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2017 BMW Z4 Redesign

2017 BMW Z4 Redesign - The prototype is still the classic black and white camouflage, but already reveals one important detail: the new BMW Z4 - or BMW Z5, the name is still not fixing - with a folding fabric roof on the market going. It spans, is just over the heads of the passengers as shown on our exclusive images and forms a powerful rear end closed. The electric convertible top is drop probably planned is behind the seats under a cover. Also now have to recognize: the trunk part that is flat and almost horizontal cover, which expire in a small rear spoiler. Only slightly the side window line is wavy, issued the wings only slightly.

 2017 BMW Z4 Redesign

BMW Z5 M is Not Yet Confirmed

Is the front of the new BMW Z4 aka BMW Z5, still disguised, however the expressive design of the predecessor to turn away from BMW for the new BMW Z4 and to choose a more classic look, seems strong. The hood flows in a flat below windshield, it seems only slightly contoured. Otherwise, the Z4 should exhibit the current headlamp design, as well as the large steep standing kidney.

Technically the new BMW uses Z4 the BMW shelf - he receives the axes of the current BMW M3 and take only around 1,400 kilos on the scales thanks to lightweight materials. There will be also a classic six-cylinder in the BMW Z4 according to BMW. Here is the well-known 3.0 Turbo petrol engine with 326 hp. There is also a supercharged two-liter. An M-version is not yet confirmed.

 2017 BMW Z4 Redesign

2017 BMW Z4 Redesign

In cooperation with Toyota, BMW introduces motors and the platform, hybrid and fuel cell expertise come from Japan. In contrast to the Z4, the Toyota supra probably is wearing the legendary name, is a real Coupé with fixed roof. For the all-wheel drive Toyota supra is available as drive a hybrid system with a two-liter four-cylinder and 350 HP. Whether the hybrid powertrain also in the BMW, or whether the Z4 gets all-wheel drive, is still not decided.

 2017 BMW Z4 Redesign

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  1. I can already tell it is going to be as ugly as the current generation. Not everybody wants a convertible, hard or soft top. It makes the body just look ugly, like it's two separate pieces or something. These European cars seem to struggle with making performance coupes that are exclusively coupes and not just sedans that were transitioned into coupes.


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