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BMW 507 Elvis Presley

BMW 507 Elvis Presley - BMW 507 Elvis Presley for some people, it may be just an old Roadster with tattered, yellowing and Poland red dusty bodies. However, for the most part, it was a wonderful car. The sensation is real, the heart in the ecstasy of rock-'n'-roll perfectly transferred: Roadster by Elvis. Of the millions of cars ever built, only a handful of individual vehicles is truly legendary. Porsche 550 Spyder James Dean. Dual Ghia Ferrari 375 MM. Frank Sinatra of Ingrid Bergman. Lincoln Continental in which John f. Kennedy was assassinated. Of course, there are others, but it is a short list of each case, and no matter what criteria, only two BMW really deserves to be on it.

The BMW 507 Elvis Presley

One of them is body 328 Touring Coupe that won the Grand Prix di Brescia in 1940; the other is 507 owned by Elvis Presley while stationed in Germany with the army of the United States. The life of both cars marked with the mystery. 328 probably would have faded away in the dust has been monitoring that does not become an obsession Jim Profitt; It is now in the Museum of BMW in Munich. The fate of the 507 Elvis is more clear. 70192 507 bearing the serial number has been auctioned as "Elvis 507" by Barrett-Jackson in 1997, but we were pretty sure no cars in Germany with Presley.

BMW 507 Elvis Presley - The Duration of Pregnancy

Before delving into the history of 70079, very useful to consider pregnancy tortuous 507 himself. As recounts the story of Dr. Lange model, the roadster postwar successor 328 principles of 1946 had been planning BMW, but the actual R & D process cannot take place until 1953. Even then, the 507, as we know did not take shape until 1954, when the importer Max Hoffman BMW U.S. registered Albrecht Graf von Goertz design roadster that will appeal to American customers. The first two examples Goertz designed cars: 70002 and 70003 - was built in 1955 and is equipped with a 3.2 litre V8 engine. That September, was it exhibited at the Frankfurt Auto Show, where he received acclaim from the press and the public. Unfortunately, the car is not really ready to go. Problems with the construction of aluminum car body, as well as the issue of cost and doubts, to delay the start of the series of production management. the first "true" 507, number 70005, was not built until December 11, 1956. BMW expects that this will be the first of at least 1000 units per year, most of which will go to the United States unfortunately, production problems and the high price of cars led to Hoffman to drastically reduce their orders for cars. When that model was discontinued in 1960, BMW has been the work of only 251 example Goertz.

The BMW 507 Elvis Presley

The car that here, see 70079 Beaver, leaving the BMW factory on September 13, 1957. He has recorded two days earlier, keeper plate 800 M-JX. The officer identifies "certified" archive of BMW as one of the 65 507s painted white feathers, the most popular colors for models. Although BMW official color chart recommended red skin as the best companion of white fuzz, castor think that this car has a black leather interior. In addition, 70079 equipped new of "Mexico" of Becker radio with automatic antenna Rudge, hardtop removable and converted into sign of "D" (for Deutschland) in the upper part with the rear bumper.

After nearly 60 years of Elvis Roadster is now towards the place of production. BMW classic car Center of this cult was in good hands. Conergy experts with decades of experience in the restoration of classic cars. To be able to carry out the project is the dream of every Fahrzeugrestaurateurs. Only that the BMW 507 of the King of rock ' n Roll found its way into the Museum of BMW, this is very unusual. This classic car can return even with us, is a very special for us. We are very pleased that the BMW Group Classic is pronounced that belief, said Ulrich classic Knieps, Director of the BMW Group. BMW Group Classic archived and documented the history of the brand and they come to life. Also include the Museum of BMW and the classic Center, the focal point for owners of vehicles from classic brand. BMW Group classic BMW 507 was still the rounds after the exhibition and gives fully ' 50s new brightness. It is rather miraculous, really, standing in front of the car and knows the engineless once belonged to Elvis Presley. You like music, it is impossible to underestimate the contributions the Elvis American culture, or the continuing attraction of his legend. Unlikely that the shroud of Turin, but there is something almost mystical knowledge - or maybe just I think that this car never was driven by Elvis... and also by Hans Stuck.

BMW 507 Elvis Presley

Disappearing as well, this car will still have millions at auction, given the craze for any car with celebrity provenance. But as with other cool cars, Beaver doesn't seem no mind to sell simply because the price is astronomical. "I prefer to have goods more than money," Beaver began to laugh.

The BMW 507 Elvis Presley

Well, we think. This car really good care over last year 30, keeping it safe and collecting all the pieces for a recovery complete. He was too busy to take now and so they sit idle, waiting for the 507.

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