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G-Power-BMW M3 RS E9X mit 740 PS

G-Power-BMW M3 RS E9X mit 740 PS - This BMW M3 G power is nothing more as in the past: the V8 has flanged more displacement and an ASA T1 compressor get. In the end, the hardcore M3 has more power than a Ferrari F12. Turbocharging has conquered almost the entire sports car world - no matter whether BMW, Porsche or Pagani: almost all manufacturers now use the energy from the exhaust gas stream to deliver more power their cars. Progress some, pabulum call it the others. Even more beautiful that there are still exceptions. For example, the Bavarians at G-power. There was a car that has engine technically only have little in common with its base with the RS E9X M3. The basic structure of the old generation E90 M3 is known: four liter V8, 420 PS and a sound to your knees.

G-Power-BMW M3 RS E9X mit 740 PS

G-Power BMW M3 RS E9X With Displacement Increase to 4.6 Liters

So, what has changed G-power? Initially, the men of Aresing drilled the referred S65B40 eight cylinders 4.6 liter. Then, the engine to an ASA T1-724-compressor was added. The 7.5 kilo compressor or the compressor rotor spins at 100,000 revolutions per minute and scoop immense 2,250 kilograms of air per hour into the combustion chamber. G-power squeezes additional from the V8 a total of 320 Horsepower. Makes Adam Riese 740 HP. It surpasses this BMW M3 while the Ferrari F12 not on pure performance, but when the torque, if only marginally with 10 nm. After treatment at G-power, the S65 compressor presses 700 nm to the rear axle - plus of 300 nm in comparison with the (by today's standards) relatively torque weak base engine.

The performance figures read quite promising: from 0 to 100 km/h it is giving G-power in 3.7 seconds, 200 km/h are reached after 9.5 seconds. Deadline is only at more than 340 km/h. 740 HP, 340 km/h and lots of carbon. G-power adapted the components inside the motor to the increased performance. The 4.6-liter V8 gets MAHLE forged Pistons from the manufacturer. The oil and water cooling circuits have been enlarged, an intercooler installed. On the one hand two 100-cell metal catalysts, on the other hand, an exhaust system made of titanium ensures free breathing out of the exhaust gases. G-power estimated the weight to Twenty-six kilos.

G-Power-BMW M3 RS E9X mit 740 PS

Not only is the exhaust easier, even the hood is made of carbon. The attached air outlets have of course also a purpose: to release the pent up, hot air as quickly as possible from the engine compartment. The 8.4 kilo light "G-power-venturi hood" is optional (series: 11.0 kg) also in body color available - for slightly more understated. The Club Sport rear wing made of same material as well as the carbon fiber front spoiler are certainly not conducive the restrained appearance. The aerodynamic parts to keep the over-M3 to the ground and generate measurable output. "Hurricane RR" Michelin tires provide grip baptized 20-inch forged wheels. The dimensions of the tires: 245/30 on the front and 295/25 on the driven rear axle.

It Costs The G-Power Tuning for BMW M3

The performance improvement alone costs around 50,000 Euros. The 20-inch wheels beat an 8,000 euro swath in the account and the carbon bonnet with vents estimated G-power at around 4,800 Euros, the carbon rear wing with just fewer than 3,000 Euros.

G-Power-BMW M3 RS E9X mit 740 PS

Combined with the average price (30,000 Euros) a used BMW E92 M3 coming on around 100,000 Euros. Sounds fair, when you consider that the Ferrari F12 costs 168,000 Euros more.

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