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2018 BMW 3 Series First Photos Show

2018 BMW 3 Series First Photos Show. First photos show the new BMW 3 series (2018) during testing in Sweden. The new mid-size sedan puts on a proven formula and garnished them with consequent lightweight construction. The new BMW 3 series (2018) must complete its first test drives in the icy Northern of Scandinavia and is doing from the outset hard fucked. Thus Munich mood equal their new sedan at the beginning of the development on the harsh wind, which blows in the highly competitive premium mid-range. The BMW 3 series leader is worldwide considered, but competition from Stuttgart and Ingolstadt advances Munich ever closer over the chapel.

2018 BMW 3 Series First Photos Show

And because the 3-series BMW is equally important as the golf for Volkswagen, the seventh generation can afford no weakness in the year 2018. Munich loyally remain their recipe for success, already the first test photos show the new BMW 3 series despite heavy camouflage clearly in the tradition of his predecessors.


As before, the BMW 3 series in favor of the proverbial "driving pleasure" opts a balanced weight distribution, longitudinal-mounted engines and classic rear-wheel drive. The extremely flexible 35up architecture, which allows also the four-wheel drive xDrive serves as the technical basis. Just like the 7 series and 5 series Munich send the new BMW 3 series on a strict diet, consistent lightweight construction is also the middle class to make noticeably lighter than the current generation.

2018 BMW 3 Series First Photos Show

An intelligent material mix of steel, aluminum and carbon fiber to ensure that the costs through the roof, it does not go. The reduced weight helps not only the driving dynamics, it supports also the renewed three - and four-cylinder engines on their mission to hunt in the future less fuel through the combustion chambers. Also the plug-in hybrid promise extremely low power consumption.


Together with the new BMW 3 series (G20) Munich are refresh also proven Infotainment System iDrive, even the gesture from the 7 series will then come into the middle class. The more powerful assistance systems that should remove some everyday tasks to the riders of the new generation of the 3 series are another highlight. Follow the front man in the rush hour and to keep it at the current speed limit just one of the new capabilities will be, which contribute to more safety and comfort. The latter also benefits from the optimised aerodynamics, because the planned reduction of air resistance also provides noticeably reduced wind noise. Together with higher quality materials and more granular processing, the Munich want to strengthen as the premium claim of the BMW 3-series.

2018 BMW 3 Series First Photos Show
Until the market starts in 2018, the engineers have much test work for the generation g-20 to be a real success story.

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