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BMW Vision Next 100 Concept Car

BMW Vision Next 100 Concept Car - The BMW next 100 vision car uses the 100th anniversary of the brand to look ahead to the next 100 years. The concept implies, what will be possible. 100th birthday gifts to BMW itself and presents the spectacular concept car BMW vision next 100. The show car is a glimpse of the automobile of the future, and to show what the ultimate driving machine might look like in 20 or 30 years. Although autonomous driving will play until then a much larger role than it is today, believed BMW still the joy of driving and the importance of emotions for motorists.

For these emotions to play of course also design a supporting role, what the BMW next 100 vision sees car also at first glance.

BMW Vision Next 100 Concept Car

A large BMW kidney shape the front, classic round headlight replace four headlight strips with a point-like night optics. In page view, falling only a few lines, but of course the fully clad wheels and the discs held at least temporarily completely in color in the eye. With a strong wedge shape, the study radiates dynamic, while at the same time offering enough room for four occupants.

BMW Next 100 : Vision Car Allows The Glimpse Into The Future

Outer dimensions, the BMW oriented vision next 100 in about a today's 5, but in the Interior much place like in a should be available 7. The interior design differs it from today's automobiles, what is clear at the latest when looking at the extremely tidy dashboard. The steering wheel is foldable and can disappear in the dashboard when the driver wants to give control to vehicle electronics. An exciting vision for the future is also the windshield, for this is executed in full size as a head-up display and allows comprehensive information of the occupants. Classic ad instruments or displays can be avoided therefore, their absence contributes to the reduced Interior. As a further development of the modern HUDs, the disc will dominate the representation of augmented reality and right there show the inmates information, where they are especially relevant - from the ideal line up to warnings of acute danger. If the driver wants to drive temporarily not even, he can hire a smart companion with the control of the vehicle and concentrate on other aspects of everyday life. The windshield shows its versatility and can be used also to display emails, video telephony and the like.

BMW Vision Next 100 Concept Car

The Powertrain of the BMW Munich thereby make vision next 100 deliberately no concrete statements, the focus should instead be on networking and other future technology. The drive should be emission-free and powerful - to provide the typical BMW driving experience, whether a classic electric car, a plug-in hybrid, or, for example, a vehicle with a hydrogen fuel cell to the wheels is provided for this purpose, doesn't matter for this from today's perspective.

BMW Vision Next 100 Concept Car

Adrian van Hooydonk (head of BMW Group design) If you can imagine something as a designer, then a big chance, that it eventually becomes reality. Therefore we have tried VISION NEXT 100 with the BMW to design a future scenario in which is like thinking into. The technology is developing strongly. That gives us fantastic opportunities that better support the driver and thus enhance the driving experience. I am convinced that technology must be as intuitive as possible operate and accessible, so that the interaction man and so also for the environment in the future as the papers cast. "With the BMW VISION NEXT 100 we design the future."

BMW Vision Next 100 Concept Car

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