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2016 BMW 5 Series Redesign

2016 BMW 5 Series Redesign - BMW series 5 sedan is specially made to satisfy the highest demands. Smart grids and the latest BMW ConnectedDrive technology paved the way for the hitherto unattainable latitude and flexibility. Perfect for those who expect more than a sedan of the elegant appearance of the advanced sedan series 5 always. In the BMW continues to fit the sporty, elegant design and a premium, but with a new twist. We hope to see a dashboard redesigned with free LCD screen support and tons of features premiums which are currently in the top end models. We will see a new system iDrive with touch screen and movement based on features and updates on the water for the car. All BMW vehicles share a unique dynamic characteristic.

2016 BMW 5 Series Redesign

This characteristic is particularly noticeable in the new BMW series 5 sedan-metros per trip is an opportunity to experience pure riding pleasure. If the petrol engine or diesel, all of the BMW sedan series 5 has an impressive performance, the power of dynamic development and high torque. At the same time, step those experts from BMW TwinPower Turbo BMW EfficientDynamics technology, a unique guarantee the highest possible efficiency for maximum performance with less fuel consumption and lower emissions. Greatest possible efficiency, for maximum performance with fuel consumption and emissions. BMW 5 series saloon with the lines of luxury with its impressive design is very classic and elegant.

Thw wise, subtle design of high gloss chrome unites exclusivity abroad with the agility that is fun and is the characteristic of every feature of the line. If the petrol engine or diesel, all of the BMW sedan series 5 has an impressive performance, the power of dynamic development and high torque. At the same time, step those experts from BMW TwinPower Turbo BMW EfficientDynamics technology, a unique guarantee the highest possible efficiency for maximum performance with less fuel consumption and lower emissions. Greatest possible efficiency, for maximum performance with fuel consumption and emissions.

As soon as you switch to ECO PRO mode, everything is geared towards greater efficiency and on the basis of their individual driving style; the result is a decrease in fuel consumption of up to 20 per cent (according to the internal review of the BMW fuel consumption). Additional function slide (with Steptronic transmission only), preview the route and Assistant PRO ECO (both with the professional navigation system only) allows that other five percent of the potential savings. This mode optimizes the accelerator response and transmission as well as the points of change and intelligently adjusts strategy of heating/air conditioning. Control screen shows where the Efficient Dynamics technologies currently lower fuel consumption. You will also receive councils ECO PRO that relate to their current situation of driving to help further improve efficiency.

BMW 5 series sedan also leads the way in efficiency. Each of the BMW 5 series has a package the measures and a technologies of BMW EfficientDynamics, which significantly reduces consumption and reduces toxic emissions - for even more driving pleasure. Team ConnectedDrive services option is the basis for the functions of BMW ConnectedDrive, which provides drivers with a wide range of information, entertainment and service on the road. These include the BMW Online, giving you access to the most current information, like local weather, news, and Internet search. It is also possible to access services such as Yelp, Google Street View, and Panoramic. This option also includes access to a secure and unlimited for applications such as BMW. You will find many other useful applications and more added every day.

2016 BMW 5 Series Redesign - Exterior

BMW 5 series, with the proportions of a dynamic and modern, very impressive form at first sight. It is constantly carried out from the front and top and side surprising silhouettes back. New optional LED lights are a little at the top and support both to the charismatic. The lattice of thick double kidney slants forward more evident, demonstrated the power that slept behind it and allows 5 BMW sedans to spotlight. Topic started by future in the elegance of the line for sure. In addition to the classical form of the BMW sedan with an elongated bonnet, the short overhang and based on big wheels, the new BMW series 5 sedan also showed their sportsmanship. And as insurance present the new taillights. With the depth of optical design , they are perfectly integrated in the rear bumper with new design and round off the overall look in the way that is aesthetically pleasing.

2016 BMW 5 Series Redesign

Adaptation as urban Adaptive Headlights with LED headlamps and variable motorway light curves and distribution. System thus provides optimal lighting of streets in all conditions. Movement of lights allows you to search deep in the corners in the dark, as soon as you start to turn the wheel. To increase for visibility of lights, and a curves of short term activates automatically activated immediately or turn indicator steering wheel change, even when vehicle is a stationary. Adaptive lights ensure optimum lighting in every situation on the road, significantly improving the safety activated.

