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2018 BMW Z5 Roadster

2018 BMW Z5 Roadster - We had long waiting now there is finally first Erlkönig pictures of the Z4 successor BMW Z5. The name of the new Roadster is currently only speculation, but probably there will be more concrete evidence of the nomenclature and the technology of the next Z-model in the next few weeks and months. It is now certain that Munich can develop the Z4 successor together with Toyota and thanks to the cooperation with the Japanese in the proven concept of the tail drive system remain. The first photos show a test of BMW Z5 with heavy camouflage near the town of Arjeplog, on the icy roads in the North of Scandinavia, the Roadster apparently completed his first test runs.

 2018 BMW Z5 Roadster

As we already written months ago, the two occupants of the two-seater again put their heads under a fabric Hood - the metal folding roof in BMW's history, the next 4 convertible G23 comes with a fabric roof.

BMW Z5 Roadster : Erlkönig Photos Show Z4 Successor

We expect Z5 prototypes with a launch given the now begun testing work with BMW to the convertible season 2018, until then, enough time for the development of volume production remains Munich. On the same technology platform, also the successor will go the current Toyota GT86 at the start, what drives the numbers of numerous components for both manufacturers in the height. While the BMW's first Roadster with a fabric roof in the trade Z5, Toyota will start GT86's successor as a Coupé.

 2018 BMW Z5 Roadster

The open sports car from Munich as well as the Japanese sports Coupé relies on classical virtues, such as the balanced weight distribution, which characterizes almost all BMW models. That Toyota in terms of driving pleasure and emotionality can learn a lot in Munich, is aware of the Japanese – among others for this reason the world's biggest car manufacturers has entered into cooperation with the most successful premium provider. Munich responsible for chassis and steering have now into action, what promises the customer a high level of driving dynamics?

Despite similar technology BMW and Toyota want to offer stand-alone models their customers, both the design and the driving experience Z5 and GT86 should be identifiable as members of their respective brand. Some essential items such as engines, transmissions and infotainment will provide therefore a clear differentiation.

2018 BMW Z5 Roadster

 2018 BMW Z5 Roadster

It is not excluded that under the long hood of the BMW Z5 2018 again come used six-cylinder. Although it is currently too early to speculate about a particularly sporty positioned M performance model or even a BMW Z5 M, a performance variant with the BMW typical of all drives would bring the gasoline in the veins of the fans with security but for cooking.

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