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2017 BMW M2 Convertible Rendering

2017 BMW M2 Convertible Rendering - BMW released the information about the new addition to the line M just last week. Photos of the new M2 are still very clear in our head. On defense m2, aggressive style and extra power tap is all very interesting. However, there is always something more lurking behind this version though... more variants of the model. The M4 is topless version and now it is rumored that the M2 can also have one. It is rumored that Convertible M2 can appear until 2017. It's some good news for those seeking vet series 2 with some extra grunt. M2 can be bent hardtop. It is expected a little heavy fines, but well, a small price to have the wind in your hair. Costs what it costs, 370 horsepower in-line six yet must offer the same performance for the hardtop.

2017 BMW M2 Convertible Rendering

Not only will give access to the BMW fans to the competitor that is suitable for the upcoming Audi TT RS Roadster, but it could also give reason for the Porsche Boxster Spyder to worry. As fast as GT4 Cayman m2 straight line and was able to return at eight minutes running the Nürburgring, I think that the M2 will be almost as impressive as it coupe Convertible. No word about when M2 Convertible will arrive, but I hope to break the closure in 2016 and beat the dealer to model year 2017.

2017 BMW M2 Convertible Rendering - Exterior

Although speculation only Convertible M2 from this writing, design which is far even mystery. As illustrated by our representation here, drop-top coupe will be the same from the waist down; means that it will exercise every single feature that makes the car cool Coupe M2 save for the roof. Much as the M2 to M4, M2 of space Convertible should reflect the Convertible of the M4, but stands out thanks to its short wheelbase and chunky proportions. It remains to be seen if the M2 is so sexy without the roof, but it must be as aggressive as Coupé with these large jacks front bumper, rear diffuser and excited to escape from great output.

Although it may be Convertible you will be offered in the same color as the Coupé, meaning Beach metallic blue, Alpine white, Black Sapphire metallic and Mineral gray metallic finish, decided that we must represent the exterior with chrome sport akin. Don't expect to find this tone in the usual BMW catalog, but I'm sure that something similar can be ordered from BMW individual to several thousand dollars.

2017 BMW M2 Convertible Rendering - Interior

Interior Convertible M2 will be identical to the Coupe, so just remove the B - and c-pillars. If you have a soft-top above his head not you annoyed, then you definitely enjoy all the features that make a sporty M M2. As a brief reminder, characteristics of a car compact striking M sports seats with adjustable side-scrolling, leather Dakota black with blue contrast stitching and lots of carbon fiber dash dashboard and center console.

2017 BMW M2 Convertible Rendering

Also looking for specific instruments M made fast and needles 200 mph speedometer, tachometer 8000 rpm and a M logo dozen all over the place. As the Coupé, caida drop top you must also receive the GoPro and M Laptimer application that will allow the driver shoot his fastest laps and analyzed parameters such as speed, lateral and longitudinal acceleration, angle, engine speed, throttle position and fuel consumption.

2017 BMW M2 Convertible Rendering - Machine

M2 Convertible Coupe certainly will use 3.0 liter, six at nominal line of 365 HP Turbo and 343 pound-feet of torque, which starts at just 1400 RPM. This represents an increase in output of 45 HP and 13 pounds of feet for M235i. The same manual and automatic dual-clutch six-speed transmission should be available next to the hotel is active differential of M are standard. Also equipped with tires Michelin Pilot Sport, light suspension and all M2 M sport Convertible have to hit 60 mph around 4.3 seconds with the automatic and manual of about 4.5 with lice, so a tenth of a second slower than a Coupe because of the added weight and slightly modified aerodynamics.

2017 BMW M2 Convertible Rendering

Expect that m2 Convertible becomes a tad slower than the Coupé on the Nürburgring as well. While open to both claims to a round of "green hell" in 7:58 minutes, should take more than eight minutes to the point of reference is the same that would be pretty awesome for the cabriolet.

2017 BMW M2 Convertible Rendering - Price

BMW yet to be released a price per m2 Coupe, but said Germany asked about $51,000 to prior selection. Given the M235i Convertible carrying 10% premium M23i Coupe Convertible, hope the M2 for sale around retail of $56000.

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