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2016 BMW X5 Redesign

2016 BMW X5 Redesign - You will have to stop taking all the 3rd generation BMW X5. With a force that can be overcome, the ability to feel is limited, and the design, stunning from streets to winding roads, this car is not only embodies the space - can escape to a place that has more than that. BMW X 5 have enough and the force of the ramp to deal with any drive. Optional dynamic performance control gently distributes the power rear axle, improving agility and precision. Available active roll stabilization minimizes body with accessories and manage roll loves to push the limits wherever you go. Strong recognizable character instantly. Since first set eyes on it, the BMW X 5 grabs your attention - and keeps it. And once inside, each a mile in the cockpit. The position of the seat high, for example, gives you the optimal view of road materials in front and high quality inside. 

The New BMW X5

Either with pure design experience Pack, model M or accesorios-completo BMW original interior and exterior of the BMW X 5 as you want to. A remarkable expression of form and shape. With elements of chromium, seat of exclusive leather and color of lighting options, experience in pure design Pack adds subtlety defines BMW X 5. M sport models emphasize the dynamic character of the BMW x 5. Bumper and brackets blend in with the color of the body. Entry thresholds have the logo of M, only one of the many features that make a strong impression, sports.

Package BMW is the first choice for the optional equipment for the BMW X 5. Ask your packages BMW Center or find out more using the configuration. The dynamics of the new BMW X 5 ensures pleasant driving whenever you behind the wheel - with each twist and turn and speed. Driver assistance systems ensure a perfect contact with the surface of the unit, either in a narrow curve, the slope steep during or at high speeds. Intelligent drive BMW xDrive adapts perfectly to the most difficult road surfaces and conditions to provide excellent traction.

BMW xDrive sensors continuously monitor the behavior of the vehicle. Under normal conditions, you enjoy the typical BMW experience, agile is provided by the rear wheels. In particular, conditions the roads as traffic slippery slopes or uneven, or tight bends stretch uphill, BMW xDrive intervened. Almost imperceptible, but very effective, shifted power distribution directly to the shaft with greater traction. Without realizing, already stabilized the vehicle. BMW xDrive makes more accurate, more agile and dynamic driving experience, and always reaches its destination safely. A new dimension in comfort − active steering wheel offers precision, agility and comfort in any situation. At slow speed, says that when you're driving in the city, parking or on winding roads, the active steering wheel angle zoom. You can handle the corner tight with small movements of the steering wheel and regardless of who runs shuffle. This increases the agility of the BMW and parking become simple.

To stay in the upper speed range control, active steering gives the relationship's direction more indirectly at a speed of about 75 to 85 mph (depending on the model and configuration). This reduces the movement of the steering wheel, so you can drive more precisely in the long corner − provides greater stability and comfort. In critical situations, if over steers a car or when braking on the surface of the unexpected, the Active Steering intervenes to help, faster than even the most experienced driver. Maximum driving comfort while retaining the typical BMW driving dynamics property: suspension Adaptive Comfort package allows you to individually Adjustments to the suspension and damping on response at any time. Rear axle air suspension including guarantees a high level of comfort without a load of cars driving countries. If you want to configure a more dynamic suspension in time, performance Control Unit offers additional options the sport and sport + modes.

The best of both worlds package professional active suspension, which combines the features of the Adaptive suspension package comfort and dynamic Adaptive suspension package, therefore maximum driving comfort and exceptional driving dynamics. Improve driving dynamics: Adaptive M suspension gets the full potential of your car. Features include dynamic Damper Control, air suspension on the rear axle, with the  a mount designed for the particular unit response sport.

2016 BMW X5 Redesign - Exterior

With dynamic proportions, vertical, Gees third-generation BMW X5 as part of the range of BMW X. but it also has some features the new design which emphasizes the magnificent appearance and versatility are unbeatable. A key element in the design is optimized to focus on aerodynamics. Thanks to striking features in the front, rear and side, form and function combine perfectly. Large air inlets, Aero-curtain in the front apron and the breathing air newly developed front wheel arches emphasize the sporting character of the BMW X5-and, at the same time, it also helps reduce fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. Streamline theme continues on the back. Column D air knife not only makes the car more broadly, but also improve the flow of air. In the future, and various designs of BMW kidney grainy give impressive athletic presence BMW X5. The headlights and kidney grills are combined to create all the impression in a single unit that accentuates the width of the line of the vehicle. At the same time, the short distance between the pillars and front axle change visual approach, emphasizing all-wheel drive.

Ambient light creates an awesome atmosphere. Lightweight design nine predefined fill the interior with a mixture of direct and indirect light, a relaxing atmosphere lounge of the most outstanding. It consists of three colors (white, Orange and blue) LED lighting. The light source is placed in a storage compartment in center console, all compartment doors and elements of setting and the zone output. You will find more lights in the preparation of the mirror, front and rear foot and liner, in the front seat and roof bar setbacks. LED lighting has the light that surrounds on the handles of exterior door, along with sources of light in the exterior mirror housing and starter.Contents in the package that lighting with ambient light design changed.

