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BMW Concept Stunt G 310

BMW Concept Stunt G 310 - This is difficult, and it is attracting attention, the study of the concept of the new BMW Motorrad action. Acrobats from single-cylinder roadster bike amazing design, it was clear how that offers much of the pleasure of riding a bicycle concept. The color scheme combines the white, red and blue color of BMW Motorsport, with a modern interpretation of the colors of the national flag of Brazil. Accent Brazil bright neon yellow and green emphasizes design it is very dynamic and they make it impossible to ignore the 310 G Stunt BMW concept. One way or another, stunt bike makes the sound that is heard everywhere offering short, characterized the exhaust pipe.

BMW Concept Stunt G 310

The design of the BMW concept that Stunt G 310 is based on the DNA of R-1000 S roadster and strong performance-oriented. The innovative concept of the single cylinder engine newly developed enables very compact and agile proportions. To make sure that nothing gets in the way of a spectacular action, you will not find a mirror, lights, passenger footrest bicycle plates or action. On the contrary, there is a lot of modification of the action: the round pins on the front axle of the foot and close the seat and tail aluminum action specially developed by BMW Motorrad with a point of support for motorists to use to perform safely their incredible stunts. Stunt-world and European champion Chris Pfeiffer has just announced his farewell to retiring, because his last employer BMW conjures up a stunt bike-concept out of the hat. OK, came the BMW concept stunt G 310 not surprisingly for Pfeiffer, could he still remember with develop. The 310 G was now presented on the Salão Duas Rodas in São Paulo.

BMW Concept Stunt G 310

Flash Presentation for The Stunt Bike

Heart of the study is a newly developed single-cylinder four-stroke engine with 310 CC features a cylinder head rotated 180 degrees (intake front) carries on a cylinder inclined to the rear. This allows an optimal engine location in the vehicle, and despite long swing arm a short wheelbase. The relocation of the intake tract forward with simultaneous exhaust backwards also allows accommodating the muffler vertically standing below the seat, between the engine and suspension. Performance data were not mentioned.

The driver tries to give as much freedom of movement as possible. For the dance on the asphalt, the stunt got missed numerous specials G 310 next to the bright paint. On board are, as well as a second by a hand lever on the handlebar to use rear brake - if the driver even raced his brake foot not on the stand has a lockable gas, an extremely short end translation, a lushly proportioned rear brake. To get additional foot rests on the front axle and on the bench. A pedal bracket at the rear gives another stop, crash bars around the motor to protect the drive technology.

BMW Concept Stunt G 310

BMW Concept Stunt G 310

The bike itself will probably remain a concept, the new single is likely soon finding them in new GB Home BMW.

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