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BMW i3 MR PORTER: Limitierte Blue Design Editon

BMW i3 MR PORTER: Limitierte Blue Design Editon - On this occasion we will discuss the BMW i series, which rather addressed to BMW i3, this is a new thing for color design on BMW i3 will be done. Games on the color that will be presented this are an outcome of thought very religious, which can have an attraction for his fans. In this design process many involve several experts who are considered potent to plunge and work well together, with the aim to get a result that can satisfy the desire of the morning bird lovers there. Not much will we peel on this discussion, just go ahead, with the hope of becoming an inspiration that is unique for all readers.

BMW i3 MR PORTER: Limitierte Blue Design Editon

Before its technical facelift in the autumn, BMW introduced at the Geneva Auto show presented new color Tuxedo 2016 in blue. Dark blue going strong for a time not to be a part of the normal color range, but for the limited edition of Mr. PORTER. She was named after an online portal for luxury clothes and made together with Pundits and experts coming from special edition designs is shown for the first time on Saturday in London in the small circles of the public.

BMW i3 MR PORTER: Limitierte Blue Design Editon

Thanks to the striking blue color Tuxedo stand BMW i3 Mr. PORTER in each case in the eyes; finally, there is so far no blue hue for electric vehicles to be built in Leipzig at the factory. A line of hand-painted, white accents adorn the sides and rear of the vehicle, as well as kidney and mirrors, as well as the accent Strip below the white door.

Inside, designers have decided to combination skin Brown veined with white stitching,interior trim are in Dark Oak. Who ordered them car-what will probably only United Kingdom current customers – maybe enjoying travel Essentials kit also Mr. PORTER, which among others include melon hat and umbrella, Leica camera.

Stefan Ponikva (BMW head fire management): "we ' re my BMW not only as a pioneer in the field of electric mobility, but new, want to again and again with our design concepts unusual ways. With Mr. PORTER we found partners that are inspiring, who share our enthusiasm for the demands of quality and aesthetic and visionary approach to us. "

BMW i3 MR PORTER: Limitierte Blue Design Editon

BMW i3 MR PORTER: Limitierte Blue Design Editon

Toby Bateman (Managing Director, Mr. PORTER): offer by Mr. PORTER mutual agreement the exclusive luxury fashion trends and trendy lifestyle products from other regions as well. Cooperation with car manufacturers is new territory for us. We are pleased to take this step with your BMW, the industry leader in innovation and design. "

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