The New BMW X5

Adaptive LED lights offer a slight accent, the function of the low beam and high beam, light road-anti glare of lights, fog lights, light curves, direction indicators, at a time when daytime driving lights and Adaptive Headlights with variable light control. Channeling the light automatically adjusted to match its speed and steering angle. This light is similar to the light of day and optimal, consistent lighting and street, as well as providing greater visibility for what gets less tired while driving at night. Low beam four rings give a distinctive look.


2016 BMW X5 Redesign - Interior

Highest quality leather, smooth surface, atmospheric lighting and maximum comfort. Immerse yourself in the unique interior of the BMW X55. While the exterior of the BMW X5 has an impressive presence, the interior offers a surprising elegance. Horizontal contour and surface of contrast increases the feeling of space. High-quality materials and surfaces of the interior, combined with a wide selection of upholstery and colors, as well as atmospheric lighting, creates a good factor is can not be defeated. Clarity also plays an important role in 2016 BMW X5. Typical BMW has a seat height of X that has a position that guarantees the best views Perhaps the road ahead. All operating elements are present in, including a new iDrive professional navigation system controls optional and free control the appearance of the new, oriented towards the driver. Interior mirror with automatic anti-glare function as standard ensure more safety and comfort. 

Take a seat in the BMW X5 and one thing is clear. The original perfection reached by the number of every detail. Luxurious and spacious interior marked with ingredients specially selected, perfectly handmade, high quality. Leather meets elegance. Combined with the options of package of optional lighting with ambient light of individually designed lighting, it is enjoying in an exclusive environment. Electrically adjustable seats are comfortable for the driver and front passenger seats offers relaxed, fatigue-free driving, available as an option. Independent control and optional Bang Olufsen surround sound system display an excellent acoustic make the trip in a BMW X5 of range high try all your senses.

The New BMW X5

Original BMW all weather floor mats, black had furnished original BMW and luggage compartment mats textile rubber floor carpet combines the functionality of the powerful with a remarkable design. They also protect feet BMW X5 water, wear and dirt. All three of the insert has a stainless steel of high quality for a clear view.

2016 BMW X5 Redesign - Engine

The eight-speed automatic transmission define a new benchmark in terms of dynamic behavior and efficiency. This is a key element of BMW Efficient Dynamics. Development of sensitive teeth allow − delivery of optimum power from low speed to high. Cuts fuel consumption significantly, while you enjoy the improvement of sports talents and dynamic performance. Additional gear reduces engine speed, especially at high speeds, cutting fuel consumption and engine noise. Mesh Converter add effect − even if the mode is changed to manual shift. Combined with the rapid pace of the transition and adjustment of the transmission engine, easier offset gives precise gears and reduce noise.

35i : liter 6 cylinder in-line BMW 3.0 engine BMW TwinPower Turbo technology combines the technology of high precision, Valvetronic variable intake camshaft fuel direct injection and BAYS of double camshaft and a turbocharger. Results: the turbo lag that is virtually eliminated. Maximum torque of 300 lb-ft at 1200 rpm, making the kick You back in your chairs to 5000 rpm, power 300 hp which got5800 RPM. 

50i : reverse flow 4.4-liter, TwinPower Turbo V-8 has been updated by the BMW, Valvetronic system of acelerador-menos consumption. He worked in conjunction with the high-precision direct injection and turbocharger, located on top of the machine, 445 hp and 480 lb-ft of torque.

eDrive : cylinder 2.0 liter four BMW powered propulsion lithium-ion to provide maximum efficiency and performance. When it is accompanied by the 8-speed Steptronic automatic transmission, this engine produces power 308 and 332 lb - ft of torque, enough to increase from 0-60 in 6.5 seconds.

Diesel : wonderful d 35 3.0 liter inline 6 cylinder engine, using the BMW Advanced Diesel technology and BMW TwinPower Turbo technology can substantially reduce the consumption on fuel and improve performance. It develops an output of 255 HP and a maximum torque of 413 lb.-ft.
The New BMW X5

Dynamic performance control: gently distributes the power between the rear wheels for optimal agility and sports management. For example, the outer wheel in curve, receive more torque, allows you to drive "a" curve. Active Roll stabilization: on the road, the body tends to roll in the corners that may affect the handling. Roll stabilization performance lift activates, combines two pieces of stabilizer bar to produce stronger against body roll resistance, keep the vehicle level and provides agility and maximum stability. Dynamic damping control: this system it is possible to adjust the damping characteristics to adapt to driving conditions and the quality of the road. Attenuation changes contributed to a more stable ride, while feelings of auto leveling rear axle air suspension height adjusted to optimize driving dynamics.

In the third generation, the 2016 BMW X5 once more surpassed its own standards - as a vehicle for sports activity (savings) that offers exceptional luxury in all areas where the highest demands are made. This is ensured by a wide range of intelligent technologies that improve efficiency, driving dynamics, comfort and versatility to one new level - both inside and on the road.

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