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2017 BMW X3 Redesign

2017 BMW X3 Redesign - BMW engineers are quietly developing next-generation X3 crossover. 2017 X3 visually resemble a modern evolution of the current model (photographed) borrows styling signals such as a front high and sharp light that stretch to the kidney grille of the X5 and X6. Dimensions and design do not expect to change drastically. Like almost all the other BMW models of the past, a third-generation BMW X3 has separate screen entertainment, carried out - most likely - as well as the new 7 series with touch screen. Display of the instrument cluster presents a prototype of 3 X digital, but they make some areas beyond the speedometer and tachometer analogue.

The New BMW X3

It can be assumed that we see here is a variant of a standard cost of velocimetro-extra, it is estimated that the digital version. Another interesting detail is the iDrive Controller of the central console, which seems to be a quality that is significantly larger than the previous generation. The buttons on the controller are wrapped with a look of plastic metal surface of late-model thus clearly sent into retirement. The possibility of driver iDrive that shown below is offered only in combination with the professional navigation system.

2017 BMW X3 has always been a popular all-terrain for everyday life. Combination of flexibility, efficiency, luxury, BMW driving dynamics, is not surprising that they sell very well. Fresh for the 2015 model, model enjoys only the subtle update style to imitate the design of the BMW. In addition, the four-cylinder diesel recently joined the formation. However, expected a complete redesign to model year 2017. For this purpose it will be necessary to redesign the power upgrade and the new modular design should improve interior space, comfort and technology in the BMW. Plug-in hybrid is also in the works. The most interesting news, however, was the announcement that the X 5 M and X 6 M have a sister on the way.

While the current 2015 X 3 to easily meet the community needs more, expect a version of 2017 to go beyond. According to Autobild Germany, BMW wants to make sure that it covers all possible terrains with the redesign, so also the flow, the versatile range of products now, look for the M-rendimiento model may be nicknamed the X3 M40i, with a 3.0 liter in-line six, producing more than 340 HP.

New multifunction steering wheel with metal studs make their way to the G01 X 3 control panel while the automatic climate control seems to be similar as series one in 7 with small touches a surface that take the place of the classic buttons. In general it can be said that the interior of the BMW X3 premium G01 is much more than the current model. This statement was also underlined by an expanded range of assistance and intelligent systems, such as the detection of traffic in the cross and driving ability to semi autonomy. The third generation of the BMW X3 is due in 2017 and under the name of G01 and a new rear-wheel drive platform. New flexible modular system offers more interior space, the redesigned seat system also ensures greater comfort and greater variability. G01 X3 is lighter than the F25 X3 approx. 100 kg, the source said.

Do not confuse this with official M cars, but don't worry; Source a X 3 M total tips can be due sometime after that, the participation of the S55 factory between new machinery, good for 425 horsepower at least currently provides in the new M3 and M4. They speculated more than 450 horses to 2017 X3. Expect that the increase of 15 horsepower as gasoline model M is in the United States. BMW had previously expressed the desire of the tumultuous along rows and X3 will not be the exception. Since its launch, the crossover will be available with a plug-in hybrid gasoline-electric consisting of four petrol combustion engine cylinders turbo small and electric motor integrated into the special compact hybrid automatic 8-speed transmission. Electric transmission gas will produce approximately 328 horsepower when both resources are already in operation. In addition, the electric motor will be able to become the X 3 for about 30 miles.

2017 BMW X3 Redesign - Exterior

Of course, in the form of camouflaged, looks very similar to the current 3 X 3 new, but there are some important changes. Soon, we see that the front fascia was slightly changed. At this time there are X3, a hole in the bottom of the front grille, but based on this photos spy, the new X3 will have a small insert not vice versa. The lower opening of the fascia are the same way as the current X3, but the vents under the fog seems to be smaller and more square than on the current model. From what we can see on the front panel, it looks like fog lamps in the model 2017 more than likely that will be rectangular, in contrast to the circular drive of the current generation. The headlights both camouflage, but look like they could be a bit smaller, and it will not come to the point in the defenses as the previous models.

On the side, pillar and rear glass appears to be unchanged from the current model, but the line of the upper part of the body seems to be soft in comparison. Lines of lower body of the doors seem to stand out from the body rather than the current version. Behind him, we see a similar spoiler that is in the current model, and the back light is clearly false, if they are not false, have been modified to hide their true appearance. The tail lights do not touch to have a goal clear and probably not wrapped around the hind quarter so much as they are in the current model.

The New BMW X3

The line of the body in the rear hatch seems to have dimmed a bit as well, with only a small lip protruding from the bottom of the rear window. The rear fascia appears you will see only minor changes - see a small indentation in came in the Middle, so I guess that we will see some sort of insert there. As we can see in the photos spy, this model in particular has a dual exhaust. The roof looks come with a sunroof that can be large enough to provide a view of the sky for front and rear passengers.

2017 BMW X3 Redesign - Inside

At this point, we know almost nothing about the interior, and spy shots are not exactly helpful in this Department. We can see a little high on the dashboard instrument cluster, as in the current model. The pillar in the interior seems to have a small speaker about half up. Beyond this, the interior is a mystery. I suspect that a set of similar instruments will be used, but the entertainment screen will tend to grow in at least one inch. Expect nothing less than 60-40 folding rear seat to expand the cargo space and leather seats. 

2017 BMW X3 Redesign - Machine

We must say that engine will be available for 2017 BMW X3 at this point, but sources hint that there will be a number of units of gasoline and diesel at least one available. The current model is available with a 2.0 liter, turbo four-banger that makes power 240 HP, Turbo 3.0 liter 300 horsepower and puts diesel four-cylinder diesel which is good for the 180 HP. Don't expect Bummer differs from machines that are available in the current model, but is possible out of each to get a little bit of progress. That said, I do not expect, but I would not put beyond of Germany to offer machines with the new version of the model 2017.

2017 BMW X3 Redesign - Price

In its current form, the X3 starts at $38,950 for basic models. The next cut starts from $40,950. The step to diesel models set you $42,450 again, while high-end trim with a 3.0 liter hits the Bank $46,800. I do not think that the starting price will be changed a lot with the 2017 model, but we expect to see an increase time $1000 more. We will keep you updated on prices as more information is available.

The New BMW X3

This photos spy they give an overview of the upcoming X3 in 2017, but BMW has done a good job of hiding the design of the car. Consider a BMW vehicles with parts of the current model is adjusted to the test with the Mule, is very likely the part front and rear fascia and tailgate will change by the time the production model is going public. Having said that, I think we'll probably see the front fascia that is similar to what we see in the ass, and I really hope that they can rid of round fog lights of the current model - rectangular lights will only be best in my opinion. I was a little surprised seeing the body toned lines are down as much as they are in this ass.

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