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2017 BMW 2 Series Redesign

2017 BMW 2 Series Redesign - Mischievous, rebellious and unique. BMW 2 series has it all that defines a Sports Coupe. The design that clearly emphasizes the dynamics of athletics that do the best in its class. 50: 50 weight distributions is balanced, the BMW TwinPower Turbo engine is a powerful and intelligent BMW Efficient Dynamics is a characteristic that determines the coupé. Achieve maximum performance on the dynamics, an engine capable of accelerating from 0 to 100 km/h in 4.8 seconds. According to the motto: fewer rules. More performance. BMW 2 series incorporates interesting dynamics and independent design is reminiscent of the last legendary last of BMW.

BMW 2 Series Redesign

The result: a vehicle that puts the pedal of metal where the driving pleasure is concerned. Dynamic design of a compact, functional and flexible-el Toured BMW racing 2 series active. What are sports activities, holiday or everyday conduccion-es always wanted to go. Spacious, versatile and dynamic. With strong proportions and contours elongated, BMW 2 Tourer racing series active exudes sportiness − from any angle. Despite its compact exterior and you'll be surprised how much space there is inside. Adjustable seats, luggage compartment floor and the possibility of countless folding storage guarantee exceptional functionality.

A look says it all. BMW 2 series a continuation of the long tradition of BMW. Pays tribute to an icon of BMW history: the legendary BMW 2002. However, it has a personality that comes passion and energy. Each line underlined character rebel and constant interior is designed so you experience enjoyment of driving without commitment. BMW 2 series is on its way to establish new milestones. When you live life to the fullest, you are not interested in a compromise. Nor is the BMW 2 series. That is the way; sports performance with rear-wheel drive and 50: 50 weight distributions is unique in its kind. Powerful and dynamic, focused on a goal: offering the highest pleasure driving. 2017 bmw 2 series can't get enough, more performance, sportier, more fascinating. But also the rule are superlatives when it comes of at least: less consumption and fewer emissions. Either way echo PRO, Auto Start-Stop or brake energy regeneration, knows how to make use of experts from the steps of the BMW that discerns the efficient dynamic vision. And thanks to its aerodynamic design, the BMW 2 series cutting the figure of a very subtle way with each trip.

The design philosophy of the entire vehicle is a testament to BMW Efficient Dynamics. The silhouette is very efficient aerodynamically. The front apron is the features of the design which incorporates the philosophy of BMW Efficient Dynamics. Air channels curtain Aero integrated through two vertical air inlets and along the front of the wheel arches. The accelerated airflow creates a kind of "curtain" on the outside of the wheel. This innovative technology reduces the resistance of the air and turbulence, which in turn reduce fuel consumption. Cover of undercarriage flat that also protects the compartment from the engine and rear axle, details additional is greatly improving the aerodynamics of the car. Elements of new lining are not only highly beneficial in terms of aerodynamics, they also improve sound proof and give greater protection against rust.

2017 BMW 2 series is equipped with a reliable passenger front, many of the help of BMW ConnectedDrive system. It helps the driver and really allows you to enjoy the unique driving experience. They give warnings when necessary in time and your help. Or lend a hand when maneuvering speed stubborn with acts of camera rear view as a third eye. BMW 2 series is a trusted partner that allows you to focus on the most important things in the way.

2017 BMW 2 Series Redesign - Model and Specification

Pioneer or athletes? You decide which character you would like to give you a BMW 2 series. Sports and sports model M models allow you to choose your individual design BMW 2 series. Anyone interested on emphasize impressive sportsmanship can choose model M Sport for the wild side of the BMW 2 series. And original BMW Accessories offers a variety of additional adjustment possibilities.

M sport models

Taking the sport to the streets: show everyone to the wild BMW 2 series is really with the model M sport. The M aerodynamics package combined with the (included), this is exclamation point that makes optical capacity is clear even before to publicize their intentions.

Sport models

Impact dynamic design elements in high-gloss black speak your own language abroad and with the model BMW Sport spirit to the dynamics are always at the forefront. A look at the speedometer and rev counter will delight all fans of sports cars, with the scale of the Chromo red waiting with impatience the next unit.

2017 BMW 2 Series Redesign - Exterior and Interior

Everything in this vehicle oriented in one direction, forward. This is especially true in the front kidney grille inclined contour with four track line airflow, while the form of point lights add to the typical characteristics of the rebel front BMW. Strong, striking background highlights the width of the horizontal trace of 2 series of  BMW. Interaction between optical rear exhaust and rear adjustment makes the vehicle look closer to the ground. The sporty character of mainly are in the M235i also is played by lip on the tailgate spoiler, that in addition to their contributions to the aesthetics, dynamics by reducing the increase in the speed and increased pressure on the surface. Many of the binary-round star lights focus on what is important, the road. Horizontal face seem wider and appearance to concentrate and focus. Different surfaces give the vehicle of the fresh, vibrant appearance reinforced by elements of the light reflected by the three dimensions in xenon lights optional. Confidant in any way that you The back of the light was impressed with the level bar, in the shape of L, red. Monobloc design make striking and lend them a unique effect day or night.

