model is now a little more than three years, the Bavarian car manufacturer recently face lifted with a three-door and five distances, far from the restyling of the controveral exterior design and upgrade the training of the rest of the machine. Bring a reduction in fuel consumption by 12 percent, the new three-cylinder 1.5-liter diesel engine and gasoline engine is the base model, which has been borrowed from the MINI. The model with the lowest consumption of fuel in the range will now be d 116 EfficientDynamics Edition, the 116 horsepower and 199 pounds feet of torque with combine only 69.2 mpg fuel.

The biggest surprise came abroad though, as the new BMW 1 series of life cycle of breath (LCI) shows a completely different view. The lights of "Angry Birds" will be because it has been replaced by a restyled the people more in line with the current theme of design of BMW. Below the front bumper and rear repairs have also been made, while that square taillights shaped L-is, as almost all BMW models. The am ' has always represented something special and the M Sport BMW 1 series 5 door model recently maintained this reputation is impeccable. This design is already a dynamic car appearance has taken a tooth with light alloy features like 17 or 18 inch wheels double Ray M and M aerodynamics package provided by Athletics sublime with the outline of the car. In this exclusive M sport finish Escorial blue metallic paint, with BMW individual High-Gloss shadow or touch of chrome, every inch of the exterior looks dipped in perfection. M Sport suspension improves the stability on road and lights of enhance security and roadside assistance, day or night.

Inside, keep the exclusivity of the model M, with sports seats in combination of fabric Alacantra, M multifunction steering wheel and aluminum interior trim hex highlighting the blue or black. The feeling of sportier cabin hewing before, with a lever that it displays the logo of M, which gives an excellent driving experience m, expected instructions. Under the hood, the redesign continues, with a string of important machinery improvements that the new series 1 BMW 5 doors is the best in class. Each model offers BMW TwinPower Turbo new engine generation is based on three, four or six cylinders configuration 500cc cylinders. Each of these (including a new engine range of leading diesel in its class) it has been polished to minimize friction and reduces thermal loss, thus increasing efficiency and reducing emissions to a level that is incredible.

He is also assisted by innovations like ECO PRO mode, which maximizes the efficiency of everything from driving style to control the climate. In addition, Auto Start-Stop turn off car engines when it comes to a stop while (as in traffic or at traffic lights). The eight-speed Steptronic transmission is another key feature, provide acceleration better, to reduce the consumption of fuel and superior driving experience. Performance also has been enhanced with features such as variable sports steering wheel, Adaptive suspension offers the features of the machine M and increases the torque and power. To ensure a quick response when accelerating, BMW 5 series 1 has a variable geometry turbine is the latest in diesel engine and MonoScroll Turbo gasoline engine.

2016 BMW 118i M Sport Review-Exterior & Interior

LED lamps available on sport models BMW 1 series 5-door car introduced the perfect refreshing new character. They are more slender and closer to the center of the grill of the kidney, giving the appearance of a rather than showy, sports. This day lights make sure you always can be seen, and (depending on model) account with Wizard of beam (anticipating the driver approaching when you discharge) and Adaptive Headlights (illuminate around curves before reaching the car even changed). In the bumpers front and rear, the new BMW 1 series 5-door has been recreated to express the personality of the sport. Each one has a line of sculpted giving a broad stance the car on the road, highlighting the dynamics in the exhaust pipe front and wider in the rear of Gulf Air.

For the first time, the new BMW 1 series 5-door has a back light that instantly recognizable as a BMW. L-shape classic design with two-piece split carries it with all the other series. This gives it back of the appearance of the car is completely new, with the proportion of longer, thinner rear light creates a sporty appearance, spacious. Two rows of lit LEDS running through the second part of the lamp, giving a subtle definition. The BMW kidney grille icon has been redesigned to accommodate a new look sportier series 1 BMW 5-door. It is more extensive, allowing for work in visual harmony with the redesigned LED headlights, giving the front of the car more character and poise. Kidney grille frame shows flashes of chrome and evocative bar crafted to capture the eyes of every corner. From basic models on the top, the new kidney grille provides an air of exclusivity. Each model; Urban, sport, sport and performance, M has an alloy wheel of special design for that car. This ensures that each model has its own personality, and that the wheels are very suitable for exterior aesthetics respectively.

Like many of the features of the design of the new BMW 1 series, new available exterior colors bring passion and sporty appearance. Liquid blue has been replaced by platinum silver, neutral tone with warmth. Shiny Brass has been replaced by shiny, dark brown tone with an irresistible sheen. Both are really soft, the head is completed. Exhaust pipe in the new BMW series 5-door 1 is 5 mm larger on all models, reflects an intention that is sporty, with the 120i and 120 d sample exhaust double. In addition, in the sport model light extra collectors in the rounds in the area of exhaust dynamic screen that dominates the back of the car.

 2016 BMW 118i M Sport Review

The surface until Matt was already high gloss, adds a premium feel to the Interior anywhere look, with the accent perfectly complementing this specification high galvanized finish. New instrument display is improved, with a 3.5-inch high resolution that puts all the information you need on the vehicle in front of you. You will be given a display of data such as fuel consumption today, how many miles until the next car service, as well as line modify vital information and guidance of the speed limit

BMW 1 series automatic climate control 5-door professional innovations of Radio and iDrive, as standard, making the unit every intuitive experience that allows you to be informed and productive and relaxing. A selection of stunning new upholstery and trim to accentuate the sporty character of the new BMW series 5-door 1. For a sports model, the angle of the combination of elaborate fabric, detailed Coors ads sophistication made inside. In the model, the new urban fabric and leather combination Dakota Metro offers a striking black and white look that fits perfectly into the life of the city.

BMW ConnectedDrive is to connect drivers, intelligent vehicles and the outside world. Make sure that you are always connected. The new BMW 1 series 5-door BMW ConnectedDrive has as standard, so experience the benefits: 4 g capability for navigation, automatic updates free map active cruise control, helps to Park (for parallel parking and the Bay), real-time traffic information, help drive, Bluetooth and audio. In addition to these services, BMW applications are also available as standard. BMW leads the way in car apps, connecting you to a greater selection of music, news, information and social networks. bmw 118i specs

2016 BMW 118i M Sport Review-Price

The price offered for this type of car is £ 460.00, 21, can we know every together, and each country has a different price. For the above price is still arguably a price can still be affordable.

 2016 BMW 118i M Sport Review

The new BMW 1 series sport hatch came up with a design that really fresh, combined with high levels of performance and efficiency, even on paper, leaving their rivals. The unique combination of sportiness and elegance defines the 1 series BMW, with every angle that suggests the outside in a pure BMW driving experience. Inside, a large number of innovations expected people are lucky to get a front row seat and the back pamper a. choose from 3-door or 5-door, gasoline or diesel, then sit back and enjoy the ride.

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  1. this car is so power ful and its hud is so cool.... inner design is awesome... no need of bumper repair because its pretty hard


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