The Interior of the new BMW 5 Series Sedan is like a custom made suit and than Harmonious appearance, high quality materials, all right. In a manner typical of BMW, the cockpit is a oriented structured logical, appeared that they surround it. All instruments are ergonomically arranged function and comfort to the passengers. Elegant horizontal surface dependence and power lines means that all passengers enjoy generous feeling of space and if they are a sitting at the front or rear. Optical Center has always tended toward the street and safe and modern interior and seeing clearly communicates a feeling of comfort and security. Comfort and atmosphere where you can feel at home no matter where happen you to be. The center console is aligned against the driver. All instruments and screens is exactly where one would look intuitive for them. With optional Head-Up Display of BMW, the driver even views the most important information that is projected on the windshield in your line of sight. Several tools are available to adjust and improve the overall experience the unmistakable interior BMW series 5 sedans.

Ambient lighting is specialized team provides soft lighting, with style. This underlines the luxurious atmosphere and also serves as a source of light, for example, a storage compartment in the center console also the gate layer functional. Switch color feature allows you to create the environment of your choice, giving you a choice of white or off orange light. Tools multipurpose fashion stage with different driving experience showing the adapted instruments - and thus created the world of color and humor for more safety, efficiency and the orientation of the example of the driver. Instructions for navigation and driver assistance systems can information now appear even easier at a glance. With this feature, new digital presentations clearly enhance the comfort, safety and driving experience.

2016 BMW 5 Series Redesign - Engine

Available in: 528i sedan, 528i xDrive sedan
The magic of this engine of 240 hp, 4-cylinder producing 260 lb - ft of torque at just 1250 rpm, for a powerful engines thrust that comes in from the beginning, continues all the way up to 4800 rpm. Light and soft March, combines a technology of the BMW award high precision and direct injection and Valvetronic double VANOS camshaft. And most importantly, dynamic performance is equivalent to fuel efficiency.

Available in: 535i xDrive sedan 535i sedan
Engine 3.0-litre 6-cylinder BMW Online incorporates a Twin Scroll Turbo TwinPower, direct injection of fuel and camshaft VANOS double precision BMW camshaft and Valvetronic variable intake technology. Results: the turbo lag that is virtually eliminated. Maximum torque of 300 lb-ft at 1200 rpm kick, pushes you back in your seat up to 5000 rpm, power 300 hp and gets 5800 RPM.

Available in: 550i 550i xDrive sedan
4.4 liter, TwinPower Turbo V-8 has been updated with the BMW, Valvetronic system for acelerador-menos consumption. He worked in concert with direct injection twin turbochargers, situated on top of the machine, to provide power 445 and 480 lb-ft of torque and high precision.

2016 BMW 5 Series Redesign


Available in: 535 d 535 d xDrive sedan,
This wonderful line of 3.0 liter 6 cylinder engine, using the BMW Advanced Diesel technology BMW  Turbo technology to substantially reduce fuel consumption and improve performance. It develops a maximum power of 255 hp and a maximum torque of 413 lb.-ft.


Available in: ActiveHybrid 5
Combine BMW TwinPower Turbo inline six with electric motor, unique machine develops power 300 hp at 5800 rpm, 7000 RPM against discrimination. Maximum effort of torque of 300 lb - ft of recoil in almost of immediate at 1200 rpm. And with 55 hp electric motor and a lithium-ion battery 120 Volt, giving a dynamic performance with significantly reduced fuel consumption.

This increases driving dynamics with action on all 4 wheels in relation to the speed and steering angle. In speed, you wheels turn opposite the front to improve maneuverability, agility for ease of parking and curves. At high speeds, the rear wheels turned with the front, which effectively wheelbase for greater handling stability. Quickly adjusts its firmer damper setting to the softest, dynamic damper Control ensures a smooth and fluid handle at any time--even during changes in the speed of the vehicle, loads heavy and driving and road conditions. Elbow to elbow with the system of dynamic stability Control and BMW xDrive all-wheel drive, monitor the road conditions. Once it a detected the excess slip and it is clean to send power to the wheels with the most save basis, improve traction and provide sensitive andneutral handling.

Blend of luxury with dynamic handling, the mastery of series sedan BMW 5 evidence of style, performance and innovation. Yet in a perfect balance, offering the best of each world.

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