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BMW M760Li xDrive: Comes with 600 HP V12

BMW M760Li xDrive: Comes with 600 HP V12 With a mighty V12 Twin-Turbo of the new receives his top model 7 series. The BMW xDrive M760Li G12 is 600 HP strong and appropriately self-conscious occurs. M7 will not be while still a BMW, but with the BMW M760Li xDrive G12 go 2016 at least one Munich at the Geneva car show big step in the direction hoped for by many customers for years. The successor of the previous 760Li is clearly the BMW M performance model based on the leading letter can be seen and thus moves away from the previously manicured role of the pure luxury glider. The standard M sports package with accents in cerium grey ensures extra overtaking and given a confident performance, which is characterized by absolute commitment and ownership presence the new BMW M760Li.

BMW M760Li xDrive: Comes with 600 HP V12

In addition to the rather for connoisseurs of relevant details like the kidneys in cerium grey galvanized, outside mirrors and door handles there are also some more clearly visible information about the latest model BMW xDrive: M760Li bears as one behind the exclusive 20 inch alloy wheels double-spoke styling 760 M with a matte finish, only 7 19 inch braking system with blue brake calipers together with the M logo. Also the exclusively reserved to the V12 7 exhaust with tailpipe aperture is a clear indication for the top model. And who not canceled it, receives also V12 lettering on the C-pillars, and of course the prestigious M760Li logo on the rear.

BMW M760Li xDrive: Comes with 600 HP V12

BMW xDrive M760Li G12: with 600 HP V12 to Geneva

The outstanding status of the new BMW xDrive M760Li G12 responsible heart has set 12 cylinder and - as is the current Rolls Royce models of two turbochargers under pressure Ghost and Wraith - 6.6 liters of displacement, and 10 percent is more powerful than the engine of its predecessor with a peak output of 600 HP. The maximum torque of 800 Newton meters is already applied from 1,500 rpm and emphasizes the sovereign character of an engine, which force cannot hide even at low speeds.

That the BMW xDrive is driven M760Li of its 600 HP strong twelve-cylinder to impressive performance, should surprise no one. Showing a work of 3.9 seconds for the Sprint from 0 to 100, he distanced the 150 HP weaker 750Li xDrive to clear six tenths of a second, no later than on the highway, the difference is still significant. While all electronically be slowed, other 7 at 250 km/h, the new BMW may M760Li with optional M driver's package up to 305 km/h drive fast, before the electronic system intervenes.

BMW M760Li xDrive: Comes with 600 HP V12

BMW M760Li xDrive: Comes with 600 HP V12 - Price

For the price and the exact amount of standard rich with safety BMW does not react while still, but interested parties should not expect an entry for fewer than 150,000 Euros. Who invested so much money in the most expensive car of the BMW of brand, has of course also space in the design - and can access free of charge to the BMW xDrive V12 excellence M760Li, who omitted his name despite the M sport package, and sets the design focus more on elegance than on visible superiority.

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