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BMW M2 Coupe First Appearance at BMW Welt

BMW M2 Coupe First Appearance at BMW Welt - Who not wants to wait until the official market launch in spring, which may be new BMW M2 Coupé now regarded in the BMW Welt in Munich. M the BMW world is the greatest catcher of the new compact sports car currently, as far the wheel arches and the paint in an exclusive Long Beach Blue Metallic hardly a visitor can visit. And also the aggressive front bumper or the rear end with its four tailpipes is hardly suited to park world so unobtrusively in the BMW.

 BMW M2 Coupe First Appearance at BMW Welt

BMW M2 Coupe First Appearance at BMW Welt - No Doubt About it

The M2 stands for the essence of BMW M, for pure and largely unadulterated driving fun in a compact space. The genes that are BMW no intelligence, but a recipe for success for decades known: balanced weight distribution, rear wheel drive, more powerful six-cylinder. Three simple at first glance ingredients that can still provide for enthusiasm. In the case of the BMW M2 are the proven strengths with the chassis technology of BMW M3 and M4 garnished, allowing flicking fun gourmets with his tongue. The advertised Nürburgring lap time of 7:58 minutes, which sooner or later surely will be a similar proof video as in the case of the M4 GTS provides a foretaste of the performance to be expected.

 BMW M2 Coupe First Appearance at BMW Welt

The 370 HP six-cylinder and the current chassis meet according to the published time, to distance the 30 HP weaker predecessors by more than 15 seconds. That on the one hand is a decent step forward, but also the performance of its predecessor shows clearly - because slowly the BMW 2016 is not 1er M Coupé even by the standards of the vintage. New BMW M2 can now be admired in the BMW Welt, in the heart of Munich. Milestones of the beautiful blue BMW M2 master of Long Beach that is placed in the exhibition about the yellow M4 M Coupe Austin.

New BMW M2 can be ordered optionally with the latest generation of double clutch seven-speed M (DCT Drivelogic M) transmission. This system, which effectively combines the two wheels, each with its own clutch, designed specifically to work with the dynamics of motor car custom M and a high torque and output effort.

 BMW M2 Coupe First Appearance at BMW Welt

BMW M2 Coupe First Appearance at BMW Welt - Release

2016 BMW M2 will be available in the center of BMW United States officially from $51,700 plus a destination and handling started in April 2016.

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