M Sport suspension with sports model M and special front apron of the package of the aerodynamics of the M, side skirts and rear apron are designed with the enthusiast in mind sports car. Large 17 inch wheels light alloy M Double spoke 460M style help to accentuate the style of athletic. High gloss black side window features High-Gloss shadow line BMW individual surround, which covers the primary and mirror frame. Eight strips of Grill wide kidney finished in satin black, the sides of the logo "M", exhaust chrome and paint exclusive Blue Escorial M model of the aesthetic finish. Other colors for the M model sports is also available, including metal ore, metallic grey, Black Sapphire, glacier Silver metallic, Mineral metallic white, metallic alpino-metalico white red and Melbourne. 18 inch light M double spoke style alloy wheels also available 461.

BMW 2 Series Redesign

Line sports model features a huge light alloy wheel 17 inch in the style of the stars speak. Designed bumper back and invited, closure, exterior mirrors and eight specially designed kidney grille slats are finished in black high dynamic brightness. The exhaust is finished in Black Chrome sparkles. The logo on the side clearly reveals the dynamics of sports models. 18 "light alloy wheels double spoke style 384 also is available on request." 

Compliance General: when 2 series sits behind the wheel of the BMW walk into the center of attention.  This is because the entire cockpit is oriented towards to the driver. Asymmetrical center console leaning towards her, of free optimal control of display stands in the line of sight with the all the important functions that are always under your control. Door window as it does not interfere with the view. Attractive surface, overlapping lines and dynamics implemented sports on the outside and the inside. And of course, all this will be achieved through the use of high quality materials and perfect workmanship.

M sport models have finishers of threshold of interior door with M and the front seat to sports in an exclusive lifestyle M anthracite Alcatraz upholstery Hexagon with contrast stitching in blue. Other points of M as drivers M sport models footrest, abbreviated "M" logo levers, buttons M multifunction leather steering wheel and on the instrument cluster visible appearance of the speedometer and tachometer with rings red and accent chronoscopes. Interior finished in aluminum Hexagon with blue accent lines especially sports Escorial. Interior lighting variable is orange-red and white athletic. Anthracite BMW individual headliner above complement the dynamic display. Remote control with Escorial blue detail put the finishing touches on the M Sport model.

BMW 2 Series Redesign

Sports model features "BMW Sport design logo in the Classifieds of the threshold of door and the contrast of black and Red inspired by the classic BMW driving dynamics of Interior elements. Sports seats highly contoured in upholstered fabric with anthracite track highlights red or grey is very impressive. Sports steering wheel with red stitching leather contrast also is available with a black seam. Ornaments of black interior with red tinges of high gloss accentuate outstanding sportsmanship. Other data as variable red orange and white interior lighting and instrument cluster with red accent rings and chronoscopes in the speedometer and the tachometer. 

2017 BMW 2 Series Redesign - Engine

C8-speed Steptronic transmission sets a new benchmark in terms of dynamic behavior, efficiency and is the key element of BMW Efficient Dynamics. 8-speed Steptronic transmission sets the standard in terms of comfort-latest, dynamic performance and is a key element of BMW Efficient Dynamic. Beautiful and soft also staging through the teeth to facilitate the the delivery of optimum power at all speeds. This reduces fuel consumption significantly, allowing the driver to enjoy from sportsmanship and improved dynamic performance. At high especially in speed, additional equipment may reduce the speed of the engine, in turn reduces fuel consumption and engine noise. Mesh converter can also help and although the car changes to manual mode. In combination with the transition quickly On the right side of the engine and transmission speed, with changes of comfort level is very high and reduces noise considerably. Thanks to BMW EfficientDynamics 8-speed Steptronic transmission, it is now possible to actively improve the performance in new vehicle train through predictive control of the driving experience. In the "sport", the managementtransmission mode that also uses data from the navigation system to provide a level of response that is more dynamic and spontaneous is based on objective characteristics. As the name suggests, the "Comfort" mode offers exchange programmed aimed at comfort with very few changes.

BMW 2 Series Redesign

Series is not only the outward appearance of the BMW 2 series that distinguishes it. For example, thanks to the smart steps of BMW Efficient Dynamics, BMW Twin Power Turbo received several 6 cylinder on line motor gasoline as a whole is regarded as standard for the development of dynamic force and efficiency. Regardless the type of machine to be able to produce the performance class through the rev all makes engine BMW 2 series pure pleasure through maximum efficiency and minimum consumption driving. It is the name of the strategy of BMW Efficient Dynamics to reduce fuel consumption and emissions of CO2 and, at the same time, enhance the dynamism and driving pleasure. Is trafficking in a system package includes the unity of function, concept and management of energy and BMW vehicles are standard features in each one. It is the BMW Efficient Dynamics.

Information of limit of speed as an advancement of the indicator does not show the current speed limit, as well as information on the area of advancement does not. This is shown in the display of information in the instrument cluster. Special cameras detect signs of relevant traffic. This information is processed by the control unit together with data from the navigation system. Introducing the additional features of the vehicle, the system can also calculate variable speed limits - for example in wet conditions or at different times of the day. This equipment is available only with the navigation system professional or business.

With intelligent lightweight construction of management power and the measures aerodynamic and engine efficiency, sustainable mobility is already standard in the new BMW every day. Other innovations include the new units system of forms such as a BMW derive innovative technologies. Follow the ideas BMW Efficient Dynamics guides; my BMW is developing new ideas on electro mobility, and with it, opting for a lot of existing technology.

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