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2017 BMW X2 Redesign

2017 BMW X2 Redesign - For a short time products BMW, has managed to make a name for itself due to the State of a solid which has gained in the production of quality vehicles. It has been able to survive hard times because of the convenient features of high technology and technology. BMW began manufacturing the X series models sometimes turn in order to offer fans of car with a vehicle for more coherent sport utility that is more competent in terms of fuel consumption and performance. Thus 2017 BMW X2 also hopes to provide the same performance and fuel capacity. Expected to be presented at the next Geneva Motor Show in which the new sedan will be offered as a concept. The rumor going around the scene engine suggested that 2017 X2 probably will hit the market around the ancient world, probably sometime in 2018.

2017 BMW X2 Redesign


2017 BMW X2, nothing new when it comes to external styles, is expected that with the same exterior design of the new model comes out, which means that it will be built on the same platform of UKL. The new vehicles will come with the same front panel, which is very similar to the of any sedan that it comes from Germany manufacturers assembly line during the past 25 years. This means that the new X2 will have a split grille similar to the of the logo BMW, mainly, along with air takes mouth lower and narrow the angle of the lamp to resolve differences. Just like the younger brother, they come in two styles of 3-door and 5-door body. The back of the new X2 will not receive any major adjustments that are expected to have a rear, similar to the of the Coupé, hatchback with a little modern twist around the border. In addition to model, BMW will launch a 2017 X 2 model, which will come from the same platform as the standard version. However, is expected to reach a 3-door body style.

2017 BMW X2 Redesign

2017 BMW X2 Redesign - INTERIOR CHANGE

There is still some information about the design of Interior BMW X2 2017. However, it is clear that buyers can expect the class of vehicle. Although the new X2 possible to cross, the purchaser cannot expect a big cottage with new vehicles and is designed to accommodate less tourists only. The cabin of the new vehicle will be equipped with the essential ingredients similar to those of the BMW X1 and BMW X3, but it is expected that between these two models, which means a mixture of Interior elements X1 and X3. Start with the sensate layer, but the higher end model will get the seat upholstered with leather. In addition, gray matte borders will probably be the choice of the rate of acceptance, while sophisticated models will receive some natural wood accents. In addition, sport model will get the pronunciation leather upholstered seat Alcantara and aluminum. This sums up the new level of Interior in 2 X modifications, while the interior features list remains unknown.


New BMW X2 SUV not only or crossovers, but BMW calls it a Sport coupe activity. The four-cylinder engine is also expected that they be equipped with three-cylinder machine, also. On diesel engine, it is expected that new vehicles will come equipped with a 1.5-liter, while that other alternative 2.0 diesel engine liter four-cylinder power maximum and a torque of 150 horsepower and 330 kg per foot. On gasoline engine, the option will probably start 4-1, 5-liter turbo, but expected that four-cylinder 2.0 engine will be equipped liters to obtain maximum power 231 HP and 350 kg max twist per foot. Engine 2.0 liter turbo four will be the possibility of new power 2 X to obtain the maximum power output of and of torque.

2017 BMW X2 Redesign

Seems to be large enough to receive the novel of UKL1 platform, which means that the rear-wheel drive BMW X1 not move slightly larger X2. On the other hand, the compact crossover will be offered with front-wheel drive or drive mode all-wheel and will house eight rhythm Steptronic mechanical transmissions.

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