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2017 BMW Z2 Rendered

2017 BMW Z2 Rendered - In 2017, the BMW is rumored for the launch of the new roadster. Dubbed BMW Z2, basic roadster aims to bring back the philosophy behind the original Z3 Roadster. Perhaps the two seats and the most interesting variations of new BMW roadster compact platform. Lightweight and compact, this tutorial aims to provide agile and dynamic, different Z4, will feature fabric. There is a bitter pill of BMW fans would have to swallow: the Z2 is a front wheel drive vehicle and thus brother near Tourer racing activated 2-series and the new Mini Hardtop. In recent decades, there are a number of fun little car there with front wheel drive Fiat Barchetta: nice; final generation two Alfa Romeo spider; and of course the Mini Roadster. They are fun, but not associated with greatness. Perhaps BMW Z2 can change that.

2017 BMW Z2 Rendered

2017 BMW Z2 Rendered

2017 BMW Z2 will bring some unique features found the Z4, but it is essentially a different product. Firstly, the Z2 is a front wheel drive vehicles, and secondly, will show the soft top versus hardtop in current roadster. Z2 says that a broader remedy and aims to bring in a new generation of buyers to the brand. In some respects, this car will be exactly what the fans, no gimmicks, like the heavy and complex Z4 retractable hardtop mechanism driving the compact machine. The design of the most serious new Z2 will be wider than the Mini Roadster retro cute appeal. And Z2 can help reconcile BMW traditionalists with brand strategy to push forward with the front wheel drive model. In addition, this car could bring a whole new generation of buyers to the brand, and we'll bet that BMW has fingers crossed at that moment.

2017 BMW Z2 Rendered

BMW Z2 sharing the platform with the new Mini Hardtop and Mini any model that will come. A version of the platform extension supports Active Tourer racing derivatives of the 2 series and seven-seater that will come, and will also form the basis for the next generation series 1. With more focus on lightweight construction, giant Z2 may be not much more than 2500 pounds.

2017 BMW Z2 Engine

2017 BMW Z2 will be offered by the number three and four-cylinder BMW engine modular architecture; we believe that BMW adhere to the four-bangers, ranging from about 160 horsepower, higher level versions are rated around 230 horsepower. In addition, there may be M Z2 which will create less than 300 horsepower, which is distributed to all four wheels. Potentially, BMW offers turbo 1.5-liter three-cylinder as an entry-level option.

2017 BMW Z2 Rendered

The provisions of the terdapa on the photo is Theophilus Chin in based on the concept of the BMW Zagato Roadster, reducing the front and rear part of the projection, the wheelbase, width and height of the shoulder. Zagato Roadster style front and rear is adjusted to suit the new more compact forms.

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