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BMW X4 M40i Review

BMW X4 M40i Review - Hhhmmm ... This is an SUV? Is it true that it is? Clear that on the picture that looks it is a handsome figure and looks wise. Not all models of X that looks like this. For our own this is a remarkable appearance different from the never seen before. There will be many who ask why? It was clear, because this is X! For the current BMW X 4 M40i will be present with a more dynamic display again, which brings a very big change, which is located in point of view wherever you see it. In the first test, the new BMW X 4 M40i (F26) than the M car performance that clearly segregates 4 lies mainly in the curve x all before. From the dynamic point of view, driving the Porsche Tiger had a little competition, but now comes the BMW X 4 M40i and wants to give a fresh breeze in the compact SUV segment. A stroke of luck for us that is where we get the permission to be viewed directly on a few days ago in California.

BMW X4 M40i Review

A new model for the model X 4-family, and can thus learn how strong M performance model differs from the usual 4 X Although M40i is not real The BMW X5 M and yet also have some things that are wonderful near requirements for SUVS real power of Garching.

Although the BMW X comes two years after the market launch of the compact SUV Coupe in trade 4 M40i, rings he already have a second half of the shorter life cycle of F26. How peppy this should be second half, makes clear the M performance model before boarding: that leaves with some elements in Ferric Grey refreshed M sport package still slightly more dynamic than all previous versions occur the BMW X 4 M40i in combination with bright colors, even the tailpipes distributed on both sides of the tail are a clear indication of the new top model.

BMW X4 M40i : Significantly More Dynamic Than All Previous X4

A short push on the Start button brings the engine to life, these remains but discreetly in the background. Who enters the sports mode, acoustically hardly recognizes the drive, because in this mode the six-cylinder is now as lovers of the somewhat harsher tones to recognize. Although the motor close something either to the BMW X 4 M40i works not quite as aggressive as the once again modified, but he is anything but also a more restrained contemporary closely related power source of the M2, with its 360 HP.

BMW X4 M40i Review

But of course the M2 is not a competitor of BMW X 4 M40i, the two vehicles are rather randomly divided their similar engine. The undisputed main rival of the new top-X 4 comes rather from Zuffenhausen, goes by the name Porsche Macon GTS and also 360 PS is strong. The spur not only longitudinal dynamic to provide the quick Swabia, were the technicians intervene deep 4 X in Munich in drive and chassis of the BMW and could breathe so noticeably more agility to the SUV-Coupé.

BMW X4 M40i Review

Part of the retuning of the suspension received the BMW X 4 M40i new Wishbone for a larger fall on the front axle as well as reinforced springs and stabilizers all around, what the X 4 together with the new poll for the Adaptive dampers significantly richer on the road leaves. The four-wheel drive xDrive comes in the top model with a rear-lyrical force distribution and brings additional dynamics, while the performance control a steeples power distribution between the rear wheels ensures an additional steering moment.

BMW X4 M40i Review

Ensure in practice the elaborate suspension technology and the high performance tires, driven by us (Michelin pilot Super Sports), the BMW X 4 M40i all of the previous compact SUV from Munich clearly is in the shade. The 360 hp engine, which provides on demand acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h in 4.9 seconds, puts it slightly into the background and by no means is the decisive argument for the M in the name of this X 4.

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