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2017 BMW 6 Series Redesign

2017 BMW 6 Series Review - In 2017, the next generation 6 series G15 will make its world debut. According to a report from the magazine's new car, the M6 proper to be purified and 6 gets by rival Porsche. Again, there will be three different body styles: coupe series 6 (G15), series 6 cabriolet (G14) and 6-series Gran Coupe (G16). M6 variants based on each of these vehicles will be available as well. To support such allegations, Milan focuses primarily on new body whitening, restructured. According to reports, the new 6-series is based on a modular architecture, highlighting the sub models fewer and more flexible. The recruitment of an extra high strength steel parts in their construction, plus a wide range of exotic materials, including carbon fiber and magnesium and titanium accents for not to mention some of the aluminum alloy.
The new BMW 6 Series
The result is a saving of nearly a quarter of a tone, with everything 3439 pounds pushing coupe and convertible weighs 3748 pounds of weight. Less weight is always a big plus when building these types of vehicles with sporting intentions. But while the low Empty weight should give a huge boost to overall results, it would take much more challenging Porsche. With this in mind, BMW also reduces the total overhang (like a weight that hangs in front of the front axle and the rear axle at the rear), build width, lowers the center of gravity and maybe add even a setup-active aero.

In theory, the final result should be a car with much higher cornering ability than the previous generation. All these changes will be enough to beat the new series 6 of heavy cruisers to lap time bruiser? We have just to wait to find. The same advanced as further versatility and 5er, new 6-series family is based on a modular architecture, "35up". This matrix was recently renamed CLAR, which is short for cluster architectures. New acronym is selected for additional stress flexibility provided by fewer, but more versatile sub modules (cluster) more extensive customized content, size and adaptability. CLAR will also introduce a mix of new material of carbon fiber high-strength steel, selected magnesium and titanium accents, as well as aluminum alloy. As far as design, not many details have been going on, but the new models are expected to see more agile and sporty, with a larger and shorter overhangs. In addition to the scenes of air, air curtain and improve down force front and rear air knives, insiders predict active aero kit, which is standard on M6 and optional in the entire range.

2017 BMW 6 Series Redesign - Exterior

BMW 6 series has always had a beautiful exterior. This is a thick slab of solid construction of Germany, with low and wide stance, looking at part of a grand tourer racing to a tee. As BMW makes a movement against Porsche performance, we cannot help but wonder if it could be changed a little. Safe, wide and low are the traditional good traits for a sports car, but size also means weight. The question is: how hard from the edge of Munich will give new series 6? My guess is it comes really to keep the same general dimensions, with a dependence on technology and power to make a difference. I am also excited to learn exactly how active these aero improvements will be. Maybe speed-sensitive rear spoiler and the front of the Winglet's dynamic? Aesthetically, the new 6-series is expected to produce light, similar to the appearance of narrow taillights and i8.

2017 BMW 6 Series Redesign - Interior

The departure of the light motif plus faster, new Gran Coupe will get more length to provide more interior space of coupe and convertible. That’s fine, but as people who are looking for the most bangs for their buck 6 series will almost certainly waives the four-door model entirely. Interior trim should include Alcantara leather, wood and aluminum accents, high-end audio from Harman Kardon, infotainment screen and large list of extra equipment. Expect model M6 over the range of bearings come all the usual equipment, such as a Motorsport-inspired Chair is eligible, wrapped leather steering wheel, and a grippe pedals.

The new BMW 6 Series

2017 BMW 6 Series Redesign - Performance 

While the details of the currently understood is rare, have the car confirmed four different engine options for series 6. These include 347-horsepower, 3.0-litre petrol engine, 6 at 640i; 333-horsepower diesel engines, 3.0-litre, 6 in 640d; horsepower gasoline engine-476, 4.4-liter, V-8, 650i; and even 600 horsepower from its twin-turbo, 4.4-liter, V-8 gasoline engine, on top of the model's range m. rear wheel drive must be delivered as standard, while all in wheel drive will be an option, even with the new M6. Currently, there are no that indicate the introduction of plug-in hybrid variant, but since Porsche days affinity for hybrid models and BMW talent.

The new BMW 6 Series

We think easier, faster 6 series is exactly what BMW needs. With a lineup of grand tourers has gotten a little soft-bellied, and this new direction is interesting to look at. However, against something like the Panamera, which will need all the weapons collected. It is my view that the new 6-series runs a risk out of self-esteem in the race to maximize speed. Either that, or improvements, there will not be enough cut in the Department's performance. Hopefully, none of these results will be visible when the new 6-series comes online next year.

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