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BMW 740e iPerformance Plug-in Hybrid

BMW 740e iPerformance Plug-in Hybrid - The new BMW 740e iPerformance will close the sub-brand BMW make particularly clear i eDrive models of BMW AG to the plug-in hybrid. BMW i and eDrive move even closer together: starting with the 740e the designation BMW will unite iPerformance from July 2016 all plug-in hybrid and hung on the previous term. The hybrid 7 series thus officially as BMW 740e iPerformance start going and just like the plug-in hybrid of 2 - and 3-series and the X 5 get also some design details in BMW i-Blue.

In addition to the extra door on the front fender therefore blue elements in kidney and wheel hubs, the eDrive logo indicate that on the C-pillar and the BMW i logo on the front wall the plug-in hybrid.

BMW 740e iPerformance Plug-in Hybrid

In a similar form, all future hybrid BMW are identified, which should illustrate the close connection between the vehicles and particularly economical AG models the sub-brand BMW i.

BMW iPerformance: New Name for BMW Plug-in Hybrid

At the Geneva Auto Show in 2016, the luxury sedan with four-cylinder gasoline engine and electric motor in full iPerformance look will be to see, their technical facts are known already for some time. The Powertrain offers a performance of the 326 HP allows up to 40 km electric range and comes despite his power on a standard consumption of 2.1 liters per 100 kilometers. For customers with extra space and need for traction and iPerformance and xDrive versions to choose are the BMW 740Le.

BMW 740e iPerformance Plug-in Hybrid

BMW 740e iPerformance Plug-in Hybrid

For the BMW 7 series iPerformance used technology was designed from the outset for optimal scalability and facilitates the work of engineers in the development of future plug-in hybrids. While BMW AG offers four vehicles with the option to "refuel in socket", still do a few large sections series about appropriate technology, this ratio will reverse itself within a few years - with a few exceptions, and then any BMW on request will be available with plug-in hybrid powertrain.

BMW 740e iPerformance Plug-in Hybrid

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